Thursday, November 18, 2010

sister date, rice bowls, and oh yeah...some HP action!!

sometimes my asian-side comes out.

most of the time people can't figure out what my ethnic background is. most people think i'm hispanic or mexican, but i'm very much filipina. as a kid, i hated filipino food. i did not like eating rice every day. i was jealous of my friends who got to eat cheeseburgers and pasta "all the time." not that we never ate them, but those were not included in a typical filipino menu. 

it wasn't till i went away to college did i realize how good i had it. then as i traveled to the philippines every year on a mission trip, my stomach and tastebuds became more receptive to filipino dishes. i love just about all of them (except for some of the weird ones. i'll spare you the details). 

last weekend, ashley and i went to see Mulan Jr., based off of the Disney animated movie. when the first one came out, i remember loving it. loved the music, the plot, and the tough girl with her mission. you go, girl! not only did we go because i like Mulan, but we also had a family friend perform in it. anthony was great (i'll make sure to look out for his name in future broadway shows!), and the kids were amazing. loved the music, the costumes and the dancing. too much fun! i'd love to have performed in this when i was a kid!

and earlier in the week, mom, ashley and i headed out to fuji, one of my favorite restaurants here on the island. they make the best rice bowls. you can choose your meat to go with the rice (fried or steamed!), vegetables and fuji's special sauce. and it always comes out so hot since they make it right off of the grill.

if you ever came to visit me in my town, i'd love to take you to this place 'cause it's so good! we might have to save the coffee for later because this is a personal fave.

and i'm realizing that i really shouldn't write about food at this hour of the night. i'm craving a chicken bowl right now with steamed rice and veggies. too bad fuji's closed right now. 

i really do love all kinds of food. i love food, period. we know this. that is not brand new news, but sometimes i have to have my asian-fix. i love filipino, thai and chinese foods - yum! 

i'm so glad that i'm marrying a guy who loves all sorts of foods too. i believe that if you date or marry a guy who has similar food tastes as you, you are already off to a good start 'cause then that's one less thing you have to fight over. any married folks out there agree with me?

and can you believe it's already thursday?
also it's nearly the end of the month?!

where is time going? and people, i'm looking forward to this weekend. i'm meeting up with Ryan and his family to enjoy a saturday evening at an oyster roast! now i'm not really a fish-fan but there will be plates and plates of other seafood goodness like shrimp, crab, oyster, and other yummies. i cannot wait! 

and you know what else i cannot wait for this weekend?

no more words need to describe it. ryan said he's on the hunt for some harry potter glasses. i should try to convince ryan to let me draw a lightning bolt on his forehead. 

any other HP fans out there? if so, holla!
what are your weekend plans, friend? 

much love.
[happy thursday!]

p.s. thanks so much for all the wedding planning advice yesterday! 
will def. plan to use a handful of them! so excited about all this! *squeal*


  1. oooh that food looks so good actually. and that play adorable!

  2. Going right at 12:35 at our celebration so excited

    p.s. sometimes my asian side REALLY comes out it. :D

    You're wonderful...just thought you should know.

  3. totally know what you mean about the asian fix! and i am married and am very glad that my husband will eat almost anything - it makes it super easy to make dinner at nights. =) you'll do great.

  4. "one of my favorite restaurants here on the island"

    you live on an island? i'm so confused haha

  5. That looks like such a fun show! And I love harry potter :) I think I'm behind a movie though..hmm

  6. I loved Mulan so that looks great! And the food is good too.

    Yay! I'm a Harry Potter fan! I'm going off to see the movie in an 1 1/2!! Yay! So excited!

  7. Oh man, you and I seriously need to go out and eat together. We would have so much fun!

  8. Mmh...that rice bowl looks delicious!! Yay for Harry Potter! Will go see the movie, too!! But first I have to watch the last one again! Just to get into the mood!

  9. OMG i can't wait!!! i already bought tickets - we are going on Saturday at 3:10. which means we will be there in line at like 2. cause i'm CRAZY about getting to the movies on time. i'll be 15 min late to work every day but i will not miss the previews.

    PS we would have tickets to an earier showing but we live in a college town and there is ONE very old movie theater within a 30 mile radius so we are hoping to miss some insanity.

  10. Yummy food!!!!



  11. No I can NOT believe that it is already the end of the month!!!! I just took down the Halloween decorations this morning and I am pulling out Christmas magic to start putting up tonight!!! Where has the time gone?!?!? Have fun watching HP I will be having another Lonesome Dove movie marathon this weekend!! :) xoxo

  12. HAHA! I don't like the weird ones either like balut & dinuguan! eeekkkk

  13. I LOVE rice and would probably love your mom's cooking! Yay for Asian food. :)

    And you know what? When I was in China this summer it cracked me up to find out that they also love the movie Mulan but they think the character Mulan is ugly. So funny.

  14. Happy Thursday! Looks like you had a pretty good time! I like Harry, but I'm not a die-hard fan like a lot of people!

  15. It's so true! I often need that Asian fix too. Matter of fact, I'm needing some now after reading this post :)

    Happy Thursday, honey!

  16. That looks so fun! I will ALWAYS go see a musical! XX!

  17. you are so so so pretty ilene!

    i love love love harry potter. too much. i can't wait to go see part one <333

  18. Yay Harry Potter! I'm sooo excited! And Mulan is one of my favorite Disney movies! The soundtrack is stellar. :)

  19. Harry Potter tonighhtt! :)!!! I'm so excited. I got my glasses on sale at Toys'rus for like 4 dollars! :)

    Have a fabulous HP Thursday!!

  20. oh my - that rice bowl looks so good. it's lunch and i kinda want that bowl now!! yum!

    i've got a guilty admission: i've not seen even one of the hp movies. i missed one, then the next and so on..and then the train went off the tracks.

    i saw the posters the other day and think i might have an EPIC HP marathon this weekend so i can go catch this one in the theater with everyone else.

    i wanna get in on the action!! better late than never?


  21. That looks like so much fun...I love Harry Potter and cant wait to see the movie:) Kisses,sweetie
    Enjoy your afternoon

  22. looks like a great deal of fun! I love Mulan so good and I'm so excited for Harry Potter. I may be watching it tomorrow and I'm jumping up and down just thinking about it.

  23. I cannot wait to see Harry Potter - unfortunately tomorrow is the last day before Thanksgiving break and my students will be wild tomorrow and can't afford a teacher running on 3 hours of sleep. I should have planned better to get more sleep so I could handle it. It looks amazing!

  24. Gorgeous photos! And shoutout to Mulan :) Being asian myself I can't help it hehe.

    I just wanted to say hi and that you have a lovely blog!

    - the runaway

  25. It honestly freaks me out how fast time passes.

    I bet the kids in that production had SO much fun singing "I'll Make a Man Out of You"!

    Harry Potter was SOOOO amazing. Have fun this weekend :)


  26. I love that you post about food so much!! I think we both think about food just as much, hehe. Oh and I TOTALLY agree about dating/marrying someone with the same food tastes! Keith & I are soooo alike when it comes to what kind of food we enjoy & what kind we can't stand!

  27. I totally hear you on people not knowing your ethnicity! I'm part filipina too :) You're so fortunate to have traveled there...

    Happy Thanksgiving!! :)


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