Thursday, October 14, 2010

quite the sneak peak, bieber, and colored tights. oh my!

a vacation from vacations
is sometimes necessary.

after getting back from GA, i felt a little sluggish and slow-moving. my time in GA was so wonderful but you know how it goes when you've been traveling whether in a car or a plane for hours upon hours and just feel achy and tired the next day? yeah, i felt that way for most of thursday. but hey, you'll be proud - i did make it to the gym for a work out (forced myself but then felt better later) and even finished up on a couple of orders and a custom order, then made a trip to the post office. that's always a good feeling to get things checked off the list.

speaking of getting things off the list, i have quite an ambitious one to tackle this weekend - some of the things have to do with you,'s a surprise but i'm giddy excited to share it when that time comes!

excited about some new material i bought a couple of weeks ago.
just haven't had the chance to turn them into masterpieces.

but check out this sneak peak for my winter collection!

i felt like i was just spitting out designs for my fall collection and hear comes winter just around the corner. i'm excited to get these designs out into the shop as soon as possible. while in GA, i got my hands on some vintage buttons - oh baby, the wheels in my mind started to turn, turn, turn! i'll be sure to update the blog once the shop has been stocked with these goodies.

and this little guy likes to chill out on my bed
while i'm sewing and designing in the corner of my bedroom that i call my work-space.
i love it when he's there. he's my friend, my lil' buddy.

in other news...

so guess who is the most amazing sister in the world?!
me, of course!
*wink, wink*

ashley has forever been waiting for the memoir of this 12-year-old world phenomenon (i'm kidding, i think he's 16 yrs.). we picked up a copy for her the day it was released. i know, i know i shouldn't encourage it but remember when you were 15 years old and you waited for some big CD or blockbuster movie in what felt like FOREVER, and there was nothing like getting it the DAY it came out. i'm still a big kid like that. so of course, we made sure she got a hold of first step to forever.

while she got her hands on the bieber-book, i got my hands on the recent lucky magazine. it's one of my fave fashion magazines out there 'cause it's straight up fashion. i esp. love bringing a magazine along when i work out on the elliptical machine at the gym. along with my itouch, its a distraction and a half from the pain and weariness of the workout. i get some many ideas from the pages.

anyways look at what was featured?! YES, oh YES. colored tights! the ones i've been obsessing over for weeks. and yes, they did include websites so i'm totally pursuing a couple of them. i'm still in love with the mustard yellow tights - but now im also falling for the burgandy pair as well. i also love the idea of black tights with bright colored shoes.

and so now, we meet once again meet face to face with the weekend.
what do you have planned, friend?
anything fun? random? spontaneous?

i'm looking forward to time with my family this much as i miss ryan and GA, it's also very good to be with family. i'm reminded of that every day. i also look forward to a shop update and working on those surprises and a half for you. oh i should also catch up on some GLEE and the office. seriously, where do these weeks go that even tv shows start to pile up? i should also be responsible and reply to emails and also pay for some bills. oh such is life, right? *wink*

have a safe, wonderful weekend, dear friend.
[happy friday!]


  1. Welcome back! You are a great sister!!! That is so nice of you. You are so hilarious and totally make me smile!

  2. Good to know you had a productive day and you are such a sweet sister.:D

    I am loving Lucky Magazine too, I want some burgundy tights!:D

    Happy Friday!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. Oooh, your winter collection looks so lovely, I adore the colors!!
    And how crazy - I just ordered myself a pair of those mustard tights!! I was eyeing the new Lucky mag, and that page caught my eye! How funny :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, Ilene!

  4. love the winter collection Ilene! Cant wait to check it out!!

  5. whoa beiber already has a memoir? that's kinda odd..haha
    awesome materials you have. :D

  6. Oh thanks for reminding me that I need to catch up on The Office!!!! And the first colored tights that caught my eye on that page were the burgundy ones!!! Who makes them??

    Your an awesome big sister btw :)


  7. i remember waiting forever for plusONE stuff to come out. i love the pey pic!!! more please! and the new items in the shop are cuuuute!

  8. That new material looks enticing!
    And what a stinkin cute dog you have!

  9. can't wait for those new items. they look so pretty :)

  10. Lol. Justin Bieber. I think I will stick to the Lucky magazine! :)
    Those are some beautiful accessories you are crafting Ms. Ilene!
    P.S. Your little puppy is so adorable!
    I am so exited for tomorrow! I have a booth in a craft fair!! Yay for selling crafts! :D
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  11. What a great sister you are!
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend love!


  12. Those new items look amazing!! Lovely colours :) Have a lovely weekend xx

  13. ooooooo!!!!! I CANNOT WAIT for the winter collection!!!!! Wow. I just got all giddy. :) Glad your back, but sad your away from your honey! Before you know it, that won't be the case!!! :) Happy weekend!!!

  14. Girl...mad props to you for working out after a tiresome trip! I wish I could do that! Haha. I can't wait to see what your Fall collection looks like! You are so sweet for getting that memoir to your sister! I love Lucky magazine too! Hopefully, I'll be brave enough to get into some tights this season. :)

  15. sometimes its fun to indulge our little sisters!

    i have some pretty purple tights but i've never worn them. i can't figure out a good outfit to wear them with. im kinda fashion stupid.

  16. beautiful new items and hope you have a happy weekend friend! :)

  17. happy friday!!! sounds like you have such a fun w/e planned =) I need to go look at your shop, I don't think I have yet!

  18. i read this post on my iphone when i woke up and was still in bed! lol

    loved it. looking forward to seeing your colored tights!!! i gotta go get me some too!!

    have a good weekend ilene!!!

  19. I do not think you could be ANY MORE adorable <3 srsly. I love love love tights! And your puppy. EEK. so stinking adorable. And your winter peek looks amazing. You are so talented!


  20. I'm a new follower of your blog and I love it! It's so cute (: Nice to meet you!

  21. Hey Ilene, I'm a new follower! I adore your blog! Thanks for making my day a little brighter :).

  22. ooh intrigued as to what surprises
    you have up your sleeve :)!

    happy weekend to you, ilene!

  23. Oooh, those fabric floral pieces look stunning!
    Ah, to be 15 again... It reminds me of when I was anxiously awaiting a new Spice Girls CD in those days, lol ;)

    I'm so glad the weekend is here! I'm going to relax and do some shopping ^_^

  24. I've been waiting to pull out my tights for winter, too. Can't wait to wear my boots!

  25. Ooh the winter collection is looking wonderful!! and i'm with you - Lucky mag is one of my faves!! i'm so behind in mag reading - i need to catch up!

  26. thanks for the preview to your winter collection -- it looks like it's gonna be a hit!

    those tights... it's finally that time of year again? holy moly! well, i love it and pleased that i can pull mine out to wear again. :)

    hope you're enjoying your weekend, ilene!

  27. I'm loving the collection, all those colors. :)

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  28. I love this post! It's really inspiring!

  29. Glad you had a great trip! You're an awesome sister, I do remember waiting and waiting to get something really cool on the DAY it came out! Love the felt flowers! XX!

  30. I am totally loving what I'm seeing from your winter collection!

  31. I hope you had a wonderful weekend Ilene! I totally feel ya on feeling sluggish after sitting in the car for HOURS! Ugh. I hate that feeling!

  32. REALLY love the new winter collection!!!!!!

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