Monday, November 8, 2010

autumn, i've missed you. welcome back.

autumn has made it's appearance.
layers, boots, tights go hand in hand with the chilly, fall weather. 
there is something cozy and refreshing about it.

floral print sheer dress and plum long tank: base exchange
gray cardigan: forever21
black leggings: forever 21
boots: kristin davis
bark ear cuff: mr. kate

autumn finally made its appearance in the south. i'm told only for about a week, then we're supposed to expect the temp to go back up.but that's ok.  it doesn't have to get any colder than this. it's just wonderful to go outdoors and feel cool, crisp autumn air instead of humidity and stickyness. ick.  

and on this particular day, i went out to coffee with a childhood friend. it was so fun to catch up with her after a year of seeing her and to order hot beverages at the coffee shop for a change. i treated myself to a hot peppermint latte. tis the season for it! nothing like meeting with a friend and talking up life at a coffee shop. one of my ultimate favorite things ever. 

speaking of friends, our family made a new one. well, this friend is more mine, ashley and dad's than peyton and mom's. this little kitty has been living in our backyard for the past week, driving peyton and mom nuts. but how can you resist her?

 kitty has the bushiest tale i've ever seen, and those eyes are so irresistable. but of course, she drives peyton and mom crazy! mom detests cats, and peyton has been ultra territorial, barking like a madman and trying to chase kitty out of our backyard. dad plans to take her to the shelter but we're secretly hoping she can stay around; however, with mom and peyton...i doubt that'll happen.

how was your weekend?
do anything fun? random? spontaneous?
make new friends? catch up with old ones? 

much love.
[happy monday, friend!]


  1. That cat is so adorable! It's a shame that you can't keep it, hahaha. Also, I read the 'proposal' and welled up with tears. It made my night, thank you!


    HAH! the "word verification" i had to type was 'crypoo'. how ironic.

  2. you look super cute! and the kittie is adorable!
    Have a great week Ilene! xoxo

  3. you look beautiful!! I got to go to a fair and spend time with mark when he came home from the us from work traveling:) it was so fun!

  4. your blog are great!!!i`m following!!XOXO

  5. Love your pretty dress...actually, I love the whole outfit...and the cat....and coffee dates with friends!!!
    Hope you have a happy week!

  6. You look adorable! Loving the autumn wear :) Happy Monday! xoxo

  7. It's been a chilly weekend in Florida, and I looove it! I get tired of the heat sometimes...

    Other than that, my weekend was fairly uneventful. I've been planning for Christmas and crocheting like crazy!

    Happy Monday!

  8. love these photos, and your description of fall. so lovely!

    xo Alison

  9. I'm loving the cooler weather too! It was fun to finally break out the sweaters this weekend! Those pictures of you are too cute. Especially the second one. Love it.

  10. You look adorable! Yay for fall and layering! It's almost getting too cold up here for a sweater. On to fall coats!

  11. I love your outfit - great boots!!
    And that kitty is super sweet!

    Have a great week!

  12. you make me wanna buy colored tights... you are so adorable!!!

  13. aww the kitten is sooo cute!! we used to have a kitten that lived in our backyard too! we ended up feeding her and she kept coming back, she was soo cute!! we let her into the house sometimes, but she didn't live inside, but i still said she was mine. her name was mandy!! :)

    Love those pictures of you. You have the prettiest smile!
    I love when it finally starts feeling like fall. :]

  15. first of all, you are too cute for words!! and second, my kitty, Lucy, looks almost identical to that cat!

    Looks like you had a fun weekend!!

    I'm ready for it to get cold, and stay cold.. ha ha

  16. i love that fall has caught up with southern region as well! being a northeasterner through and through, it finally feels like fall! Though I have yet to break out the winter coat because it's not *that* cold out yet. :]

    Happy monday!

  17. Love the photos!!!

    And... you said you got that dress at base exchange huh??? May need to go shopping... *wink*


  18. I am so with you, so happy fall is here! You and the kitty look so happy, it's wonderful! XX!

  19. You make me want to go frolic outside. Long live fall!

  20. hey cute blog, will you check out mine? it's new and i need followers, i hope to hear from you soon!!!

  21. I love fall! the boots, the long cardigans, and the scarves!!! thank god it doesnt get too cold here in Virginia :) have a good week missy

  22. Our cats should be friends.


  23. What a darling little fur ball!!!
    I just adore your outfit! I never know what the weather is going to be here! One day it's hot then next cold the next.... I can't wait for fall to come and stick around!!!
    I am so glad you had such a lovely weekend!!!
    love love love,

  24. Cute boots! And that kitty is way too adorable. So sweet!

  25. What a cute kitty! I would just keep her for myself, secretly hide her! Ha ha.
    Your outfit is so cute! Perfect for fall time!

  26. cute cute outfit!!
    cute kitty!
    and...i love that you served in the philippines! i would love to do that with my hubby one day!
    have a great week!

  27. Ohh you look so adorable,sweetie
    I love your boots so much and that cat..awww
    Happy Monday,sweetie pie

  28. I just found your blog and I love it.
    Beautiful cat and Beautiful outfit!

  29. aww, kitties & friends... nothing sounds better. <3

  30. I LOVE your outfit! It looks so adorable and comfty! The best kind. ;-)

  31. Lovee your dress! I know what it's like to wait anxiously for the weather to break and how exciting it is when it's finally cool enough to change up your wardrobe :). Enjoy it!


  32. What a sweet sweet kitty! I'd want to take him right home and spoil him!

  33. these photos are so beautiful and so are you of course. lovely lovely lovely. i can't wait to start taking outfit posts with my rebel. any tips or tricks? what setting and lens are you using?

  34. I love your outfit... super cute! I am now your newest follower. That cat looks like my parents cat whom they took in a stray. I swear she is my Dad's favorite daughter! xo

    p.s. Williams Sonoma gift card giveaway if you would like to come join in!

  35. Really love your boots! <3
    You look so pretty and happy!!!

  36. I read your proposal story. Adorable. So amazing. Hopefully I'll have a story like that to tell soon :] Love the blog. Visit again sometime! I love making blog friends
    -Allison Kaye

  37. Such beautiful shots! I loved the colours in your dress...they are perfect for autumn.

    By the way, thought you might be interested in stopping by and checking out the little lovely giveaway I'm currently running...

  38. If the kitty is really approachable, it might not be a stray. Maybe it's just one of your neighbor's? Either way, she is absolutely ADORABLE :D

    You look so happy and beautiful in these photos!


  39. you look so pretty :) and the photos are wonderful.

    hearts, Icha

  40. You're such a pretty girl!! :) Love your outfit. And what a cute little kitty! hehe I can imagine how crazy she is making Peyton!


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