Thursday, October 7, 2010

low country living: downtown shrimp fest.

so do you remember...
that this old lady (four years till thirty. sigh.)
had a blast on her
birthday last weekend?

her amazing family and fiance took her to the shrimp fest to watch the lt. dan band (loved it), but that night we didn't eat shrimp 'cause we had a big birthday dinner at panini's and dessert at common ground so we were all stuffed and just enjoyed the entertainment.

well, the following day ryan took me back to the shrimp fest and oh, baby we enjoyed some delish fried shrimp and fries for our mid-afternoon snack. i love me some fried shrimp with a huge side of tartar sauce. my mouth is watering, thinking about it now.

plus the weather was absolultely beautiful! and i loved being able to walk around downtown with ryan. you know me: i loved local events in chicago...and i'm loving all the local events here too. so fun!

does this not remind you of forest gump.
bubba gump shrimp, baby!

this booth was probably the most popular one at the shrimp fest.
there was always a line when we walked past it.
we certainly found out why soon enough!

don't you love the simple menu? it made me smile.

i don't think i'd say i'm a lover of seafood because i'm not really a huge fan of fish or raw sushi - oh and calamari grosses me out. but i do love shrimp and crab and sushi rolls (the safe ones like california without the raw-stuff). and yes, like i wrote earlier, i loved the fried shrimp and fries that ryan bought us at the fest. mmmm, good.

can you belive that the weekend is nearly here? i think i say that every thursday. right now i'm fighting off a cough and cold (blah - i'm blaming it on the fact that it is rapidly becoming rather chilly here down south and that i live in a house that still has its AC set at full-blast), so hopefully that will go away soon enough with lots of rest (and maybe my parents will realize this old lady might need the heater to be turned on...eventually). i'm also trying to recover rather quickly because i'm heading to GA with ryan to spend time with his family! woohoo - super stoked about that! just need to kick this cold away...

[happy thursday, friend.]


  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures, I love seafood!:D

    I hope you feel better soon, happy Thursday!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. mmm... those fries and fried shrimp look so crispy and yummy! *stomach starts to grumble*

    Have a happy Thursday! xo

  3. awww hope you feel better friend!! LOVE these pics and now i'm hungry!! ahh i'm staying up too late blogging again haha!!

  4. I hope you feel better friend!!
    I know how you feel though, the weather has been changing around here too, last weekend it was in the 90s and yesterday it was down pouring!
    I dislike most seafood, however, I LOVE fried shrimp!!! Those photos look so delicious!! I now want shrimp... at 6AM. :)
    Happy Day friend,

  5. I love me some fried shrimp!!! Great pictures! If your ever in Daytona Beach FL you must go to Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant! And hope you feel better! <333

  6. I love love love fried shrimps! Please send some over here. By the way, you are just sooooo gorgeous! =)

  7. Feel better! And I agree that Bubba Gumps is a great experience. I love fried anything and fried shrimp definitely tops that list.

  8. I love anything fried. This looks delish!

  9. you have such a beautiful smile!

  10. I love sea food and would have totally gobbled this meal up. LOL. You may be the only person I know who is grossed out by calamari. But, it's all good...

  11. Honestly, shrimp is my all time favorite food!! I love all seafood but put shrimp in front of me and it's gone before you can blink ;-)

  12. aw, these pics are so good :) I love anything with water and boats!! and food! haha :)

  13. I love sea food..I could eat it all the time...hahhah...really!
    Ohh,sweetie I hope you will feel better a lot and yummy drink tea with honey:)
    Big hugs:)

  14. Awe! Sounds like a blast! I love the bubba boat too..haha and Forrest Gump! Happy birthday again, if I didn't tell you already. Love the pictures and you look so giddy! Yay for a great birthday! :)


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