Thursday, October 28, 2010

not quite autum (yet) in the south.

good morning, world!

since sunday morning was a cooler day, i wore something more in the category of autumn than summer. so this picture (taken on sunday) was originally going to kick off the fall fashion week that emery jo is hosting, but then looking ahead at the rest of the week, the weather here in SC has been anything consistently close to autumn attire. though, i think i say that from a chicagoan's perspective. i do see some people walking around in the knee high boots and jackets, yet the temperature (and my skin) is still screaming humidity to me. however, some friends of mine (megan, shawni, and ashley) have joined in the fall fashion fun so i've enjoyed reading their posts - so stylish!

in other news...

i can't say too much right now, but sandy and i are dying to talk up a storm about this exciting winter swap we're hosting in november - and we want ALL OF YOU to be a part of it! so be sure to be right back here on november 4th so that you'll have all the details and be able to join in all the fun. we promise that this is something you won't want to miss! so we'll see you here, right? okay, i think i see you nodding your head. 

and even more news...
so excited about those lovely buttons you see blossoming from the sidebar of this page! and i'm even more excited to get the chance to introduce you to every one of them. i think we have an amazing line-up of sponsors, wouldn't you say? in the next few weeks, we'll have intro posts so you'll get to know who these sponsors are through interviews and possible giveaways and discounts only for much love, illy readers. woohoo! i am beyond pumped.

alrighty, enough announcements. 
but hey, you gotta admit...those were some good ones! 

how is your thursday so far, friend?
are you feeling like these two sleepy heads with the end of the week just a little further up ahead?! i took this picture the morning after this one of peyton. ashley was camping out on my bedroom floor, pey-pey in the bed with me. i woke up to this and couldn't resist the picture. and remember, folks,how i've referred to pey-pey as being part human? well, that fact continues to prove that its true. i don't know any other dog in the world that likes to sleep under the sheets with his head on the pillow. it's ridiculous but we love him so.

and don't forget! 

 you have until midnight eastern-time to enter my first GIVEAWAY. i'm already blown away by all the comments. i've hosted a handful of muchlove-illy giveaways on other blogs, but this is the first one i hosted here at my own blog which makes it so much more personal. love it!

hope you have a lovely thursday, whatever you might be doing today.
i don't know about you but i'm already thinking about the weekend!
(Ryan is visiting for the weekend - woohoo!) 

do you have any fun plans that you are already  looking forward to? 

costumes all picked out? 
hoping to get a particular kind of candy in your trick-or-treat basket?
movies to see? places to go? 
either way, hope its amazing!

much love.
[happy thursday, friend!]


  1. you're the cutest, I always love reading your posts :) :)

  2. peypey gets the bigger side of the bed.haha so cute!

  3. OMG Peyton is too cute!!! SO EXCITED FOR THE SWAP IN NOV!!! EEEK! Like seriously... can't wait! Love you both!!! And yay for Fiance coming to see you this wknd! I am gonna be carving pumpkins and partying :)

  4. can't wait to hear about this swap...sounds like fun!

  5. Can't wait to hear what you and Sandy have got planned. : )

  6. Just put the swap on my calendar. Can't wait to get the details!!!

  7. Can't wait to hear all about your upcoming "event""!!
    That pic of you two is so cute!!!
    He reminds me of our Kyra!!

  8. I'm pretty intrigued by this upcoming swap you have going on. We're getting ready for Halloween and craft shows over in our parts. I just got my little Penelope's costume in (ordered it custom on etsy)...she's been parading it around the house already. Holidays are so excting. :)

  9. You and Sandy are driving me crazy with these little hints!! The anticipation is consuming me!!! :)
    Pey Pey is SO freaking adorable!!! {That's how my mum's cat Anastasia sleeps!}
    Have a beautiful day friend,

  10. I found your blog through another that I was reading. I really love it! I am a new follower...hope you have a great thursday!

  11. pey pey is adorable!! can't wait for the swap!!! :D

  12. your blog makes me so happy. you are so cute! still trying to figure out halloween ideas. i will be in austin, though! it is always fun to go away. i was thinking to be a fortune cookie, but may be too hard to travel with.. hmmm! xo girly

  13. I'd love some warm southern weather!! It's been getting colder and colder here up north. And WINDY!

  14. LOL all tucked in, so cute! I have plans to attend a Halloween party in a cute and comfy costume~

  15. i can't wait to see what the swap is all about. btw, i love the fact that you smile when you take a picture with the camera! i mention this because my hubby notice i do the exact same thing... LOL.

  16. Can't wait to hear more about the swap! So exciting!!! Happy almost Friday, sweetie xoxo

  17. It's just barely starting to look and feel like fall here. I don't have much fall attire out either. I'm off to check out your giveaway and thanks for the heads up on Katrina's blog...I didn't know. ♥

  18. ooohhhh. cold hands warm heart...i'm so intrigued. yay for you and sandy. you guys rock!! and together-what a force!!

  19. You're lucky it's still warm where you are! We had snow last week in SD! But luckily it didn't stay :)
    You have a very cute blog here!

  20. I can't believe it's still warm where you are, haha that's crazy! But I have always lived in Canada... so it's completely different. Sometimes we get snow on Halloween! Peyton is cute as always. :)


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