Wednesday, December 1, 2010

it's all i got for you today. for now. just for now.

is it a crime to make an appearance 2x in 2 weeks?

and that is what these red tights are guilty of. they made an appearance in current obsessions last week, yet here they are. they stand guilty. they know it. and they know that ilene is obsessed with them. not to the point that i'm wearing these everyday (duh) but i do love them. but hey, it's current obsession wednesday! i think it's rather appropriate. 

 paris tee: Urban Outfitters
vest: forever21
shorts: forever21
tights: hue
flats: kristen davis 

so what are you're thoughts 
on the shorts and tights trend? 

i think i was in shock that they were coming back. i remember my mom dressing me up in an outfit similar to this when i was 6 years old and was so annoyed that i had to wear it! i hate the feel of the shorst rubbing against the tights. so weird but that was what was going in my 6 year old mind. back to current day...i will say that i'm not digging the denim and tight look - but hey, what ever floats your boat! i've seen it work on some. it wouldn't on moi. i do like these particular pair of shorts i found a couple of weeks ago. they are comfortable and the right texture for me.

sorry that i don't have my current obsessions up and running today. the start of this week has proven to be a busy one. i've been sewing like a maniac, making post office runs and replying to quite a bit of emails. then besides etsy and blog world, in real life...we all had some family friends over for dinner earlier this week...and dad and i even made it to the gym on Monday - as much as we dragged ourselves to work out, we admitted later on, that it was a smart thing to do...esp. with all those thanksgiving calories chilling out in our bodies since thursday! plus it's the holidays, so the fam and i have had fun decorating the house and doing fun holiday-ish things.

as i'm typing this, i'm realized i shouldn't be writing blog posts at 1:30am. i feel myself nodding off and then i'm finding the oddest typos. they've been corrected - but if you find more, you can know why that's the case. 

i got another busy day ahead of me...but you know what? i'm grateful. i really am. i'm not just saying that. during this brief season, i am doing what i love full-time and at the same be able to hang out with my awesome family. what an opportunity, right?

okay, there were some even weirdo typos, so i'm going to stop writing now.

i'll stop by later again today with my current obsessions. 
they will not be forgotten, folks! 

much love.
[happy demember and wednesday, friend.]

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  1. The red tights look cute with that outfit!

  2. This is an adorable outfit! You make me want to atempt red tights :)

    Come enter my GIVEAWAY!!

  3. Those red tights are just adorable and paired up with cute shorts and sweet flats...WOW!!! Great outfit,sweetie
    I am having a really busy week too..ufff
    Kisses and hugs and see you soon

    Ps: I am hosting a beautiful scarf GIVEAWAY later today, just in time for Christmas.

  4. love the tights and shorts look!!! that way you can wear "summer" clothes when it's cold!!! :D

  5. I love the red tights, very cute :) :)

  6. I like the shorts/tights combo! When did you get that Paris t? I need one!!

  7. You got the shorts at Forever?! Ah! I wanted a pair like that from Express but they didnt have my size... Looks like ill be making a trip to Forever :) Love the tights! <333

  8. What a cute look! I'm all about the colored tights... even though I'm NOT a shorts fan. I'm trying to broaden my horizons though... meh, we'll see!

  9. You are so adorable!!!!!
    I love love all your beautiful outfits and your lovely tights collection!!! :)
    Have a merry day friend!!!

  10. I love the shorts paired with the tights, especially when the tights are red! Great choice!

  11. I like the tights and shorts look. I especially like them with boots. I put my daughter in tights and shorts all the time (she gets to wear fun striped and polka dot ones) and then pair them with boots.

    I just don't have appropriate shorts to wear with tights or I'd do it myself. :)

  12. I like the red tights but I like those shoes even more!!! Your hair always looks awesome...maybe you should do a tutorial in the future??

  13. You've got the sweetest blog! I'm totally in love with all the sweet Christmas-y posts you've got going on; I'm so happy it's finally December!

    You're most definitely rocking the shorts and tights trend. I adore how menswear inspired it looks, and the shot of red adds the perfect touch!

  14. I am totally on the tights trend this summer. I am more of a tights and skirt gal though. Cute photos!

  15. Love those red tights!! Beautiful!

  16. tights are so fun!
    I haven't worn them with shorts yet...

  17. don't be afraid to rock the red tights! i love love love mine. ever since i saw an episode of GG where blair was wearing some i knew i HAD to have them. now they are one of my favorites <33


  18. You are too darn cute!

    I love your outfits...and those red tights! You pull it off well.

    I'm not lucky enough to do that. :D

  19. hun, this is the cutest outfit! I really love the vest you're wearing. Happy December:)

  20. This outfit is adorable. And you look SO MUCH LIKE a girl I used to know who models now: A warning, her pics are possibly NSFW, but you guys have similar facial features. It makes me feel like I already know you! Ha.

  21. I love the red tights with your outfit. It a nice pop of colour. I adore all your flats as well. They are cute. And your hair looks awesome!

  22. Much like everyone else, can we talk about your fab red tights my dear!! Adorable!!

  23. Very nice outfit. I love the vest and the red stockings.

  24. obsessed with red tights right now. LOVE THEM.


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