Monday, November 22, 2010

i really should stop scrunching my nose.

my mom always told me not to do it.

but sadly, we don't listen to our mothers as we should - and then what happens? we are forever cursed with nose-scrunching, nail-biting, awful posture, and other bad habits. i'm a nose-scruncher. always have been. when i'm happy. when something stinks. when i'm sad. when i'm disappointed or disgusted. i think there might even be wrinkles starting to form on my nose from doing it so much. not really, but sort of.

at least it doesn't bother ryan. good thing too, since he's committing to staring at this mug for the rest of our lives.

white lace-print tee: urban outfitters
long gray cardigan: forever 21
belt (came with a pair of shorts): forever 21
jeans: aeropostle

the last picture above cracks me up cuz of the terrible posture and the fact that i'm laughing at an adorable king charles spaniel - but you can't see the dog, so it looks like i'm slouching and laughing at the sand. i promise you, there was a dog there. ryan can testify. and of course, my classic jump and mad hair flying around my face in the previous pic. no words can describe my goofiness.

so as you can tell, i wasn't home this weekend. ryan spent a couple of days with me in SC with my family - then we packed up our bags to spend the weekend with his family at one of my favorite beaches in GA. of course, we were there for some sweet beach time; however, the main attraction was the oyster roast. yum, yum! and not just oysters, people, but other local restaurants of all kinds were there serving so much food! we defintely got our fill of southern cooking, seafood galore, and delish desserts. and guess what?! i even found me some starbucks coffee there! (yes, i was in heaven. and you bet i poured a ton of creamer in it.) it was also fun getting to hang out with ryan's family and some of their close family friends. such a good night. food and fam, you can't go wrong. 

(sadly, i don't have pictures from the oyster roast. it would have been a great place for pictures but my flash on my camera was broken so i was afraid the pics wouldn't turn out too great with little lighting, since it was an outdoor event and all. but it was kinda a good thing. i was focused on eating and spending time with family. i'm learning that sometimes it's better to embrace the moments, rather than getting sucked into taking pictures of every single thing.)

ryan and i also enjoyed some time taking long walks on the beach. call it cheesy, but i love long walks on the beach. i love walks period (miss my walks throughout chicago - i don't think i'll ever stop missing that) and i love the beaches. and i love being with my fiance. we also got to see some sweet sunsets. the sky was so gorgeous. even the camera cannot capture what the human eye can see when it comes to God's creation. breath-taking.

and you bet ryan and i went to see some harry potter 7 action. we got to the island before the rest of his family did and headed straight to the theater to buy our tickets. i won't say anything too much for those that have not yet made it to the theater, but i will say i loved every second of it! i'm a big kid like that. i cannot wait for next summer to see part 2. maybe that means i have more time to catch up on the books. i'm on book 3, you think i got time? 

oh, also i think that hermione granger is close to the top of my lists for heros. i love her character so much - and emma watson is so adorable. love her.

and how was your weekend, friend?

did you make it to HP this past weekend?
anyone else eat some good food, preparing stomachs for thanksgiving feasts this upcoming weekend? 

much love.
[happy monday, friend!]


  1. wow the sand is so dreamy, i want to curl up my feet in it. and looking great illy! i have bad posture and it reflects on my photos too..haha

  2. just read your blog for a straight hour. you are too cute. and your proposal story is adorable. so happy i have found your blog! xo

  3. Beautiful photos, Ilene!
    Your nose scrunching is soo cute! Harry Potter was SO FANTASTIC! I'm for sure going again :D

  4. I didn't see HP this weekend ): but hubs and I are making plans as I type to go and experience those amazing graphics we keep hearing about!
    Beautiful pictures! I love the beach so much. I feel home sick after reading this now.
    So glad you guys had a blast though!
    (: Have a good week!

  5. hehe your nose scrunching is soo cute!! and soo jealous you got to go to the beach in the middle of november!!! i'm glad you went and took pics to make up for not taking pics at the oyster roast haha!!

  6. What an incredibly fun and loving weekend! That photo shoot of you at the beach is incredible!

  7. I agree, you look cute when you scrunch your nose. I have some bad habits too... like the posture thing you mentioned, yeah I do that. My mom would always remind me to stand up straight.

    You are so lucky you got to go to the beach! Beautiful pics. I haven't set foot on sand for years!

  8. I love the skinny belt with this outfit. :)

  9. You are absolutely adorable!! The nose scrunching is cute. I do it a lot as well :)

    And as you know I also saw Harry Potter! Loved it so much! Hermione is the best and I adore Emma Watson.

    I'm sure you will be able to catch up with the books before the last movie comes out. x

  10. lady these photos are so good!!!! they were so much fun to just look at! and sounds like your w/e was amaaaazing :) :) we had tgiving with friends - so much good food!

  11. First your photos are so cute, second I think that your nose scrunching ROCKS!! We all have that thing, I tend to squint when I take pictures drives me nuts.

    Also, I am jealous of you having seen Harry P. I haven't seen it yet, but can't wait.

  12. you look so cute!! love your outfit! and I cant wait to watch HP too!!

  13. I love those happy photos..and I adore that cardi so much:)
    Hugs and kisses,sweetie

    Have a great Monday morning

  14. Yep, I looove long walks on the beach with the sweetheart. We always have a lot of fun. :)

  15. so cute.. and i'm dying to see harry potter!!! jealous! :)

    you are the cutest!!!

  16. Cuteness! & Oyster roast sounds divine..
    I was in the car all Fri & Sat but the long drive was worth it to make it to our families! This week is going to be awesome!

  17. I love your pictures! And nose-scrunching is way better than brow-furrowing in my opinion!

    And the beach is simply magical, any time of year. We took our Christmas pictures on the beach this year, and I love the few I've seen so far! The beach is the perfect backdrop for really anything.

  18. super cute! i want to go frolic on the beach too!

    i went to hp too. ready for the next one in july!

  19. You are so adorable!!!!
    It sounds like you had a fantastic weekend!!!!

  20. i like that you still managed to take glorious pictures, even though you didn't take them one time at the oyster roast. you are such a gifted photographer!

    and i didnt' make it to see HP7. i know, right?! i'm a reject. i'm waiting for the crowds to die down because lots of people crammed in one room kind of creeps me out.\

    looks like you had an amazing perfect weekend!

  21. a beach! and it doesn't look like you had awful weather. how nice.!

  22. Haha i'm a nose scruncher too. only when i'm mad though. i get made fun of for it though.

  23. how fun! love your outfit and the jumping pic!

  24. your nose scrunching looks cute though

  25. Wow that looks like an amazing weekend! Love the pix. And don't stop scrunching :) xoxo

  26. You are too cute. I do this thing where I tilt my head to the side in pictures. I can't. stop. doing it. It looks so cheesy. Any who, I totally agree with you about Emma Watson. In fact, I wrote a post about her last week. Love her.


  27. OMG we are foot twins! I have NEVER seen anyone who has feet like mine, hehe.

    It sounds like you had a beautiful weekend. I love long walks, too. They're so relaxing and intimate :)


  28. Haha you look so cute with a scrunched nose! Ahh I have terrible posture. I need to fix it! I just sat up super straight, haha! Your outfit is awesome, love the belt with the cardigan! It sounds like you and Ryan had such a lovely weekend together, I'm glad! :) You two are adorable.


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