Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts Swap 2010 Link-Up Party!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all that participated in our first ever Cold Hands, Warm Hearts Swap! It was so exciting to see how many of you wanted to be involved and spread the word so quickly about it. I loved making new blog friends, and Sandy and I had so much fun planning, dreaming and packaging. We hope you had as much fun as we did, picking out gloves/mittens and other fun goodies for your swap partners - and most importantly, we hope you gained a new friend through it!

 {my sweet package.}

I cannot tell you how giddy excited I was to receive my package from Sandy! (Like Sandy mentioned in her post yesterday, since we hosted the swap we thought it'd be fun to go ahead and be each others partners - and no worries, everyone else was totally at random!) So, yeah...I totally gushed over the Christmas sweater packaging and couldn't wait to rip it open. 

Sandy included a very sweet note which I loved. (I loved handwritten notes - I don't think we write enough handwritten notes in this day in age so I cherish any that I receive from friends.) She noted that she included the blossom ring from Pear and Peacock because it reminded her of me since it looked like a little poppy. She also bought herself one, so it like our friendship ring! (I looove the idea because Sandy and I have become such good friends since our meet-up last summer.)

Then she included one of her beautiful mustard yellow bow hair clips from her shop. Gush! It's just perfect and fits so snugly in my thick, mane of hair. (Not a lot of hair clips do that - so Sandy's bow is def. a winner!). I seriously love it so much I might have to go shopping for more from her shop.

And last but not least, in LOVE with my new gray gloves from aldo! They are fingerless - so perfect for South Carolina winter and for technological purposes (um, yes I'm talking about texting. No shame.) - and they each have a precious little rosette sewn on each one. Too perfect!

long gray cardigan: Forever21
floral dress: base exchange
black leggings: Forever21
belt: Forever21
mary jane heels: Aldo
nail polish: OPI dating a royal 

Okay, so as you can tell I'm in LOVE - utter LOVE - with everything in my package! 
I'm so glad that I had the privilege to be a part of this incredible swap and be a part of something with so many of you.

{So now it's your turn!} 

For those of you who already received your packages, be sure to link up your blog post below so that we can all see what you got. Don't forget to sprinkle lots of link-love for your swap partner, so we can visit everyone's blogs! 

And for those of you still waiting on packages - no worries. The link tool will be active until December 17th, so there is plenty of time! But be sure to do it sooner than later...'cause we can hardly wait to see everyone's goodies!!

{happy tuesday, friends.}


  1. ooh my goodness I'm going to have to participate in this next time! You look so pretty and I love the gloves. Sandy did a great job!

  2. you look soooooo cute sweetie!!!! i LOVE your heels and your dress and your belt and your cardigan... and your bow and gloves and ring of course!! haha! i had soooooo much fun hosting this swap with you and i think it made us even closer, if that's possible?? i love you friend!!!!!! yay! i linked up!! :D let's do another swap soon! ;)


  3. Very cute outfit! The gloves are so cute <3 Great pick Sandy!

  4. i just got myself fingerless gloves for texting too!

  5. Ahh wow! You girls did such a fantastic job! I love the gloves and the friendship ring is such a sweet idea. Plus the mustard bow!!

    I adore your outfit by the way! Stunning!

  6. Ohh wow..I adore the glows so much and the ring is the sweetest:) Happy Tuesday, sunshine

  7. I love you both so much!!!! I wish I could meet you Ilene!!! I totally love your outfit! AND the bff ring! Toooo cute!

    A big thank you for putting this amazing swap together! <333

  8. love the bow and those gloves!! you look lovely as always!

  9. Awww man! I am so bummed I missed this swap....maybe next time!


  10. i wish i'd had the time to join in on this fun! next time, maybe. love, love the gloves you received. the ring too. but i'm going to have to get some of those gloves!!

  11. You ladies are so awesome for hosting this amazing swap. I had so much fun putting together my swap gift! Your gifts from Sandy look awesome. Yay! Love love love the mustard bow.

  12. AWwwwwwwww!!! How sweet!!! Sandy is such a lovely gal and I love all the little goodies she sent with your package!! I love those gloves and I love the story behind the ring!!!
    Stay warm friend!!!

  13. What a sweet package!! Sandy is such a sweetheart!! And I love the package you sent her as well!

    I am so sad that I missed this!!! Would have loved to participate!! Well, next year I am definitely in!!

  14. ah those are such lovely gifts from Sandy. I am so glad I participated! I can't wait to link my post!

    You look lovely! =)

  15. your gift is adorable! love everything :) what else would you expect from sandy? thanks for putting this all together--it's been so much fun!

  16. what a lovely package!! i love her bows so much!! and your gloves are adorable! all adorable, adorable!! thank you for making this happen. it was so fun to be a part of!



  17. Your things are too cute!

    Thanks much for setting this all up. It's turned out wonderfully, I think. :)



  18. say hello to your newest follower :)
    im soooo in love with ur blog :) :)

    fabulous style and photos !

    glisters and blisters

  19. I want to do this next time. I am so sad I missed this, :(

    you are so beautiful pretty girl.


  20. oh you are so so stinking cute! i love sandy's bow in your hair. so pretty! xoxo
    ps; i was wearing dating a royal on my nails a few weeks ago!! awesome <333

  21. I have so enjoyed browsing through the different blogs, good job on a successful swap you guys!

  22. Aww, your things are cute! This was definitely an awesome swap! =)

  23. You look adorable!!! What fabulous gifts!

    Hope you're having a great week, sweetie xoxo

  24. that is such a cute outfit! my favorite yet! Love your accessories.
    What sweet gifts. I want to participate next year!

  25. aaww, this is so fun and sweet! i wish i would have signed up for it. :( next year! ;)

  26. Thank you so much for hosting this!! I can't wait for the next swap!


  27. gosh, you look so ADORABLE! I love the yellow bow hair clip.

    The swap sounds like a terrific idea.

  28. Absolutely adorable items! You make a perfect model for Sandy's bows!
    So glad this was a successful event for you all!

  29. Yay for swaps! I had a lot of fun, and I loved "meeting" my swap partner, Kate from Be merry, Kate. Thanks SO much, ladies, for hosting this!

    P.S. Will this be an annual thing? That would be fabulous!

  30. Thank you SO much for hosting- This was so much fun!

    You got a great package and so did I!
    So nice to meet you-
    Here is my swap post-http://ladyofthearts.blogspot.com/2010/12/cold-hands-warm-hearts.html

  31. i loooove the bow! I might have to take a look at her shop for one of those... :) your outfit is so cute!!

  32. i can't figure out the linky thing. my blog is soithoughtidletyouknow.blogspot.com but for some reason it went ti much love-illy.blogspot.com

    idk what i did :(

  33. Such lovely things, and you are SOOO pretty!

  34. aww I'm so sad I missed this! What a cute idea! I love meeting new blogger friends! I especially adore that yellow hair bow :)

  35. also of the linky list is closed now - i got my package today

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