Monday, October 4, 2010

my life is an open book. [my turn for the blog crawl!]

so i don't know about you but i have totally been enjoying the blog crawl put together by none other than the lovely beth of hello splendor! it's been suuuu-weeeet getting to know more bloggers a bit more and meeting new ones.

love it.

so today is my turn to give you a little bit more into my world. with muchlove-illy being a more personal blog, i feel like there is a lot that you might already know about me. so we are going back in time for a little bit...pre-blog days.

hope you enjoy, friend.

once upon a time...

the author:

ilene joyce.

born in the month of october on a military base to a US navy serviceman and his adorable wife. ilene had big brown eyes and jet-black hair. she possessed a contagious smile - but only after she completely wake in the morning (the waking up part is still accurate to this day!)

the setting:

the entire globe, really.

born to a military family, ilene grew up moving from one country, state, house to another. the norm was every three years. she was born in the philippines, moved to japan, then back to the philippines...and then when she was five years old, the Navy sent the family (at the time, daddy, mom, ilene and sister, kristine) to sc. after 7 years in SC, the Navy sent them to okinawa, japan for nearly four years and then to north carolina. this was ilene's final huge move with the family because come senior of highschool, ilene made her own big move to Chicago, which turns out to be a huge climax to her life.

the characters:

the plot:

ilene traveled the world with her family, keeping a journal of all her experiences since the 2nd grade. she constantly took pictures with her 35mm, spending most of her allowance on film and development (always anxious to pick them up). she spent more of her money on pretty journals and notebooks to keep up with her writing. she watched little women on repeat because jo march was such an inspiration. men intrigued her yet frustrated her (except for her daddy - he was her hero!), so she wondered if she would end up traveling the world on her own like amy carmichael. sometimes even writing frustrated her - so she pursued her second love, music, and thought for a little while that might be the route she would pursue. most of her dreams remained in her journal until she applied to college, hugged her dear parents and sisters good-bye and moved all the way to Chicago to attend Moody Bible Institute. with her love for Jesus, traveling and for people, ilene was drawn to mission work yet her heart still yearned to write and be creative.

she waited to see how the two things would come together.

the twist:

little did ilene know that she would ever figure out how her dreams would come alive from the pages of her notebooks. little did she know that chicago would mean more to her than the city she would spend 8 years of her life studying and working. little did she realize that she would meet the man of her dreams who had the same love for the Lord, traveling and people. little she realize that a man did exist who would support her own dreams, including the ones involving writing and creativity.

little did she know that though her family's love for one another was great through the childhood years, it was going to be even deeper and more wonderful after the many experiences and much of life she and her family would go through together.

and little did she realize that all those days of scribbling in notebooks and taking random pictures of little things that no one else cared about with her 35mm or making crafty things with her hands would one day develop into something rather special in the future. *wink*

...and that's all, folks!

at least for now! each day is new and our dreams continue to unfold - in different shapes and sizes, some in ways we did not expect...but it's okay. we keep moving forward, dreaming and loving. but that's life! question is this: are you ready for the ride?

thanks for visiting, friend. it's lovely to have you whether you stop in often or this is your first time.

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[happy tuesday, friend!]


  1. awwwww what a great post ilene!! i love all the pictures from the past that you included!! and that's soo crazy you have lived soo many places before!! i miss you already. <3

  2. Such a lovely post, Ilene!! I love the photos you've chosen (and the words added :). It's so great to get a bit more about your story! So happy for you, that your life is filled with such amazing people who nurture you and make you feel inspired and fulfilled :) That way, it makes you an even more amazing person, and you give that to all the rest of us :)

  3. so fun! i loved it.
    you're amazing.
    i love your blogs, your post & your life. you make me happy.

  4. what a great post... glad to get to know you better! i completely agree with rachel!, you make me so happy!

  5. Loved this post! Loved getting to know you better as well! Just darling. Also A Jo March Fan. :)

  6. What a great post--and congrats again on the engagement!

  7. Ohhh that is such a wonderful story...Loved reading it!....Ahhh...The photos are also incredible:) Well done,darling
    Thanks for exPress-o sweet!
    Have a great Tuesday. Kisses

  8. This is so incredible! I think you've become my new favorite blogger. Seriously so wonderful. And Jo March? Yeah, she's totally the reason why I love Little Women and watch it on repeat when the weather is cold.

  9. such a lovely post! it was great getting to know you a bit more - it's so true how things in life come about in ways you don't expect. i love how you embrace it all!!

  10. I'm a first timer here at your blog and it's so nice to learn so much about you. You have a beautiful family. Clicking that follow button, I'm looking forward to reading more posts from you and I'm looking forward to lots more pictures. Have a happy day sweetie.

  11. This post brought much joy to my heart this morning! There is nothing better than knowing that God has a plan for your life, reflecting on your past and to see it all unfold beautifully.

    You are gorgeous, inside and out and deserve all the lovely things that are happening for your right now and in the future.

    God Bless,

  12. I simply adore you and LOVE this post! You are so amazing. Def one of my fav bloggers and so happy to have you as a sister <333

    Have a lovely day!!!

  13. Yay Illene! This post gave me chills. Such a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing it!

  14. What a beautiful post friend!
    You have led such an interesting life!! I am so blessed to have 'met' you!! :)
    Hope you have an enchanting day!

  15. I love this blog crawl!!!! It's so cute :) Loved your story =)

  16. Your photos are soo adorable!! Great story too :)

    Ps: I gave your blog an award, come check it out!


  17. You're so stinkin' cute, I can't stand it! :)

  18. I just love reading your blog, friend. :)

  19. what an AWESOME post! love all the pics :)

  20. Ilene I LOVED this! This was so well written and I'm so glad to get to know more about you!


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