Saturday, November 6, 2010

gotta love a homecooked meal.

people, you know me.

i love to eat. must be the filipino part of me. filipinos love to eat. dad said he's getting me a shirt that says: always gutom. (gutom is tagalog for hungry.) when ryan and i went on mission trips to the Philippines, we were reminded of this important filipino trait. we ate every two hours. no joke. we had breakfast at 7am, then a snack at 9am...and then lunch at noon...then snack at 3pm. you get the idea. loved it. 

well, since i've been home in SC and visiting Ryan's family in GA, i've been eating good. while in Chicago, i enjoyed eating out (and i defintely miss all those amazing resturaunts) but most of the time i cooked at home - and i'm not exactly the world's greatest cook. i can cook - but to go home to mom's and margaret's cooking...oh, yum! there is nothing like homecooked meals! 

i visited ryan's family earlier this week, and one of my favorite meals is featured above. lumpia rolls (my mom made 60 of these! we brought them back to GA with us to share with the Butlers). stone crab claws (oh man, they were huge and delish...esp. dipped in butter). and yummy spinach salad (with homemade croutons and blue cheese dressing and blue cheese crumbles - margaret showed me how to make the easy! i plan to make it sometime and if i feel domestic, blog about it. ;)). 

what are your favorite foods?
do you like to cook?
or do you prefer to eat out?

much love. 
[happy saturday!]


  1. omg Lumpia gahh sounds so good right now. Your right homecooking is the best ever!

    My fav foods include but not limited to (youc an tell Imma foodie too) anything homecooked - Mexican, Korean, Filipino, soul food etc...
    I LURVE to cook. Eating out is okay too but in the long run cooking at home I can eat healthier.

  2. oh my lanta, these look soooo yummy! reminds me of my summers at my grandparents timeshare in cape code- we all used to eat giant lobsters dipped in butter and hot rolls. best things ever!!

  3. wow! ate Ilene i just read your blog and it reminds me of our memories here in the Philippines. yeah, you're right, Filipinos really love to eat. i super agree. truly, you're a Filipina. i love it!

  4. mmm, I'm with you. LOVE to eat! My fave is probably Mexican food. My hubs and I are living in Africa right now, so cooking is pretty much our only option. We have a few places to eat out, but usually stay home. That being said, I'm learning A LOT in the kitchen! i liked to cook before we came here, but I'm learning a lot about making things from scratch- yum, yum! We've got 9 months left here, but we already have a list started of "places to eat when we go back to the States"! :)

  5. Omg! Home cooked meals are just soooo good. I hope you have a yummy weekend!

  6. I pretty much always cook at home since I really can't afford to eat out very often. I generally post the recipes on my blog :).

  7. Your family reminds me of my family.
    I'm part Nepalese....we love our food :]


  8. OMG - that look so delicious!!!
    Reminds me of my mom's homecooked meals!!
    The hubby always says I cook just like my mom - what an awesome compliment!!
    Enjoy the day!!
    Greetings from Chi-Town!!

  9. It's been like 10 years since I've had your mom's lumpia rolls, but I still remember them as being so delicious. She was always telling me to eat when I came over to your house. lol...My favorite food in from my mom is her homemade enchiladas. I can make them, but they never taste as good as when my mom makes them!

  10. This all looks delish! And I, like you, absolutely must eat every 2 hours. They make fun of me at work! Too bad I can't stand cooking. Baking is my forte, but alas a girl cannot live on cupcakes alone!

  11. Girl, I LOVE to eat too! And I actually like to cook too... as long as it turns out ;-) When it doesn't turn out, Pizza Hut, here we come!

  12. Oooohhhh mmmmyyy gggooodddnnneesss....that lumpia looks amazing. You can tell your mom that I will take some next time she makes a big batch too!!! =P

  13. ooooooo my :) . delishhhh . great blog too (just found it) .

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  14. looks like you've been eating great! i love to cook, but i also love to eat out... at good restaurants... i have to throw in that caveat, because pretty much every place we go out to eat here is a let down (or even worse, a stomach ache!). i like the kind of restaurants where i don't take the first bite and then say: we could have made this better at home. :)

    can't wait to eat at good places when we're back in the states!

  15. girl, that looks sooo amazing right now!!! i am sooo hungry!! i miss my parents cooking now, boo!!! :(

  16. Mmmmmmm thos elumpia rolls look amazing! I love to eat, cook, bake, try new restaruants, all of the above!!! I'm suprised I'm not overweight! Lol

    How awesome you got to go on mission trips to Phillipines:-)

  17. I'm vegetarian, so I don't find going out to eat as exciting as most people do unless it's Indian or Thai food, really. I do love just going out for burritos, pizza, or vegetarian-Asian-fusion delis. (There are actually a lot of those around here... it's kind of a thing related to this Vietnamese religion called the Supreme Master.)

    Anyway. I also love cooking, and I fancy I'm pretty good at it. I love to make stir fried vegetables and tofu with my signature peanut sauce, homemade marinara, vegetable side dishes, giant epic salads, etc... I even make chicken for my non-vegetarian counterparts sometimes :)

    If I had more money, I'd certainly like to eat out more, and if I had more time, I'd like to cook more. But things being as they are, it's a lot of rice and beans for me most days. Ah well!


  18. YUM. i looove lumpia! for some reason when i read your blog i feel like i've known you for a long time...or in a past life or something haha!
    have a good weekend i!

  19. Seeing this photo of lumpia is making me crave for it. We have a baptism tomorrow so I am hoping there will be some lumpia.

  20. i loooove to eat and cook! i actually just made some croutons earlier today to top some homemade broccoli cheddar soup :) homemade croutons are the best. and i agree, there is nothing like a homecooked meal.. i usually eat at my parents' at least once a week :)

  21. Oh yum! Yes! I love lumpia and I love to eat every two hours also!

  22. I'm not sure what lumpia rolls are, but they look incredible!

  23. YUM. Those lumpia rolls look fantastic!!
    And my mother in law taught me to make homemade croutons.. they are my fave.

    You're super cute. I love that you love food as much as I do!

  24. YUM! Those look amazing! I can relate to your heritage adding to your love of food... although I am Swedish and when I went to Sweden, it was similar to your experiences. Between every (enormous) meal, we had coffee and pastries. I don't know how my relatives stayed so thin! Have fun making the croutons!

  25. i can't even begin to explain to you HOW MUCH i love lumpia. my mouth is watering right now. no fair!!


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