Thursday, November 4, 2010

i'm a goofball. a happy one. (and Cold Hands, Warm Hearts Swap announced!!)

i'm so happy. 
and i'm a big goofball.

ryan tells me that all the time. and i know it's true. but that boy can be the same exact same way - so i guess, we make a good team. it helps that he doesn't mind taking most of my goofy, random pictures for the blog. (he's a keeper, isn't he?) 

so why am i happy?  
(i already told you why i'm a goofball. i just am.)

i told you yesterday that it was time to CELEBRATE NOVEMBER, by focusing on the good things that make up autumn and life...instead of the gloom and the negative. that is why i'm happy. i'm happy because of life. because of God and what He is doing in my life. because of Him i find joy in life and can celebrate the big and the little. and there are so many big and little things to celebrate.

and you know that some of the things i love include family and cupcakes. (not always together of course, but you know what i mean.) i got the chance to enjoy time with ryan and his mom (love her!). margaret took us to whimsical sweets, which if you know me, of course i was ecstatic. anytime i find cupcakes here in the south i'm beyond giddy. they had so many flavors, changed up every day (which would draw you in to go back more than once, right?). i love the variety. i plan to go back again soon and grab me some peanut butter flavored ones i saw on the menu.

if you see the pics below, i'm sure you can see why i was so giddy. and yes, of course, i picked the red velvet cupcake, silly. we took them home to eat for dessert that night - and it was so delish! all of it was so good - down to the little sugar heart on top. 

and you know what else i'm giddy about?

so what is it? you asked. well, i'm glad you asked! Cold Hands & Warm Hearts is a swap created to keep your hands warm as winter approaches and the weather gets colder.  it’s also a way for bloggers to make new friends across the blog-world. 

sandy and i really hope that you join in the fun! to find out more important details, sandy so exquisitely wrote it out for us over at her blog! so be sure to stop over today because it is LIMITED to the first 100 to sign-up. sign-ups end on november 11th

and if you do sign-up, be sure to spread the word. grab a button from my side-bar or from sandy's blog. hope to see you there!
[happy thursday, friend!]


  1. you're adorable! i love your yellow tights.

  2. yummy yummy cupcakes~!! soo cute that you hang out with ryan's mom!! such a good wife to be hehe!!

    YAYYYYY for the swap!!

  3. I like your happy and cute pictures.:D

    That's a great idea and happy Thursday too!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. everyone is blessed and that's nice you have that in perspective. :)

  5. This made me smile. I love your yellow stockings and cupcakes xox

  6. ADORABLE! Yes you! Haha loving those colored tights & those flats!!! Where are they from?? And that cupcake shop is toooo cute! Hmmm (jotting down mental note in my head for my cupcakery). I like the little heart on the cupcake! Yay for finding it!! <333

  7. You're also adorable! :) And I think that it's because of you that I've been craving red velvet cupcakes so much...

    Just sent my entry for the swap - yay!

  8. Yay for being a goofball!
    Those cupcakes look yummy, I'm craving one..for breakfast!
    I'm so excited about Cold Hands, Warm Hearts :D

  9. that cupcake place looks stinkin adorable!!!!!!! :)

  10. Love the outift, those cupcakes look delish + yay for the swap!!! :)

  11. the cupcakes looks yummmy! and so ur so cute!!

  12. Yes! You DID look so cute! Husbands that take our silly pictures are the best! :]

    And yay for the swap!! I can't wait. How fun.

  13. You are SOOOOOOO adorable!!!!
    I just adore your outfit!!!
    Yellow and purple!!!! I LOVE it!!
    and those photos are too amazing!!!
    I am SOOO excited for this swap!
    Have a beautiful day friend!!!

  14. Hahaha, your current obsession Wednesday picks from yesterday are so incredibly appropriate looking back at them now!!! What fun!

  15. I love this post! And your tights! And this was a great reminder for me to remember how beautiful this life is that God blesses us with, especially during my oh-so-stressful morning!

    And I LOVE your swap idea! So sweet! I may just have to join, even if I don't "need" another pair of mittens ;]

  16. Haha, those yellow sockings are just too cute :D


  17. hi!!! you are too cute! i just joined your swap - super excited! i agree, you will be such a great daughter in law! xoxo

  18. you're tooo cute, girl! i love reading your blog because all of your happiness!! oh and, i adore that outfit! :)


  19. yayy! this makes me so happy. i love your joy! and i'm glad you are sharing it. <3 so excited for the swap, hope it goes well!

  20. I totally just emailed you two and will be posting a blog about this soon! YAY for your creative ideas! :)

  21. You are so adorable and cute!!! Hahah...Love those photos:)
    Yummy cupcakes..I want one too:)

    Ps: Hope you had a chance to enter my Giveaway!

  22. I'm so in! I think I just lost a pair of mittens actually!

  23. What is it about cupcakes that makes me want one almost everyday. They are the cutest dessert aren't they??

  24. ohhhhhh we love cupcakes!

    Cheers, B & Liv
    B L I V B O O K: darling&diva ♥

  25. Those cupcakes looks delightful :)'

    I think there's an charm about women who are brave enough to be silly in public.

  26. Great pictures!
    They're so fun!

    Those cupcakes looks yummy :]


  27. You're so cute! And those cupcakes look DELICIOUS! I want to try the German Apple Cake! It looks so good. :) I'm so excited for the swap!!


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