Wednesday, November 24, 2010

much love, illy sponsors BLACK FRIDAY 2010 shopping guide!!!

there might be a few of you that plan to enjoy black friday from the comfort of your own home (your couch, your bed, or at the table still eating turkey - sick, but whatever floats your boat!), help some of you out, i put together a guide for your black friday shopping needs. these here are my beautiful, amazing sponsors with some pretty darn good incredible discounts and sales going on that you won't want to miss! though im a crazy 4-amer when it comes to black friday,  i seriously plan to take advantage of a few of them myself!

click on each sponsor's banner for the link to each shop and to a world of discounts.

 shop discount: 20% off of ALL paintings 
and gift certificates (excluding custom paintings)
code at checkout: ALOHA20
shop discount:  
15% off of entire order
discount code: BlackFriday15
Free shipping 
for first 5 people to place an order!

shop discount: BLACK FRIDAY sale all weekend!

 shop discount: 
all items are 15% off!

shop discounts:
buy 2, get 1 FREE!
(include choice of free item 
of equal or lesser value in "message to seller")
20% off of your entire order
discount code: BFLOVE
(prior to shipping costs)

discount: 10% off of entire order!
(difference refunded via paypal)

 shop discounts:
30% off of the entire store
FREE christmas gift wrapping
FREE shipping
buy 3, get 4th item FREE
coupon code for 30% off: 
 shop discount: 15% off of entire order
code at checkout: MUCHLOVE

BLACK FRIDAY sale  in shop from Friday, November 26 through Monday, November 29

[happy shopping, friend!]


  1. That is wonderful...Thanks for all the info,sweetie...I am ready to shop! hahaha
    Happy Thanksgiving

  2. oh wow... look at all those items. :D

  3. Lots of great things! Beautiful!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  4. Looove the shopping guide, gal! happy thanksgiving :) :)

  5. Ooh awesome! I'll have to let my mom know for birthday presents.. ;) hehe.

  6. gorgeousnesssss:)


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