Tuesday, November 23, 2010

sponsor love friday...er, tuesday: meet lindsay of aisle to aloha!!!

*due to holiday craziness here in the States, sponsor love friday is taking place a little bit earlier than normal 
so that before most of you hit the road for the thanksgiving holiday, 
more of you can get to know this week's highlighted sponsor!*

i have always been a great admirer of artists of all kinds, but especially those who are skilled with the paintbrush! i've tried my hand at it a few times - and dude, it is NOT easy. the way you have to have the eye and the skill of your wrist is incredible. and that is why when i became blog friends with this particular sponsor, i fell in love with her gorgeous, colorful paintings. 

this is lindsay.

and this is her inspiring blog.
if you have been following my blog for a bit and if you read through hers or follow her tweets, you'll discover our mutual respect and love for the U.S. servicemen and women. she also has a very good creative eye for interior design and handmade shops as you will be able to see once you visit her blog. my personal fave from her collection of blog posts is her studio tour pictures! i love being able to see where a person's creativity comes out!

and this is her shop.

and these are some of my personal faves.
aren't the colors absolutely stunning and the designs fabulous?!

Tell us about YOU, the artist behind the shop and the blog. 

Hm, well, I'm a tiny, gregarious Italian girl from a big family (I have 6 brothers and sisters and almost eleven nieces and nephews). I love Jesus and I love surfing. My amazing husband, Chris is an officer in the Navy and we live in Hawaii. I'm a bit of a messy painter and I usually have streaks and drips of paint somewhere on my hands or feet!

You have some amazing paintings in your shop. Were do you get the inspiration for your work? 

Well, thanks! I really love beautiful color so I'd say that's probably where a lot of my inspiration stems from. I'll see a gorgeous color combination and just have to do a painting in that combo. Or I'll play around with my paints and come up with something new. Plus, living in a beautiful place like Hawaii is incredibly inspirational!

For the rest of us, 
Hawaii would be our dream getaway. 
What would you dream getaway be?

I would love to go back to Italy and spend more time there! I went for a visit to Rome and Sicily (where my fam is from) in college but I'd love to return for a romantic jaunt with Chris. I wanna see Venice and Pisa and Cinque Terra. And I wanna wear boots and pretty scarves. And eat fabulous Italian food. 

If a movie was made about your life, 
which actress would you want to play your role? 
And why? 

I loove Rachel McAdams as an actress (from the Notebook and Time Traveler's wife, among others). Not sure how she'd look with a short bob like mine, but I'm sure she could pull it off! 

With it being Thanksgiving weekend, 
what are 3 things that you are most thankful for? 

I'm grateful for the grace poured on my life by Jesus Christ, for my patient and goofy husband who loves and supports me in my endeavors and for salty, crunchy bacon. 

lindsay, thanks so much for taking the time to share with us! 
i personally loved getting to know you a little bit more.
(and count my vote as a 'yes' to rachel mcadams playing you in a movie one day! ;))

be sure to check out her beautiful shop and blog. 
give her some much love, illy sponsor love. 
and that's saying be sure to show her a whole lotta love, folks! 

[happy tuesday, friend.]
a black friday gift guide with some exciting black friday discounts will be revealed later this week. lindsay is one of the generous artists to give a lovely black friday discount. 
so stayed tuned!!  

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  1. what a sweet post ilene!!! i too admire anyone who is good w/ a paint brush~!! i love her bicycle and typography prints!! :)

  2. She's adorable! What a charming, talented person :)




  4. Lovely artwork!

    BTW, thanks for commenting on my post.

  5. I absolutely adore her artwork!! Ive been following her for a week or so & just absolutely love how talented Lindsay is! Great post!

  6. It was fun to read / learn more about Lindsay! I'm excited that she's participating in Black Friday, because ummmm, yeah, I really want one of her paintings! :)

  7. She is too cute!! LOVE that bicycle & the peacock painting!!! Heading over to her blog now :)

  8. This is such a nice post. I love her shop! Such fun things!


  9. I just found her shop yesterday... she's such a talented artist! :]

  10. She sounds like an incredibly fun person with an incredibly fantastic life. And her shop is super awesome!

  11. I love the peacock feather! :) And such a fun interview to read!

  12. her work is fabulous! checking out her shop now :) xo

  13. I love this post,sweetie...She sounds wonderful and her work is amazing
    Happy Tuesday

  14. you are so sweet, my friend. Thanks for the fabulous feature. :)

  15. yay! love her work and so glad to her see here!!!

  16. yay! love her work and so glad to her see here!!!

  17. She's incredibly talented! I love each and every painting she has, they're so beautiful!


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