Sunday, November 28, 2010

scrunchies and troll-dolls are so third-grade.

...and i thought i left white tights back in the 3rd grade.

i seriously thought that was an accessory i'd never, ever try again. i thought wrong 'cause apparently these white tights (actually they are more cream than white) were calling me by name name this weekend while the fam and i went black friday shopping. you can't tell by the pics by they have a sweet almost lace-like pattern to them, plus they are a little thicker - my favorite kind of tights. 

with the temperatures cooling off tremendously, i wore the white (ahem, cream) tights to church on sunday along with one of my fave red pair of heels. i think what i love about fall and winter in the south is that i can actually walk around in heels or in cute boots without worrying about breaking my back on the sidewalk or ruining my shoes. i wore heels at my old job in chicago but always trudged in the snow in my snow boots, then changed once i got to work. (oh you bet my closet at worked was lined with heels!) and i hardly wore skirts and even tights like i wear here 'cause it was always so stinkin' cold! i stuck with dress pants that i could stick in my boots. chicago is one fashionable city - but once winter hit, all we cared about was staying warm!

fitted button shirt: belk
black pencil skirt: target
gray belt: forever21
white lace tights: forever21
red heels: gift from a friend

in other news...
in case you did not know...the holidays are officially here! thanksgiving dinner has been consumed (leftovers and all!). black friday sales were attacked. christmas shopping has kicked off with a bang. summer clothes have been packed away (or layered like no other). tights and boots are here to stay. christmas decorations are up. hot chocolate is becoming a daily ritual. and yes, i am finally listening to christmas music (i did mention once or twice before that i live by the strict rule of listening to it after my thanksgiving meal - as hard as it was  [esp with a certain friend taunting me with her glee-filled tweets] , it's so worth it and much more meaningful to me when i wait!). and i might have even baked a second pumpkin pie after thanksgiving since my family and i were craving more of it.

as i mentioned last saturday, my family were on the hunt for black friday deals. later that day (even after our crazy morning), we made a trip out to savannah, also part of our black friday tradition. even if we're not shopping, we like to head down there to kick off the holiday season. we specifically checked out Oglethorpe Mall where they have this cool christmas decor that my parents took us to when we were little, so it's always fun to revisit it when we can. it's a different setting than the one i used to see when i was little. it used to be this sweet teddy bear it's a train ride for the kiddies. its still beautiful - but sorry kids, i think the bear choir was sweeter. 

oh and i love that pic of mom and dad. mom was actually on the phone with our other sister (who was spending the holidays with her hubby and his family), so when we took the picture, daddy decided to pull out his phone to be "cool" too. oh, daddy. he never stops making us laugh. 

how was your weekend, friend?
did you do anything fun 
to kick off the holiday season?

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[happy monday, friend.]

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  1. rock those white tights, girl! i don't know what it is about them, but i think they're cool.

  2. you are so stinking cute! i want to hug your neck.

  3. this was too cute of a post !!! love your parents picture they look so happy !!

    and omg you have the smallest waist I SWEAR

  4. I love scrunchies since they are ideal for curly hair . Nothing wrong with that .

  5. You and your pictures never cease to make me smile!!! What a nice holiday you had!!! <333

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous!! I love the white tights!

  7. All of your outfits are so cute. And you and your family always look like you're having so much fun. Hope you had a great holiday!

  8. I love those white (cream) tights with your outfit and that jacket ties it together nicely!

  9. I am in love with your shirt and belt! Amazing outfit :)

  10. love your outfits! and your christmas pictures make me happy! so cute!

  11. You look SOOO cute!!! I always pass up the white/cream tights when I'm shopping, but this look has me reconsidering!! You look so classy and chic! I hope that I can pull it off as good as you!!! :)
    Have a fantastic day friend!!!

  12. Absolutely love the white tights! so chic!

  13. I love textured tights. You definitely rock the look better than I can! :) AND, don't you think the South has better clothes than up North?! I loved visiting my grandparents down in AL because their malls are amazing there!

  14. you must have tights in every color of the rainbow, huh girl??? :)

  15. I'm seeing a lot wearing white tights now. Hmm, wondering if it will work on me.

  16. i loooved all of your pictures!!! and your t-giving sounds so fun :)

  17. I LOVE the white tights with those shoes. Brave choice and you pulled it off well. I love your blog (and Jesus!) by the way. I'm glad I stumbled upon it.

    God bless,

  18. You & your family are the sweetest!! :) I love it. LOVE your outfit!! hahaha I remember wearing white tights in elementary school too... hehe. I haven't seen any white tights lately! But I haven't really been shopping in a while..


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