Friday, November 5, 2010

sponsor love friday: introducing kirra from lovies!!

i'm definitely excited to introduce this brand new feature to the blog. and so today i present to you sponsor love friday, the part of the show where i get to introduce to you my lovely sponsors! (and don't i have quite a beautiful sponsor family?!) i am excited about every single button on the left sidebar because of the inspiration and beauty they bring to the table. be sure to stop by each of them and show them some love.

and on this particular friday, please especially show some love to kirra, the beauty and brains behind the etsy shop, Lovies, an incredibly beautiful collection of vintage finds. i'm pretty much obsessed with everything in her shop. might have to consider registering there? (does etsy even do wedding registries? *wink*) kirra has quite the eye for finding beautiful and quality items and does an incredible job showcasing her lovies. 

antique milk bottle

 she also is the writer behind her most inspiring personal blog, kirra sue. i had the privilege of knowing kirra back when i lived in chicago. she is as much of a sweetheart face to face as she is on her blog. i won't spoil all the goodies there - and so much of it, so be sure to check it out!

Tell us about YOU
the artist and brain behind Lovies. 

I'm just a girl with a passion for all things charming, chipped, and old.  I live in downtown Chicago, where 99.9% of the population decorates with Ikea- which happens to be the exact opposite of charming, chipped, and old.  When my husband and I got married 3 and half years ago we had almost no furniture at all and I began my journey of trying to decorate our first place with things that I loved and could afford with our tiny decor budget.  

Before moving to Chicago to attend a Bible college I had majored in Interior Design for a time at my community college and had hopes of attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise in LA, to become a licensed Interior Designer.  I realized after a couple courses that I didn't want to have to be in the competitive field of Interior Design- working for some firm, and fighting my way to the top.  I have always loved decorating, ever since I was a little girl,and I knew that I wanted to do it for fun- not for a living.  At the time I thought those two things couldn't be compatible- turns out that was a narrow way of looking at things!       

Fastforward a bit and it's 2010 and our tiny apartment above the flower shop is filled with antique treasures and we officially have run out of room for anything else.  (I happen to have a fetish with chairs- which has resulted in our tiny apartment holding 13 of them!) I decided I didn't want to stop collecting sweet vintage treasures so why not open up a shop online and spread the love?  

Any cool story or meaning behind Lovies
the adorable shop name?

I came up with the concept of Lovies as my best friend Sarah was staying with my husband and I before she transitioned out of the city.  I was sitting on our kitchen counter, excitedly telling them my ideas about how it would all work and they both were super supportive and Lovies was actually "born" that weekend.  

Sarah and I were at dinner in Wicker Park that weekend and we were trying to come up with a name for my new business and she finally said, "What about Lovies?"  After throwing around 100+ names it felt like we had finally found one.  It was perfect the moment I heard it- especially since I've always called my antique treasures, "Lovies."  Taylor loved it instantly and that's the end of the story.  :)  The name will forever be so special to me because of how it came about- while hanging with my best friend over some yummy food and sangria in one of my most favorite Chicago neighborhoods.     

Your blog and your shop show your incredible talent with interior decorating and such a good eye for vintage finds. 
If you had the opportunity to decorate a celebrity's home, whose would it be and why?

Ilene probably could've guessed this- but it would probably be Taylor Swift's.  :)  I'm a big fan of hers and she happens to love antique/vintage home decor so it would be a blast to work on her home.  Plus I'd get to hang with her- how cool would that be?!  

List three of your favorite things 
in the entire world. 

I'll stay within the category of vintage home decor for this one! 

1. Authentic Jadite: There is nothing I love more in the realm of vintage home decor than dishes, and more specifically, Jadite.  I have about 6 different sets of dishes in our tiny place and it's getting border line ridiculous.  I can't help it though!  
2. Old Books: They are just so romantic and classic.  And finding my favorite classics in old used book stores might as well be like finding some great treasure.  
3. Tea Cup China Saucers: Again- the whole dish's an issue, I swear.  But I LOVE little tea cup saucers so much.  I collect them and stack them up all over the place- I use them as candle holders, or I use them for dessert plates, or just as coasters.  They are so versatile.  I rarely ever use them for tea cups, and I actually prefer buying them without the tea cups.  :) Thanks sweet Ilene for having me here!  

kirra, thank you for joining us today!
and be sure to show dear kirra sue some love today 
by either stopping by her blog or her shop!

[happy friday!]


  1. i LOVE her shop~!! all of the pieces are soo perfectly vintage and sweet!! you did a great job featuring her shop!! and taylor swift?? i think i've listened to her CD about 100 times in the past week, no joke, i didn't have any other album playing!! although sadly, i still don't know the lyrics to any of the, hahaha!!

    have a great weekend swap buddy real life friend!!


  2. oooh, I love this new feature! I always love finding out the stories behind people's blog/etsy shop names!

    Her shop is amazing--I'm totally eyeing that globe! :)

  3. What a great shop! I was reading this thinking...I wish she could come help me decorate my house! I especially love that glass milk bottle. I have a thing for old glass bottles :)
    And I always enjoy getting to "know" shop owners a little better through these interviews!

  4. Great interview, Ilene. I'll have to check out her blog and shop. They seem right up my alley!

  5. Happy friday to you too! I'm definitely going to stop by her shop! Thanks for the info!

  6. Cute shop!!! Loving this feature! Happy Friday sweet friend! <333

  7. I'm totally obsessed with milk glass, so you know I love her shop!

  8. Beautiful interview!!!
    I loooove her shop!!
    How lovely!!!
    Have a wonderful Friday,

  9. What a fabulous shop! I love it all!

    Have a wonderful weekend, honey. xoxo

  10. It's an amazing interview! And very very cool things, congrats girl!

  11. Oh, wow, she has an amazing eye for vintage, just gorgeous! Congrats on the newest sponsor! XX!

  12. Great interview! I love getting to know people behind the shops! It looks so cute!

    And I'm listening to the new Taylor Swift album all the time too. Haha!

    I'm so excited to be a part of your swap! Yay!!!

  13. What gorgeous stuff! She seems like such a wonderful person, too. Her passion and enthusiasm really come across :)

    I'm so inspired to decorate right now! I can't wait until I move into an apartment with my bf and we can decorate!

    Thanks for the sweet comment :)

    Take care,

  14. Heading over to her shop now...loving that hobnail milkglass!


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