Tuesday, October 26, 2010

on the road again. not me this time.

i feel like i'm the one always on the go.

especially since ryan is in georgia, and i'm in south carolina,
he and i have been doing the whole traveling back and forth thing to each other's families. 
but this past weekend,
it was ashley's turn.

beret: forever21
aviator glasses: H&M (ahem, my pair)
baseball tee: american eagle
skinny jeans: can't remember
sky blue high-tops: converse

she's part of the high school choir at church, and they had a concert/mission trip to one of our church plants in Florida. she was gone for pretty much the entire weekend. the house was oddly quiet. and the house oddly had no baby, baby or somebody to love or eenie meenie's blasting out of our surround sound speakers. but seriously, the house is always a little different when someone is gone. home doesn't even seem complete without kristine around. even pey-pey knows it when someone is gone. 

while ashley packed for the weekend away, snuggable pey-pey and i chilled out with her in her hot pink bedroom. never did i realize how much clothing this girl has packed away in her closet. (we must be sisters!) and she has some really cool pieces - ones i'd wear! let me just be frank here: sometimes i forget ashley is 15 years old. you have to understand, she was six years old when i left for college - so all the transitioning from little girl to teenager, yeaaaah...i kinda missed all that. (makes me sad. don't let me think about it too long.)

 peyton likes ashley's stuff too.

and yes, we did have the music blaring. you got the j-bieber. some G6 and lil' willow's whip it, which both songs annoyed me like crazy the first time i heard them...but now they are growing on me. t-swift's full album had not been fully released, but we definitely were loving the singles. ashley and i are especially fan of speak now. the back to december just makes me so sad for lautner. oh bittersweet, teenage (ahem, werewolf) romance. 

isn't my little sister such a little cutie?! being back home has been such a blessing. it's as if to make up for the 8 years i've been away, but the cool thing is that we remained close even with the distance (these are the moments that you are grateful for unlimited texts, same family plan, twitter, blogs and facebook - it does too help with the distance!). i really think though that the closeness in our sisterhood and friendship is a God-thing. 

do you have siblings? sisters? brothers? 
or maybe a dog/cat you dress up in berets and take silly pictures of?

oh, btw...did you check out the sweet sidebar filling up? yes, the one to the left hand side of the screen. after inquiries and my own thought process, i went ahead and took the big leap for (prep yourself) SPONSORS! eeeek! i'm excited about this! 

in the early stages of my own shop, i sponsored a handful of blogs to work on getting my lil' name out there. i also met some cool people along the way and learned a lot through the process. and now i want to give that chance to other shops (even blogs!) that fit with the readership of muchlove-illy o be able to showcase and advertise. soooo...if you think this is for you, shoot me an email at muchloveilly@gmail.com and i'll be sure to send you advertising info right away. and that's a wrap with the commercial break...
[happy tuesday, friend!]


  1. Aww so sweet of you to feature your little sister, she is such a cutie! xx


  2. both of you have a great smile. haha peypey in a beanie..just adorable.

  3. that pic of ur dog really made me laugh :) u have some lovely photos!

  4. awwww cute sisters!!! i missed my sisters growing up while I was at college too :( She is 10 years younger than me!

  5. Oh, this makes me miss my little sister. She's 6 years younger than me but sometimes people think we're twins. Poor girl is having a ROUGH first semester of college. :(

    I'm one of seven kids and all my other siblings are together on the East Coast. So I miss them alot.

    Sweet post. :)

  6. You two are too cute!:D

    I have three sisters and a brother.:D We take pictures all the time too.:D

    Yay for sponsors, Congratulations!:D

    Happy Tuesday!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  7. You both are so stinkin' cute!!! What church did she go to in FL?? How fun!!! <333

  8. You all are darling! Makes me miss my sister! XX!

  9. Sisters are such a blessing! I have one that is a year younger than me, and I miss her so much all the time! I also have one that is 10 years younger than me, and a brother who is 12 years younger... they're so much fun- wish we weren't so far away! So glad you can be near your sister! :]

  10. p.s. I was totally thinking that too, that someone needed to turn that parisian flat in to a movie or book!

  11. ohmigoodness!!! That photo of pey-pey made my laugh SO hard!!! I dress up my little kitty in little clothes ALL the time!!!
    Have a lovely day friend!

  12. What an incredibly cute post! I hope your sister has an awesome time and looks like you guys are incredibly close. That is awesome!

  13. Aww, that's so sweet! Your sis looks so stylish and COOL. I have a younger brother (only 3 years younger), but even I wonder...when did he grow up? And when did he get so much cooler than me? :)
    I have an older sis too (2 years), and she and I are super close...as a younger sister, I can tell you, I'm sure Ashley feels incredibly blessed that she has you for a big sis :) I can type so much more, but I don't want to spam up your wall...maybe next time :)
    Have a great Tuesday!

  14. Aw, I always wanted a sister! Sounds like so much fun!

  15. Oh! I wish I had a sister! :( I have an older brother...we don't get to share clothes haha! Your sis is so stylish, so is pey-pey ;)

  16. I have a younger sister but only a 2 yr difference. Too close I say! We're growing up and getting closer but there was a lot of fighting when we were younger.
    How great you guys are close even with the age difference :)

  17. You and your sister are SOOOO cute! I miss my little sisters too. I have FIVE! :) I'll definitely check out your sponser info. :)

  18. Ugh-- you two are so cute! What gorgeous smiles you both have :)

    Glad you got some sister time in this weekend. Quality time with siblings is the BEST.

  19. awww sisters are just so special, i can't imagine life without mine! we are only 19 months apart and are super close. she used to live around the block, now she's across the state.. i miss her! i also have a younger brother away at college. i miss him too! i dream of all of us living very near each other once we all have families of our own!

  20. looks like you and your sister always have soo much fun together! love the photo of colored tights hehe!! :D

  21. Ohhh you both are so cute and adorable:) I have a brother who is 7 years older then me:)I always wanted to have a little sister to play with...hahah
    Kisses, darling
    Happy Tuesday

  22. you and your sister are tooo adorable! i love my sisters too, sisters are always GREAT the have! have a happy tuesday!!
    <3 reinna

  23. You two are so cute together! I wasn't very close to my sister for a long time either, but now we're great friends and it's such a blessing.

  24. You guys are too cute!!! Looks like fun:-)

  25. you two are so cute! i have two sisters & a brother. i love them sooo much! :) i love when siblings/families love eachother. it's dorky- but true.

  26. BEAUTIFUL sisters.
    Sisters are THE BEST.

  27. Aww, this makes me miss my sisters!
    I'm the oldest of four and was the first one out of the house. Whenever we're all together these days, it's one big party!
    My youngest sis is 17, and her fashion taste is a lot like Ashley's. It made me smile :-)

    How exciting to have sponsors! I'm in the baby stages of getting my shop set up, but I'll come to you with lots of questions!

    Any advice for a budding Etsy girl? ♥

  28. Congrats on making the sponsor leap dollface! And your and your sis are adorbs!

  29. too cute! i have two brothers but we are really close even though they don't live close anymore. :-( but thankfully through text messages, gmail talk, etc we are still able to keep in touch. i just wish airplane tickets were cheaper! :-)

  30. hey girl, i absolutely love your blog! and i also love that pink bedroom :) you are so lucky to have a sister that you can be so close with! cherish it! :)

  31. Aw, the two of you are SO sweet and cute! I loved this post. I hope she had a wonderful trip!


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