Tuesday, November 23, 2010

beach, ruffles and shadow and jumping pictures - oh, my!

if it's not pockets, it's ruffles.

but there are pockets in this post. remember the skirt i was obsessing over last week? yup. it's made yet another appearance, esp. since you can bury my hands deep into these pockets. they are huge pockets. nothing goes in them but my hands so they are perfect. 

so today i got more beach pictures for you. the boy and i took a lot of walks on the beach. you would too if you could in the middle of november! this is absolute bliss for us since we were not blessed with this  back in Chicago. the fact that we can wear sleeveless shirts and shorts is uuuh-mazing! 

purple ruffles top: kristen davis
gray skirt: forever21
leggings: forever21 
belt: forever21 

Sweet Shot Day

like i've mentioned before, ryan and i are going the long-distance route for a little while until we get married, so we cherish every second we can get with each other. we've always loved these walks on the beach but there is something different about them. we can walk and not say anything or we can walk and talk about everything, but what matters is that we're together.

we also love walking through the soft white sand, closer to the dunes. apparently other people love it there too, particularly the ones that like to layout with some privacy. for good reason, of course.

and this outfit post would not be complete without some of sort of silliness included.
like say, a jumping pic? is it not so attractive?! (ha!)

hope you are having a fantastic holiday week! 

ready to eat up some turkey and lots of gravy and stuffing? how about any lovers of pumpkin pie out there? (me!me!me!)
and if you don't live in the US and aren't celebrating thanksgiving, 
i still hope you are having a blast of a week! 

btw, did you get a chance to meet lindsay of aisle to aloha yet?
if not, you should! 

[happy tuesday, friend!]


  1. you look soo adorable! i LOVEEEE your dress and i LOVE ruffles! can't wait for thanksgiving!!!

  2. super cute outfit! <3

    and ps: the long distance thing during the engagement period... i totally feel you. a lot can happen during that time! i don't know if we're holding the same convictions here, but, if you're thinking what I'm thinking, then .. you're even more awesome than i thought you were! haha!

    love, steph

  3. i am so jealous of your warm weather and walks on the beach! and i love me a good jumping photo...you're adorable!

  4. Aw, you are so lucky to have such nice weather and be able to walk on the beach! It's freezing here, and we have blizzard warnings!

    You look lovely as always!

  5. You look so beautiful! Love the pictures! Where is that beach?

  6. Such cute pictures! You're adorable. I'm ready for Thanksgiving! But I'm not having turkey, gravy, and stuffing. I blogged about our menu!


  7. So so so cute! I'm obsessed with ruffles right now.

  8. CUTE outfit! And where are you?! I only wish i could be walking along the beach right now! Jealous! :)

  9. You always look so amazing in your pictures :)

  10. OH I am soooo ready to stuff myself!!! Totally loving these pics!!! I love the beach!!! Love that ruffle shirt. and I think I have that same skirt in a lighter baby blueish color... Anyways, Have a WONDERFUL thanksgiving!!! <333

  11. My husband and I did the long distance thing...me Texas..him Canada. Happily ever after (8 years later) we have 3 sweet little ones (half flip/half white..so in other words..adorable)he he

  12. Your blog is so cute and I love your style.


  13. awww.. you guys make every moment sweet. :)

  14. Girl. Stop it. You are too cute!!!

  15. your blouse is so pretty! what fun pictures <3 so jealous you're near the beach!


  16. Pockets are the greatest! It looks really warm, wow. I can see why you love it after coming off of Chicago winters.


  17. Haha I love your outfit and that jumping picture is fabulous<3

  18. they are SUCH pretty pics my dear :)

  19. i realllly like that skirt, i've been looking for something just like it. you are so cute!!

  20. Thanks for the sweet comment because now I found you and can follow your blog! I love this outfit and the custom black dress you got.


  21. Great series of shots! Love the smiles and the happiness on your face! The hand-holding shadows are awesome, too!

  22. hehe cute photos, as always! So jealous you get to go to the beautiful beach so often! :) Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  23. hey friend! catching up on blogs after thanksgiving away. this one i especially love!!! your outfit + the beach= oh so good. i love you, and by the way, happy thanksgiving! i'm so thankful for you! xoxo


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