Monday, November 1, 2010

whatever you might have called it, i hope it was a good one.

we woke up to an alien in our house. 
i have been on the hunt for the a costume for little pey-pey for the past two weeks. i know, i was a little late so it's my fault. either the stores didn't sell costumes anymore 'cause they were out of stock or they didn't have his size. he is surprisingly a size L because he has the body of a beagle (but his head is like that of a dachshund...that's why the hoodie part wouldn't stay on his head). 

when we found this costume, we could not stop laughing. we were kinda playing a joke on my parents - didn't tell them we found the costume - then on the morning of halloween, we dressed him up in it and let him out to the living room to surprise them. i wish i recorded their reactions because it was pretty hilarious. mom said, peyton, what did they do to you? she couldn't stop laughing. dad too was in shock and thought it was hilarious too. i couldn't stop laughing either when we looked at our little man. and he actually started liking the costume. whenever we took it off of him, he went back to the shiny blue alien scales. too cute, wouldn't you agree? the things he puts up with to be our dog.

later that evening... family and i headed out to a plantation where our church hosted an annual harvest festival. i actually had not been to one since i was in the 6th grade, so lots of memories came with the festivities. it was also a lot of fun to have ryan there to share it with. there was so much food and lots of people. there was even a scarecrow contest and even a fun carnival for the little kiddies. dad and mom helped serve all the delicious hot food. ryan and i went on a hayride when the sun had already set so that was a little spooky 'cause there were no lights out there whatsoever - but it was also rather calming at the same time. with no lights, you could see nearly every star in the sky. i haven't seen a nightsky like that in a long time. chicago's light pollution kinda distorts any hope of seeing a real starry-lit night sky. oh and there was a lot of candy but they wouldn't let us adults have any. i tried to get ashley to grab me some but they told her she was too old, too. oh, well. im raiding walmart or walgreens halloween candy sales tomorrow. 

last but not least...

[happy birthday, sandy!]

be sure to stop over miss sandy's amazing blog to wish her a happy birthday. sandy is one of my blog-besties! i also call her my blog-mentor (the woman has a world of knowledge when it comes to blogging and creativity! you can tell as soon as you see her blog.) ever since our blog meet-up back in chicago (grand luxe, baby!), we've kept in touch - whether it be my email, twitter, text and facebook. it was fun to meet her and then be able to walk away and say you're my friend in real life now! love you, dear sandy - and have a happy, happy (100x) birthday! 

hope everyone had a sweet weekend with lots of candy and fun with family or friends (maybe monsters or scarecrows). and hey, is anyone else in shock that it's officially the month of november?! where is this year going?

recover from your weekend. survive your first day of the week.
[happy monday, friend.]


  1. wow that scarecrow is rocking in red! haha and peypey has creepy alien eyes..nice!
    happy bday to your friend. :D

  2. thanks for the bday shoutout blog bestie!! :D

  3. What a cute alien and Happy Birthday to Sandy!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. What a super cute alien! And def looks like it was a great weekend! Love the pictures!! So glad Ryan was in town...too cute! Love that pic of you and Sandy! She really is an amazing blogger! So creative...great choice as a mentor! <333

  5. AWwwwwwww!!!!! What a darling little alien!!! I am sure he comes in peace! ;)
    Happy Birthday Sandy!!!!
    Have a lovely Monday friend!!!

  6. Aww what an adorable little alien:)
    I really love those photos...especially the one of you and Ryan:)
    Happy Monday,sweetie pie

  7. Are aliens supposed to be that adorable?

  8. I want a puppy!! Yours is so adorable! XOXO.
    Happy Monday <333

  9. Awesome! I have so much to say now! Okay, your dog is adorable and I love your parents reactions. You and your man are so sweet together! And Happy Birthday to Sandy! She's so awesome!

  10. Your puppy is SO CUTE! <3

    Stephanie @Femmena Mala

  11. You are seriously so cute. You hair is gorgeous :)

    "he is surprisingly a size L because he has the body of a beagle (but his head is like that of a dachshund... that's why the hoodie part wouldn't stay on his head" made me laugh! He's so cute!

  12. what a fabulous little alien!!

    looks like a fab day.

    i want to play with you and sandy! so fun!

  13. Your dog is stinkin cute:-)

    Happy B-day to your friend, and I am glad you had a great weekend hun!

  14. Awh your dog is so cute! Glad you had fun, sweetie! Happy bday to Sandy! xoxo

  15. So I just stumbled across your blog & it's the cutest :-) You & your man are adorable!

    New follower here!

  16. Hahahaha SO cute!!!! Absolutely love it. Squirt has a little devil costume, hehe. She doesn't like to wear it though.


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