Wednesday, December 8, 2010

current obsessions wednesday: my kermit the frog legs and other random goodness.

better late than never.

dress: belk
long-sleeved white tee: can't remember. it's an oldie.
shoes: kristen davis
kermit tights: target

my internet died last night right as i was about to start bloggity-blogging, but it wasn't such a bad thing since i'd had such a busy day. i took it as an excuse to get to bed early (midnight is early for me now). it was nice to pop right out of bed this morning, not feeling like i needed more sleep. 

so what do you think about my kermit the frog tights? of course, i love them - 'cause they are green! i'm actually quite obsessed with green. i own too many pieces of clothing and accessories that are green that i have to try to make sure i don't wear the same color 3 days in a row (oh you bet that i've totally done that before). 

and wow it's been a couple of weeks since i've written up a current obsessions wednesday post. last week was so busy - i was too obsessed with getting things done off my to-do list (which would probably bore you to death anyways so i decided NOT to blog about it). 

but even this week, my list is pretty random - like my mind...random and all over the place! 


via asianicandy
i'm loving the oxfords trend - esp. this pair...with HEELS! gush!

 via stevemadden
i saw this at the store the other day. but where to wear them? 
that's the only thing keeping me from buying them. but are they not so fun? 

via stevemadden
been seeing these everywhere and i really, really hope santa brings me a pair this year!
via yarnplusyarns
saw sydney modeled this cowl last week...dude, i was sold. i convoed alannah right away because i was so in love with the fit of the cowl.  i actually thought about ordering it in olive green - but i decided to venture out and ordered a cranberry one instead. can.not.wait.
found this little guy at a black friday sale a couple of weeks ago. 
i LOVE it. didn't hurt that it was only $3 bucks either. isn't the pom-pom so fun?!

 via aldo
i adore the pair that sandy bought me for the swap
she bought me a pair in gray and i LOVE-LOVE-LOVE them. 

via sephora
red lipstick has been on my list of things to attempt. 
this week might be the week to do it. we shall see if i'm brave enough...

via sallyhansen
my friend ashley tweeted that she found a gray shade of nailpolish. 
i tweeted her back to make sure she said gray, not silver (i'm not a fan of metallic polish).
and she replied with "it's gray-gray!" i LOVE gray - so i'll need to snag one of these lovelies.

 other random goodness:

nothing more to say other than i'm pretty obsessed with these two movies. 
don't me get started or you won't be able to shut me up. 
(yeah, yeah i'm a twilight fan. sue me.)

can you believe it's the middle of the week already? the days keep picking up! it's hard to believe that christmas is less than 3 weeks away. craziness. oh, btw my sis and i watched elf yesterday and it totally made my day. i'm not a huge will ferrell fan but that movie kills me. he is so stinkin' hilarious. and the movie totally puts me in a holiday mood.

and hey, if you were part of the Cold Hands, Warms Hearts Swap be sure to link-up HERE. we want to see all your sweet packages! did you see my goodies from sandy? i'm a little obsessed with all of it!

and don't forget megan's incredible giveaway that you still have time to enter! she's giving away her coveted cards - so you don't want to miss out on that. 

[happy wednesday, friend.]


  1. the green tights now remind of kermit, now that you mentioned it.haha
    oh my, i still haven't seen inception. (i should get to it)

  2. Now I want to get a pair of green tights too...hahah..and the dress is so sweet! Perfect combination:)
    Kisses,sweetie pie
    Have a great day

    Ps: I am hosting a stunning leather clutch GIVEAWAY today, just in time for Holiday Parties!

  3. i LOVE those steve madden sparkly high heels!!!! so amazing. but my thoughts exactly....i would need somewhere special to wear them to.

  4. haha i blogged about this nail polish today too. i'm in LOVE with your outfit in today's post. super adorable!

    PS - I almost bought those SAME Steve Madden boots last night.
    PPS - Go Eclipse. woot woot!

  5. awwww. the kermit tights are GORGEOUS... wish I had some like that. you look beautiful again.

  6. Of COURSE those boots are sold out... :/

  7. i loooooove your shoes girl!! well i love all your shoes!! and your kermit the frog tights are adorable!!!! glad you love your gloves, i actually got an email from someone asking me where i got the gray ones b/c she wants them too (in stores of course, i guess they don't sell them online). ohhh nail polish!! ahhh i have been bad and haven't painted my nails in the colors i bought, i need to get on that!!! the gray would look great for the cruise i'm thinking!! ;) or maybe a light color like the water hehe!!

  8. and p.s. i LOOOVE my steve madden boots!!!!! you should get them!!

  9. I'm swooning over those green tights!! Love them!

  10. I love everything about this post! I'm going to check out everything right now :) and love your outfit!

  11. love your tights, I have a similar pair! Fun right!?!
    And the boots are a total must, agree!

  12. First off: lol. "Her coveted cards"? I love you Ilene!!! You are so sweet and adorably cute!!!!!
    Moving on: I love love love your tights!!! I need to pull out my green ones! and Those gloves are gorgeous! and I LOVE F21, they have the best prices!! Yay for $3!! and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to wear those Steve Madden heals, but seriously: Where on Earth would I wear them? Knowing me, if I paid alot for them, I would wear them everywhere! But I must be practical! But still: They are so chic and fun!!!!
    Have a random day friend!!!

  13. I'm loving the kermit tights!! Very cute!!

    And, Twilight....ahhhhh, mmhhhhhh, ohhhhhh, uhhhhh!!! Love!!

  14. Love the Kermit tights!

    I wanna see inception so bad.. I just haven't gotten around to seeing it :)

  15. These are amazing picks, I'm loving the Kermit legs lol :-) And those Steve Madden boots are to die for. Must. Have.

  16. I realllly like those steve madden boots, those are like, perfect.

  17. Your Kristen Davis shoes are BEAUTIFUL! Ahh I'm obsessed. Love, love, love them.

  18. You are so photogenic lady! LOVE those shoes! I've been wanting a hat with a ball on the top, but can't seem to find one that doesn't look silly on me. : (

  19. love the green tights! i want some royal blue ones :)

  20. Love it! Kermit is my favorite. I have some green tights like that, but they're a little bit lighter - maybe I'll call them "Kermit tights" as well :)

  21. You're gloves are so cute!
    I won't sue I'm right there with you!

  22. I've been seeing those boots everywhere and I wouldn't mind seeing them under my tree!

  23. The green tighs are adorable! I would never think to wear a pair, but maybe I'll be bold and try a pair of colored tights too :) BTW -I'm also obsessed with Inception, well it's really Leo! I'm too dumb to figure out Inception, but I could stare at Leo's baby blues all day *sigh*

  24. I love that little blue dress on you! The cowl obsession is my fave and I'm linking my cold hands, warm hearts post tomorrow! Thanks again for such an amazing idea! :)

  25. Okay so the glitter heels, I just bought a pair of silver ones the other day. When I originally saw them I had the same reaction "what would I wear them with though?" and resisted the temptation. Later I realized they are the perfect holiday shoes and...they would always go really awesome with a little black dress right? Besides, who doesn't need a pair of frivolous shoes every now and then?

  26. I love those boots! And you are too cute, by the way :)

  27. You're so fashionable! I love the Steven Madden pumps! I was eyeing those too, but in gold! :)

  28. I love the cute!

    I'm also loving the wish list items. I keep seeing those boots and even though I so don't need another pair of boots, totally want them!! :)

  29. Fun post! I like all the shoes you've written about here :)

  30. Ahh love this list! Totally like those heels, but right... where to wear them? I own the gray-gray polish (love it!), as well as the silver sparkly one (love it also!). I've been thinking about buying that cowl too... :)

    Better Than a Milk Mustache

  31. LOVE your tights and dress so much! You look great!

  32. That dress and those shoes are darling! You are the cutest. :)

  33. I love the green tights. I saw some when I was at Target (on my trip to San Fran) but I didn't buy any of the cool, bright colours. Now I totally regret it because I love wearing colourful tights.

    I also am quite jealous of your fingerless mitts from Aldo. They are great!

  34. weird, i own those steve madden boots, and an identical pair of high heeled oxfords is on my amazon list.. like your taste :)

  35. those pumps have been on my christmas list!!! i am hoping santa delivers <333


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