Wednesday, December 15, 2010

current obsession wednesday: all things handmade!!

there's something in the water.

i'm currently loving brooke fraser's new song, something in the water. she is the female vocalist to one of my all-time favorite worship bands, hillsong. love her voice and esp love the lyrics to all of her songs. i attended one of her concerts back in chicago at the house of blues. if i could love an artist and her work even more than i already did, it was on that particular night. some of my other faves of hers is shadowfeet and arithmetic. and if you're like me, you'll notice her sweet sense of style in her music videos. 
as for other current obsessions this week, have you noticed my love for yarnplusyarn's cowl? i wore it last week - and since the temps dropped here in the south, this baby has been around my neck every day this week. it's so ridiculously warm and soft.  

 cowl: yarnplusyarn
plum tee: rawrs
black vest: forever21
white long-sleeved tee: unknown. just found it in the closet. hehe.
stretch jeans: aeropostle
black suede boots: rampage

and a few more current obsessions...
i'm also in love with my new plum tee from rawrs. i won this fitted tee from a sandyalamode giveaway - and i'm totally in LOVE with it! note that i'm not your actual t-shirt kind of girl...unless there is something special about it. like i'm liking the fit of this - and i love the little Hawaiian chick rocking the front. (sorry, that my vest is semi covering her up. my bad.) plus the purple is the perfect shade. 

oh and last week was quite the week for packages. so not only did i receive my cowl and the tee in the mail, here are a couple of other goodies i received that i'm swooooning over. you can see why. 

first off, who isn't gushing over anything jessica makes? i'm so glad i snagged one of these babies before she closed up shop for the holidays. i wore my mustard modern pearl rosette necklace last sunday to church, got so many lovely comments on it, and loved how it paired well with a teal polka-dot dress i had on. wish i got a picture of the ensemble but it was a pretty rushed sunday from church to headed out to savannah to meet up with ryan's family. but i'm pretty sure with how much i love this necklace, it's bound to make it's appearance on the blog more than a few times.

now don't hate me, but i won yet another giveaway a couple weeks ago. this time from busybeelauren's blog - and i was so thrilled to have won since i really wanted this clutch from merica designs. are not the details and the colors so fantastic! the inside of it is so perfect too with all of its little pockets. cannot wait to use this out - and like my necklace, it's bound to make several appearances!  

and i don't know if i'm the only one out there like this, but etsy has been especially hard to get off of late at night. it's been my recent obsession. i keep planning to shop for christmas gifts and then i find all these other goodies there. it doesn't help that there are so many sweet deals on there for the holidays. 

so yeah, current obsessions was a little different today...but hey, these are a few of the things i'm drooling over. hope you enjoyed it nonetheless!

is there anything handmade that you would love for santa to bring you this Christmas? 
or care to share on 
what is your fave handmade shop? 

know that by answering those questions, you are feeding an addict's addiction. 
don't say i didn't warn you. 

much love.
[happy wednesday, friend.]
don't forget: the $20 shop credit giveaway to aPearantly sew!
and alison's generous discount with code: MUCHLOVE10. 


come back later this morning for another giveaway by erin of sunshine and carousels!!

see you all later, folks!  


  1. So fun! I love Rawr! I am torn between them and threadless.

  2. I'm dyyyying for a cowl. I'm so sick of wrapping scarves - & it's -3* here, so I feel like I NEED & DESERVE one. Ha! Yours is super pretty, though I love the honey color of the one you linked to.

    I also love Allora Handmade's things. Those necklaces are just divine. Now if only I could find a job so I could start snagging some goodies for myself...

  3. thanks for the note card love!! :)

    i really love the cowl and i want one really bad!! i'm also loving the mustard necklace and will have to check out the shop when it opens up.

    i love pretty things by meg & yorktown road - both on etsy! so good!!!

  4. I really want a cowl super duper badly. I am hooked! I love the necklace and the clutch! :)

  5. your winnings are incred!! so lucky. That clutch is beyond cute...they are all so your style too!

  6. I have many etsy things on my wish-list. I love that I can use amazon to make a universal wish-list full of handmades from etsy. Very handy to have it all in one place to send my relatives. I have stuff from Sunshine and Carousels, Gleeful Peakcock and a number of handmade purses on there.

    I hope that some of the people dying for cowls decide to come shop my stuff! It's not on etsy yet, but I do have my own site.

  7. omggggggosh that necklace and clutch are SO cute!

  8. OMG both: the necklace and the clutch are beautiful,sweetie...So you!
    Kisses, darling

    Ps: I am hosting a charming scarf GIVEAWAY later today, just in time for cozy Christmas!

  9. this clutch is wonderful. i´d like to have one like this

  10. That shirt is awesome!!! Def loving your obsessions! Oh and Hillsong is one of my favs!!! <333

  11. I have been wanting one of those necklaces for a while now!! i may have to order one in the next year. and that clutch, okay, how BEAUTIFUL is that!? Thanks for sharing sweetheart. Hope you're having a beautiful day.

  12. i've been lusting after yarnplusyarn's cowls! i seriously need one and hope to get one soon. so pretty.

    i also found these ridiculously awesome handwarmers on etsy.

    ...and i've got a giveaway going on at my blog for some cool handmade stuff :) one of your posts inspired the "bonus" portion of my giveaway!

  13. I really love those slouchy boots!

  14. Thanks for the shout-out for my etsy shop!! Love it.
    Also you're not the only one surfing etsy way too late at night...I spent a while perusing pincushions on etsy just last night ; )

  15. Yayyyy for all ur giveaway winnings!!! And our matching necklaces!!!!! :)


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