Friday, October 1, 2010

one year past a quarter of a century. four short yrs till thirty.

[guess who had a birthday?!]
...and turned one year past a quarter of a century or in other words, four years til thirty.
[which reminds me, i need to tweak my 30 things to do before i'm 30. major update necessary!]

[my 10th birthday.]

[always ready for a party.]

i had such an incredible birthday today - so much better than i could have imagined it to be! what made it most amazing was that i was spending my birthday with my family, which is the first time i've been able to in 8 years (due to being away at college and working in Chicago during the October month).

the day kicked off with a gmail video chat with kristine. she and ryan bought me a gift and had it shipped to the house so i made sure to open it while chatting with her. i was ecstatic over my gift - the one i have wanted for forever: fujifilm instax mini 7. gah! i was so giddy-happy. the rest of the morning was pretty slow moving but later on, dad made a dunkin donuts run and brought me my fave donut, strawberry glaze with sprinkles. mmm. so great with a glass of cold milk.

then i'm taking my sweet time getting ready for the day (it's my birthday!)...still in pjs close to noon, answering birthday greetings, drinking my coffee, etc. mom mentions something about getting dressed since we were going to run errands. i was planning to head out with her anyways so i dragged myself away from the laptop, jugged my coffee and started getting ready for the day. just as i was finishing up my make-up, there was a knock at the door - i assumed it was my dad but headed out there anyways to say 'hi.' was i in for a treat or what?! first, i saw a huge bouquet of flowers at the door and then...ryan's face! he had driven up from GA that morning to surprise me! i had thought he was coming in tomorrow (oct. 2nd) but he came up to surprise a day early and of course, on my bday! such a sweet surprise! it was so good to see him again (it's felt like forever).

[gift from ryan's sweet mom. a pandora charm to add to my bracelet.]

later that evening, my family took me out for an italian dinner at a cute place called panini's cafe right at the water front where gary sinise and his band, lt. dan, were performing. (do you know who gary sinisi is...? he was lt. dan in one of my all-time fave movies, forest gump. he's also currently an actor from CSI.) the food at the panini's was so delish and the concert was so much fun. i've missed chicago's local events so attending this one def. made my night!

oh and before the concert, we enjoyed frozen coffee from common ground,
then after the concert, some sonic blasts. mmm. double the dessert for birthdays?!
no complaints here!

the day was absolutely perfect - from all that happened: ryan's visit, delightful gifts, enjoying a night with the family...even the weather was perfect tonight! it was somewhat cool, almost like a reminder that autumn is truly coming soon enough. i also received so much blog-love and tweets on my special day (from ashley's guest post to moonbeamwishes and hollyknightly's sweet and flattering b-day posts!) - so thank you, dear friends. i really do count you as my friends so thanks for celebrating with me.

and the day isn't over. ryan is taking me out for my birthday dinner with him tomorrow - woohoo!
it's a birthday weekend. can't wait.

so friend, i hope that you have a fantastic, splendific (is that a word?!) weekend.
thanks for all the birthday love. i felt it.

[happy weekend!]


  1. Happy Birthday and I'm glad that you are enjoying your birthday weekend!:D

    Thanks for sharing these pictures with us!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. that fujifilm instant camera is so much fun. and your birthday is a great one. glad to hear that.

    one question, what's your nationality? i love your skin color.

  3. what a cute little camera. I love reading your blog Ilene! You're the best. :D Glad I can keep tracking your life from my room in GR. <3


  4. I am so glad that you had such a beautiful birthday day!!!
    Ryan is such a keeper!!! I LOVE it that he always surprises you!! :)
    Happy Un-Birthday!!!

  5. awww that's sooo exciting that ryan drove up a day earlier to surprise you! what a GREAT fiance!! :D and soo awesome you got to spend the day with family, must have been nice after song long! that coffee beans picture has some great bokeh going and look at what a cutie patootie you were (and still are)!

  6. i'm so glad you had a great b-day! you are such a cutie in your red dress... many more amazing b-days for you!!!

  7. Aww I hope you had a happy birthday! It looks like you had a wonderful time, beautiful girl!

    Love all of your pictures. :]

  8. Sounds like a brilliant birthday and your new pandora charm is so nice!!

  9. Your little red dress is SO CUTE. I'm dying over here. It looks like you're having a wonderful birthday!


    even though I'm late... Happy Birthday!

  10. awww, what a nice way to spend your birthday! happy birthday! :D

    <3, Mimi

  11. Happy (belated) birthday IllY!!! Hope that you will have a wonderful year filled with God's blessings for you!!!

    Oh, and what an awesome camera! Ive got the same one and it gives me such joy!!!!


  12. Happy Birthday Illy! It sounds like you had an amazing much fun and there's nothing better than spending time with the people you love! xoxo, Kristi

  13. Happy belated birthday!! It looks like you had a fantastic time :)

  14. I am late on this but it looks like it was a WONDERFUL birthday!!!! Love the pictures! I have a Pandora bracelet too! Funny how I get so excited over a little charm :)

    Love love love <333

  15. I'm SO glad you had such a great birthday Ilene! You deserve it! It sounds like the perfect day. I'm so happy Ryan was able to come a day early and surprise you! And that your sister got you the camera you wanted! That's awesome! Your food looks DELICIOUS! Mmm! I'm drooling over here, hehe!


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