Saturday, December 11, 2010

a couple layers, a little house elf, and a freshly picked rosebud.

striped long sleeve-tee: roxy
blue button-shirt: belk
scarf: H&M
jeans: aeropstle
nail color: OPI dating a royal

you've seen the blue button up shirt before. recall it from here? it gave the long sleeve-tee more structure - that's why i threw it on. and i love wearing me some jeans - esp. during the weekends. nd as much as i have started to fall in love with dresses (yes, this is a recent occurance), i love going back to my first love...jeans. play them up, dress them down, they do their job. they work it.


...when i go out to take outfit shots, little pey-pey likes to join in the fun. he hates being couped up inside while family is outdoors at all. and he's totally the same way when we run errands. while he's look up at us with his round "cartoon" eyes (as i like to call them), it's as if he wants to say, How dare you leave me at home! I'm part of the family. Why am I always stuck here to watch the house?

but what really cracks me up is when his mischievious side comes out. 'cause you see, pey-pey is truly the most well-behaved dog i've met (unless he see miss kitty outside - and well, he goes into full dog-mode). but then when he does outside, he knows how much it freaks ashley out when he gets near the road. he runs as fast as his little legs can carry him (and he is really fast for a little dog) then as soon as ashley screams "peeeeeeey! peeeeeeeyton!" does he eventually come running back to the house. it's like he's teasing us.

aw, man...we love this little guy. is it not crazy, the love we have for our animals? i didn't grow up with a family pet - other than goldfish and birds, so i didn't experience this emotion until i was older. but there is really nothing like having a dog (or a cat if you are a cat lover *wink*). like i said, we love our little peyton.

(btw, for those HP fans...doesn't pey's little ears remind you of dobby? sometimes i call pey our little "house elf." when pey is running around or when he's freaked out, his ears stick out like dobby's...or so i think. i think its so stinkin' adorable.)

and here we are... the middle of the weekend. i'm looking forward to mailing off packages (orders and christmas gifts - woohoo). it's such a good feeling, dropping things off at the P.O., is it not? i also really hope i can get my room/studio organzied. there is felt and packaging supplies everywhere - and oh, yes clothes. so to try and regain some organization in my life, i hope to pick up around here a little bit. speaking of clothes, i need to pack (headed out to see Ryan and his fam). i'm not a fan of packing. i might as well pack the fridge when i travel anywhere. i always take too much for fear of bringing too little. ya hear me?

oh and last night i was picked out as the Freshly Picked Rosebud for Bonbon Rose Girls sweet blog! sweetness! so be sure to check it out for yourself when you get a chance. it's such a fun honor! and yes to the continued promotion of sprinkles on hot chocolate. makes me want a cup of it right now actually...

[happy weekend, friend.]

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  1. black and purple is so vibrant.
    awwww say my hellos to peypey..haha his ears kinda does resemble dobby's.. :D

  2. our dogs are the same way! especially my pug, winston. if i were taking pictures like that he would find some way to get in the way. it's so cute and love-able and somewhat annoying at the same time. but he's like my child so what can i do? not much. he's spoiled. i love the roxy shirt!! so cute.

  3. Your little Payton is soooo cute! I know what you mean about loving our pets... unfortunately, this past summer my beloved German Shepherd, Harry, passed away. My whole family was devastated. A house without a little four legged friend running around isn't a home.
    But almost two months ago a little cat that had been hit by a car wandered into my yard and (long story short) after 3 weeks at the vet and a complete tail amputation... Edward (his proud new name) is now the newest member of the household! :) I was dreading the holidays without Harry around but, thank God, little Edward came to brighten things up again :)
    All animals are all so special and individual; one definitely doesn't replace the other but they all deserve to be loved in their own right -- they offer so much in return :)
    Hope you have a great weekend -- and sorry about the essay-length comment!

  4. Just came over from Bon Bon Rose. I absolutely love your blog now. You're so pretty.
    This ooutfit looks great. The button down shirt actually goes really well with the long sleeve top. Totally inspired now!

  5. Cute blog! :)
    I would appreciate if you pass me by and participate in the giveaway at this link:
    kiss katy

  6. What a cuuuuuute doggie :))
    Glad I came across your blog! If you get the time, please visit mine - I think you might like it ;))) If you do, just like any blogger, I appreciate comments and if you like it THAT much, then followers :D Have a nice day xxx

  7. i saw that you were the rosebud over at bonbon and i think your site is great! i am following you now. feel free to follow me too.

  8. I just came across your blog through BBRG, and it's absolutely adorable! Following you now!

  9. Cute outfit!
    And I love your cute pup!!!

  10. Love ur super cute outfit! Layering is the best! And so happy about ur rosebud feature!!!!! :)

    P.s. Using internet on plane now hehe!

  11. My kids can't stand being cooped up all day. We just have to get outside whether it is cold or not. It looks like you guys had a fun photo shoot and love your dog. ♥

  12. you are always such a doll. i love that nail polish color. :)gina

  13. Such a cute pup! Mine is a little angry because of all the snow we're getting, he's practically buried in it!

  14. You all are sooooo the outfits, your photos and the doggie too! :-) xxx

  15. i love how you used that button up shirt!! CUTE!

  16. Congrats on the feature! You are so cute!

  17. Love the outfit! And hope you're getting everything accomplished this weekend and enjoying every second of it :)

  18. i know exactly how you feel about peyton! i can't even talk about how much i treat my puppy like a child... it's slightly embarrassing ;) they really are our heart and soul! <3

  19. your dog is so cute!!! great scarf!



  20. you look so cute!!
    and the dog is adorable!
    love the blog! i follow you <3

  21. Love how the fur baby got in on the outfit pic action! HA!

  22. Those colors look great on you! I lvoe this outfit. Haha, your dog is so so adorable. Our dog, gunny, is the same way. :D

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  23. you are amazing for being able to juggle etsy & plan for a wedding! hope your enjoying the wonderful Christmas season sistagirl!
    Blessings to you :)
    Love, steph

  24. Pey pey is so cute!! I didn't grow up with pets and we recently got a dog about a year ago. It's crazy how much I love the little guy... I've become one of those "pet parents" I used to make fun of ;)

  25. You look so cute! AND your sweet little dog does have some very expressive eyes! I think he is just precious! Dogs are such a part of the family!

  26. Just found your blog and love it! I'm so disappointed I didn't get to join the Cold hands, warm hearts swap. Oh well, I'm a pastor's wife who loves fashion and those black shoes on your page are a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e!

  27. You always put up the cutest lookbook photos! Love how you're so photogenic!

  28. Super cute and fun pictures! :o)


  29. CUTE!!! And yes...peyton's ear DO look like dobbys! So adorable! <333

  30. I saw your piece at bon bon rose girls, how cool :) and I adore this outfit. And also, I'm sorry I've been so MIA on your blog the last few days - had a crazy weekend. I hope all is well my dear!!


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