Thursday, November 11, 2010

tapping my toe to that old road trip song.

on the road again.

i really do love traveling but i think i have my emotions split right down the middle. the navy brat in me loves to travel. i get restless when i've lived in a place too long. if i'm able i rearrange my furniture every month to keep things fresh. i like change. but then there is the other side of me that longs for rest, especially as these days are getting busier.

so a couple of weeks ago, ryan came to see me and my family...and then a few days later, i went to GA to visit his family. i'm glad that we do live in neighboring states. imagine if i met someone who was from CA or anywhere from the west coast, this traveling back and forth would not be possible.

but even before we got engaged, ryan and i had decided that we wanted to go back to our homes and spend time with our families. and that is what we followed through with and haven't regretted it for one second. we are both blessed to have good, close-knit families that both of them were very accepting to have us back. (and if you know filipino families, they will house their children and their children's spouses and their kids if they are able. that's the kind of culture it is! it amazes me even!)

you gotta love ashley's bright blue high tops! i want them. of course, i was listening to some taylor swift. most of the time, we just plugged it into the car so that we could blast it out of the speakers. (current faves from that album Back to December, Last Kiss, Never Grow Up, Speak Now and Better Than Revenge.) and ryan's mom was so sweet to get this justin bieber poster for ashley. he rode back with us all the way home. he doesn't look too happy, does he? or maybe he's trying to be cool, but ashley was more than happy to accept him.

on the way back, i had some time to start writing down my list. yes, the list that i've been meaning to update since my 26th birthday - becaaaaaaaause, that means i only have 4 more years till i'm 30. seriously, where did time go? here is what i got so far (will post the other 15 in another post):

1. visit Israel
2. start an etsy business
3. get married (i can almost cross this one off!)
4. write a book (doesn't have to be published at this point. just written out for submission.)
5. go on a trip with sisters no matter the season of our lives
6. see the Redwood trees of CA
7. see the Grand Canyon
8. host a Much Love, illy booth for a craft fair (will do this in April at Creative Estates)
9. learn to talk fluent Tagalog (i understand it. can't speak it. frustrating, i tell ya.)
10. go scuba diving 
11. wear red lipstick 
12. meet Analyn (my Compassion Child in the Philippines) 
13. dye my hair completely red
14. take salsa dancing lessons
15. sew my own dress

how about you, friend? 
do you have your own list of goals?
i personally think that life is going by way too fast for us not to have them.
 [happy thursday!]


  1. I want to make a list but haven't yet!! This is a good one, I definitely want to see your hair red! and thanks for liking the new header, I changed it 8 times yesterday and still am not sure, haha!!

  2. great list!!

    i'd say my list now is made up by:
    -vacay in CA (san francisco)
    -go to NYC with my mom to shop, go to purl soho & see a show on broadway
    -work for a nonprofit such as the YMCA, love146, etc
    -launch a line of dresses that are sold in a well-known store
    -learn about photoshop & be able to do my own graphic design

    ((and that ain't the half of it!))

  3. What a cool list! I have to make my own! Thank you for joining the Ex-Presso / Blog couture giveaway! I hope you'll win! ;)

  4. I love your list! Mine would have to be 40 things before 40, since 30 has (sadly) come and gone :)

  5. Love the sweet, stylish, happn'n randomness of this blog. Have a lovely day ~ xox Alexandra

  6. This summer, I made a list [very short] list of goals to accomplish by the time I turn 30. It still motivates me!

  7. Love you list!

    I actually just turned 26 myself and I've been wanting to make a 30 Before 30 list myself!

    {I also love Ashley's bright blue high tops! Maybe on my list I'll put 'own more converse', just a thought}

  8. First I love the hi-tops omg so cute. I also know what you mean about Filipino families. My hubs Lola would love to have everyone living with her (and she always at some time has one of her kids living with her) she loves it. I love that!

    Your list looks awesome, I am definitely looking forward to seeing your updates on the ones you complete and I cannot wait to see the other 15!

  9. Great list. Looking forward to seeing the next 15. I wonder since I am already over 30 if I should do a 40 Things To Do before 40. That would be quite a long list.

    #9 - I am the same as you, I can understnad Tagalog but I can't speak. I feel silly if I even try.

    #11 - try and wear red liptick. I love wearing bold colours. This fall I have been wearing an orangey-red and hot pink. You can pull it off!

  10. I have the hardest time with a 30 before 30 list but yours is awesome! And I hope you're feeling better.

  11. i have been meaning to make one of these lists! i'm almost i better get started...time is flying!

  12. Gah! I absolutely adore this post - the road trip photographs make me want to grab a copy of Jack Kerouac's "On the Road" and satisfy my own wanderlust desires.

    I don't have a list of goals, but now I want to make one! :)

  13. What a fun list!!!
    I really want to sew a dress too!!!
    I was thinking of making a bucket list too and this post is inspiring me to start it!!!
    Have a beautiful day love!!

  14. Love your list! Sweet idea...well, since I am about to be 35 (whoa, I really said it), I better get a "40 before turning 40" list together...(scary)...

  15. Love these pictures!! I always have a list of things I want to do/accomplish. Maybe I'll do a blog post on it one day? Great idea :)

  16. i have a goal list but never been written in a paper. i guess i'm gonna post it in my blog :)

  17. Hello adorable blogger, my name is completely enthralled by your site. Can't wait to keep reading :)

    PS... LOVE the blue kicks

  18. LOVE this list.
    I am starting one now....thanks for the inspiration!

  19. That is a great motivation to make my own list sometime soon..I totally adore yours:) Have a great afternoon,sweetie pie

  20. I like your list :)

    Hope you're feeling better today!

  21. What a great list! If you ever go to the Grand me...I'm not too far. I think I need to write myself a list. I'd have to do the 40 before 40 (ouch that hurt just writing it). That'd give me 6 years to get it done.

  22. I talk about doing things like that all the time and haven't been very good about getting any of them done. I hope that you are able to do them - just do them and not just look at the list wishing. But you better blog about all of it because i want to hear more!!! =) xoxo!

  23. aren't lists the best?! and I know how frustrating it is to understand a language and not speak it well. I'm the same way with french and it drives me crazy.

    good luck with your items, can't wait to see how much fun you have!

  24. Hi! I just found your blog and it's so charming! And great list! I need to get onto making mine!

  25. #1 on my "30 before 30 list" is to actually make the list by my 25th birthday. I've got 6 months! :)


  26. i do love lists/goals! and you're so right - life's too short not to have them.. thanks for sharing & looking fwd to your next 15! :)

  27. the redwoods here in california are breathtaking and SO worth seeing. absolutely magical.

    i rearrange my furniture every couple of months or so. it's been a habit of mine for years! i love it! :)

  28. oh goodness. i love this post and your blog for so many reasons. oh for a road trip right about now!

  29. Us navybrats we always will be nomadic to some extent. I can't tell you how many times I have rearranged the furniture in my house. I'm at the point now where it's time for a new house. I need some sort of change in my life for me to remain stable. I have never thought about things to do before I turn 30...guess that's something the really think about. And by the by next time you are in GA let me know, TN isn't that far away!

  30. that list is so cute!! i'm takin a raod trip down to nc next weekend...maybe i'll write my own list;)

  31. How Filipinos value family is really amazing.:D

    Salsa dancing lessons sound great!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  32. I'm 26 too. I should probably start on my list as well.

    I have a secret (I have Justin Bieber's CD). Shhhhhh don't tell. :/

  33. i didn't know we're the same age! :) i should make a list like that, how fun!

  34. I do have a list of goals, the first is to get my PhD (hopefully I can check that off in May!)

  35. I love your list friend!! It's so you! It might inspire me to make my own... only 3.5 years left, eeek! :)

  36. OHMYGOODNESS! i am the same. i understand tagalog fluently but speak it so badly that it's embarrassing!

  37. I love to travel but I get motion sickness like craaaaaaaaaazy. But Keith and I are talking about taking a cross country trip (well, through North America!) and ah, it just sounds amazing. I want to be able to do it and meet up with a bunch of my wonderful blog friends!

    I just know that you are going to reach all 30 of your goals, and I can't wait to hear all of the stories of you reaching them! I'm so excited for you, Ilene! :) love love love!


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