Wednesday, November 24, 2010

current obsession wednesday: eshakti, my black dress and red tights!!

a black dress goes with anything.
even with a bright red pair of tights.

when eshakti contacted me to review one of their dresses, i was beyond thrilled! why? first, because i'd seen their shop before on a few of my daily blog reads and had fallen instantly in love with their shop. second, i'm always so hesitate with online shopping since i can't touch, feel or try out the items (says the girl who runs her own online shop - ha!). so when eshakti said that their orders were all custom made, i pulled out that measuring tape and started jotting down those numbers.

to be honest, their collection of dresses, accessories, coats and all sorts of goodies was a little overwhelming because there was so much of it. i say overwhelming in the good sense, folks. they had every color, texture, style, and cut that you can imagine!

so...what do you think of the dress that i picked out?

dress: eshakti
red tights: hue
shoes: madden girl
cocktail ring: charming charlies
watch: fossil/bracelet: pandora
nailpolish: OPI's jade is the new black

by my dancing pictures around my yard, you can probably tell that i'm in LOVE with it! i'm in love with the light material, lined with moss crepe and especially in love with the bubble skirt. the v-shaped neckline is perfect, especially with the cute cap sleeves and the empire waist. and i haven't even mentioned my most favorite part of it all - the pleating in the back panel and waist just makes me swoon!

eshakti really does an amazing job with the custom fitting. this dress fits me perfectly - from the empire waist to the length.
it is super comfortable and as the days get cooler, i plan to add some layers to this baby, i see myself wearing this during any season. it's probably one of the more girlier pieces i own and i adore it!

the woven crepe bubble dress.

more eshakti dress favorites.

herringbone tweed ruffled jacket
asymmetric collar felt pea coat

 so see why i was obsessing over this shop?
what are some of your current obsessions, friend?
any particular shops you are totally loving right now?

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  1. You are so adorable!! I love all your coloured tights and it makes me definitely want some for next winter. Your dress is gorgeous too.

    Love your choice in coats too :)

  2. I seriously love it! It drapes so perfectly :)

  3. LOVE the dress you chose! So cute! I can totally see the strapless rosette pin dress
    being an ADORABLE bridesmaids dress too!! I'm kinda in love with that for any occassion though. :)

  4. oh my word, GORGEOUS!!! lucky you for getting a free one!

  5. I love this outfit..You look stunning and the red tights..awww:) Perfection!
    Happy Thanksgiving,sweetie pie

    Ps: I am hosting a beautiful pillows GIVEAWAY later today, just in time for Christmas.

  6. You look fabulous! And I LOVE your shoes, too. :)

    Happy Wednesday! & happy Thanksgiving, too!

  7. Oh my gosh, I used to collect those crazy trolls, hilarious. they can stay out for sure!

  8. I am also obsessed with colored tights. In fact, I have a pair of bright red ones just like those. Now I am also obsessed with your shoes and all of the ruffled coats in this post.

  9. I love the color combo - it screams sophistication and fun all at the same time!!! A black dress and a colored pair of tights is one of my go to looks as well!!


  10. Those tights MAKE the outfit! LOVE EM!

  11. what a beautiful dress! and i love your tights too! that's cool they custom make clothes for you!!!! what a great idea!

  12. you've now got me obsessed! that store is awesome!!!! and some of their dresses would even look great on a big pregnant belly like mine! yay!

  13. The Dress is the drapes on it...

  14. oh wow thanks for introducing me , i wasn't familiar with this shop. i'm excited to go browse - those are some cute dresses! (and the black one looks great on you!)

  15. I love it! You look amazing (you are tempting me to try colored tights!) can't wait to check eskahti out!

  16. I love that camel jacket! SO cute!

  17. It's amazing and you're adorable! Love the red tights too :)

    Happy TG, sweetie! xoxo

  18. I think it looks PERFECT on you! It seems like you could dress it up or dress it down really easily, too, which is always a plus! Too many of my dressier dresses are pure cocktail with no real way to style for daytime, so they just sit in my closet looking beautiful and underused.

  19. your shoes are to die for! you're adorable, Ilene!

  20. Such a pretty outfit! you look so cute! I love your shoes too!
    Boho Market Blog

  21. That's a BEAUTIFUL dress! It's so pretty and it looks like it would be super comfy & soft! You look great! :) I'm going to check out their shop (and cross my fingers that they ship to Canada, haha!)

  22. Love your outfit. Gosh I wish I was brave enough to wear tights. It always seems to look good on others. Cute!!!


  23. I love your dress! I also like that you are obsessed with coloured tights because I am too. I currently have royal blue and purple. I want more colours but that would be a little too obsessive.

  24. I love your dress too! You look gorgeous.

    My Yard

  25. I am thinking about buying this dress! Is it comfortable and is the fabric good quality? looks great dressed down, how about dressed up?


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