Wednesday, November 3, 2010

current obsession wednesday: gloves, mittens and everything in between!!

my wish came true.

the SOUTH was finally hit with some cool, autumn weather. 

call me crazy. i'm calling myself crazy. back in chicago, i would have killed for warmer weather like we were having last week. you held on to any bit of warm/hot/steamy weather that you could 'cause the last thing any chicagoan wanted was that bitter, painful cold winters of the windy city.

but lately being here in SC, there was a part of me that wished for the cool weather to go along with the autumn months. tank tops and sandals started to get old esp. when you know its the time of the year to bundle up in some sweaters and enjoy some hot apple cidar.  

so yesterday i wore my bright, yellow tights. as crazy-bright as they may look, they made me so happy and so warm 'cause it was so cool and crisp outside. even got to pair it with a comfy purple sweater. mmm, love it.

and speaking of cold weather...
 i can't help but think about all the layers and fun accessories that come with it, 
including my current obsessions: 
gloves, mittens, and everything in between!


via topshop
via topshop

i think i'm esp. obsessed with the anthro one's and maybe even the modcloth one with the cupcakes. surprise, surprise right? i also love fingerless gloves. i know, most people think they are pointless since your fingers peek out and all but i think they are cute...and perfect for texting. hehe.  and man, there are so many sweet designs and colors out right now. so hard to choose! 

now for those who have been following my blog and sandy's blog (and our twitters too) know that she and i have been working on a little something-something that we are bursting to tell you all about. though its' not november 4th yet, take today's current obsessions as a major hint for what we are about to reveal tomorrow! so be sure to be back here for more info. we can hardly wait!

and i don't think i've said it yet (so i'm going to!)...
Happy November, friend! 

i was honestly a little bit discouraged yesterday with how fast life was going and felt slightly overwhlemed but i want to change that mindset for the rest of this week. and instead, think about celebrating this month! what's the point of all this fave holidays when you can't even be joyful in the midst of them? i want to celebrate by savoring time with family (mine and ryan's!), enjoying hot apple cidar (with lots of extra caramel pls.), making pumpkin pies for my daddy, and taking lots of walks outdoors before the temperature completely drops. 

what will you do today to celebrate November?

[happy wednesday, friend!]


  1. i love gloves too! those modcloth ones are adorable. and yes, fingerless gloves are amazing, even if they aren't super functional.

  2. Those are pretty gloves!:D

    I think it's great that you are changing your mindset, it's always better to be positive and happy.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. ohhh i LOVE the gloves that can be fingerless gloves AND mittens~!! can't wait for our swap~!!!!!!!! :D

  4. Those first mittens with the jeweled embelishment melt my heart.

    I will celebrate November by baking lost of fall goodies, making handmade decor for my house, plan my Penelope's 3rd birthday party and most of all look back and remeber how blessed I am. :)

  5. Oh my goodness! We are so much alike! I totally blogged about these gloves and mittens from ModCloth and Anthro right before I met you!!! I mean, exactly the same ones. It's like we are connected or something... kindred blogging spirits!

  6. yes you must try the cider apple. and i have to say this is probably the best collection of winter gloves i have seen.!

  7. i must say, its always the grass is greener on the other side! i always pray and wish for the cold because its always sunny and hot here in california! but i do love your accessory choices for this lovely cold weather! hope your having a wonderful week :)

  8. I love those blue mittens with the leather trim, those are wayyyyy cute! Today I will go enjoy the 60 degree weather we (might) have! haha :)

  9. Love those red gloves!!! I know what you mean I love layers xox

  10. Cute! I love your yellow tights. I wish I wore more coloured tights in our winter.

    It's funny because are weather is warming up here in Aus so it's hard to think of rugging up.

  11. I have a blog post about mittens coming up, too!
    I loooove mittens. Living in NoDak, they're a must. I have soooo many pairs, most of which are handmade. :) I'm excited about the announcement!!

  12. I love those last two pairs, but gosh I hate the cold!

  13. It's still pretty warm in Florida...I'm SO ready for some cold weather! I just like it.

    I've crocheted myself a fun scarf, a slouchy hat & some fingerless gloves, so I'm just waiting for the weather so I can bundle up! :)

  14. Those gloves from mod cloth are too cute for words! I love the cupcake!

  15. Mmmm, love gloves! And this year I'll actually get to wear some! Lived in Florida my whole life, and just moved to Colorado this summer... yay for actually needing warm weather clothes! :]

  16. I love those fingerless gloves from topshop!

  17. Ohmigoodness!!!! Those cupcake mittens are SOOOO adorable!!!!!!!
    It is starting to cool down now {Then heat up, then cool down again} here and I am pulling out my leggings and layers!!! I just loooove winter!! and I am SOOOOOOO excited for this big suprise you and Sandy are cooking up!! Have a lovely chilly November day! ;) xoxo

  18. Yellow tights and purple cardigan! I'm sure you look precious.
    I love mittens and gloves! YAY!

  19. You are not crazy... I live in Miami, and I know what you mean!

  20. I'm so addicted to hats, scarves and gloves. I have to use some serious will power to pass cute ones by online and in stores. I recently moved to Seattle (from San Francisco) and I'm so happy to have fall back! The leaves are so pretty and I love bundling up.

  21. i know how you feel!
    it was a little too freezing for me in chicago & then i come home to 80 degree weather! can't i please just have something in the middle? haha :)

  22. Your yellow tights and adorable shoes are so sweeet!!! I love it:)
    I am all about glows during winter as my hand are so cold:) I love the modcloth pair
    Hugs and kisses,sweetie

    Ps: I am hosting a sweet GIVEAWAY today, please join in!

  23. Oh yay, I am glad the cold weather finally hit, you said you had stocked up on tights--- now you can finally wear them!

    I LOVE fingerless gloves :) Perfect for texting, and eating! My steering wheel is freezing in the morning, but I like to eat on my way to school, it's the perfect solution!

  24. I'm a little bit of a mitten freak! I love winter accessories!

    I feel like my fingers look too big when I wear gloves, but I love the look of them!

  25. crushing on ALL those gloves!

    excited for tomorrow to find out all the details!!

  26. I LOVE your yellow tights sweetie!! ahh yay!! So glad you found some! I have been on the hunt for new tights too.

    xoxo friend.

    Can't wait for tomorrow to see what you and Sandy are up to!!

  27. So many great gloves! I need to start knitting some. :) I think right around now would be the perfect time to start selling some in my shop!! And I loooooooooove your tights. And hot apple cider! Mmm. I had some today. SO good!


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