Tuesday, October 12, 2010

i guess you can call me a girly-girl. except when it comes to food.

ever seen the movie the aviator?

ryan and i love quoting the part where dicaprio (who played howard hughes) and cate blanchet (who played catherine hepburn) are playing golf and hepburn is talking hughes ear off and says in her boyish accent:
you're deaf and i'm athletic. my, we make a fine paaaaaiiiir! we quoted it today while he and i walked through a frisbee golf course.

we really do make quite the pair. we joke about how our kids will turn out - the girls super athletic and butch (like coach beast, maybe?) and the boys wanting to chill out with their mommy and do art and dance all day. (hehe, i know, i know. it's cruel...)

so anyways, i
walked with my camera while he actually played the game. ryan is super athletic so he is good at just about any sport plays. though i'm so not athletic, i'm fascinated at how far he can throw those little frisbees. i would die in this sport. people would hate me 'cause i know i'd never get the frisbees into those weird basket-looking things.

even so, i enjoyed hanging out with ryan, walking around outdoors (haven't walked through the woods in forever!) and taking mad pictures of everything.

[yup, that is a totally posed shot. i admit it.]

though i'm girly, i don't eat like one. really i don't. i've had lunches with girlfriends before and felt like a pig as they ate their dainty sandwiches and salads and here ilene comes along with a greasy pizza or a fat cheeseburger.

and oh my goodness, dinner monday night was SO good. ryan and i brought back shrimp from my parents to give to the butlers, so the plan was to fry them. and fry them we did!

i think i downed 10 pieces of shrimp (and they were the huge kinds, not at all like popcorn shrimp) plus mrs. butler's delish rolls, buttery potatoes, and cheesy brocolli casserole. there were 50 pieces of shrimp that we fried, and oh there were 4 shrimps left. i told you, there were good. all of it was so good.

speaking of girly, i bought three new shades of OPI nailplish: william tell me about, big red apple and denim blue. i love them all - and i think that each one is perfect for fall. so i painted my toes the denim blue and my fingers the william tell me about shade (dark purple). i hate matching nailpolish colors (like toes matching fingers) or matching polish to my clothing-color. anyone else like that?

any other girly-girls out there?

raise those hands up high! yup, i see those bright red painted finger nails, friend. just like everything else in life, you can't stereotype. i'm a girly-girl but i like lots of food or i like to watch sports though i don't play them. everyone is different. i don't see anything wrong with different. i like it like that, don't you?

[happy tuesday!]

p.s. i finally got a blog-button up and running on the left-hand side of the screen. see it? yup, scroll down a tad. right there. grab one if you please. i hope to create one for my shop too. some of you were so kind to ask me if i had one - and nope, i did not...so thanks to you, i was inspired to research on HTML (with some lovely blogger-friends help) and create one. woohoo!!!


  1. i love that movie. Tha Aviator gives me chills because Blanchet did such a good job. I remember that part, i really like her accent. :D

    haha lol at coach beast.

  2. Hehe, Ilene, I can totally relate!! My bf is super athletic, and he's getting me to expand (like surfing!), but I just wasn't gifted with those genes. I'm more the girly type who's also into photography & art :)
    But it's so funny - sometimes we'll go out to eat and I'll order the greasy pepperoni sandwich, while he orders the grilled tuna...and yep, in those times, I don't feel so girly!

    Love those nailpolish colors!! Perfect for fall, so rich in color. I love that red. I haven't been able to get myself into red yet because it just looks odd of my fingers...though I'm really wanting to find the perfect shade.
    (And I'm really into not matching too!! I can't stand it when my shoes & purse matches, or when I'm wearing all shades of blue, or anything like that. I'm with you on that!! :)

    Anyway, to summarize this super long comment, I can relate with you, Ilene :) And it took me awhile to embrace it, but I do embrace my mix of girly-ness & quirky ungirly ways :) Glad you do too!!

  3. I eat like you!:D

    Loving the red nail polish and I always have matching mani&pedi.;D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. I like that totally posed shot. ;)

  5. sweet images ilene! i just bought nail polish yesterday too! hot pink and mint...i'm still holding onto summer!

  6. Yay for your fun times in the South! And yay for your getting a blog button! How did you make it? Is it easy? I've been putting it off as well....
    Looks good!

  7. I have never seen the film but I love your description of the dialogue.
    I also love the photo of your Toms. I have a blog post going up tomorrow about my weekend-going-ons and it has a photo of my Toms shoes! :)
    I totally understand about the food!!
    And I adore all you OPI colors!! I have to borrow the blue! That is beautiful!! I was just thinking last night that I have to re-paint my nails.
    (sometimes I match my colors and sometimes I don't, you never can tell what I will feel like! (:)
    I love all your photos you are such an artist!!
    Happy day,

  8. i am definitely with you on the ungirly-like appetite, i love food way to much to eat healthy :)

  9. Looove the pictures! I have those same exact TOMS too!!! And yeah I LOVE nail polish..totally a girly-girl but I am down to do manly things too! <333

  10. Lovely pictures, Ilene! love your Toms- I have red ones! :) I totally wish I painted my nails more!! I'm such a perfectionist- the second they start chipping, I can't have them on anymore!!

    Hope you're having a great Tuesday, friend :)

  11. Oh Ilene!
    I need you to come to Chicago so we can go on an Ulta date. I even have a coupon!
    I want the "Jade is the new black" color, something in a light brown, and a girly girl light pink manicure kind of color...and then we can go across the street to Whole Foods to get big slices of veggie pizza!
    Ok??? Hurry, I miss you!!!!

  12. hehe cute post!
    Love your pics and I can relate to the non-athlete in you.


  13. I'm with you! I'm a girly girly and my husband is one of those outdoors guys who would love to go camping and hiking and I'm like 'go ahead just not with me'. lol. Or that's fine, just book me a massage while you go. ;-) But yes, I love my cheeseburgers and shrimp! Yummy! Glad you're having fun here in the GA! ;-)

  14. Aviator was amazing...I want to see it again..and I am so with you on the food part! I love food and eating:)
    Hugs and kisses,sweetie

  15. LOVE the denim blue nail varnish!!! Oh, and the shoes!!!
    Def a girly-girl but unfortunately my metabolism does'nt allow for a manly appetite - my hips don't lie!!!!

  16. My goodness!
    A) You and Ryan are adorable!
    B) You and I are so much alike!
    I hate matchy-matchy nail polish. My fingernails and toenails never match. I don't like matching my clothes to my nails, either. They're usually something dark (grey, black, purple, blue) or bright (red or pink). I love greasy food. Oh, and I'm with you on the outdoorsy things. I love hiking and camping, but I'm usually just following Jim with the camera during those events haha!

  17. We need to go out together and EAT! Just last night my friends and I were hanging out. I had a tri tip salad and half a bagel but I was still hungry. So we all went to Chipotle. I could eat forever!

  18. Again with the adorableness! I used to "play" frisbee golf in college with my ex-bf. And by play, i mean flail around like a moron. i LOVE sports, but I am purely a spectator. I have the hand-eye cordination of a goldfish.
    And as far as the eating goes - you and i have already discussed my love of Five Guys. Anybody that can eat the burger AND the fries is a rockstar.

  19. I have yet to try frisbee golf but I would have to nail down being able to throw one first:D

    P.S. OPI is a favorite!

  20. Love a day in the woods with your dearest and taking "mad" pictures. Haha. You're just adorable! I loved all of your pictures. Don't worry..I'm not a good frisbee thrower either. Haha. I wish I was more girly, but I'm not a big fan of having my fingernails painted. Toenails from time to time, but maybe one day, I'll have to courage to be girly enough!

  21. wha what - girly girl here! - ok no through and through tho - i can totaly handel my own when it comes to sports or other 'manly' thing s- but over all - HOLLA OUT to the GIRLS!!!! ..

    loven' the Toms and nail polish colors - and the cast iron pan making the dessert - YUMMMM!

    PS PASS IT ON --> GIVE-AWAY going on – 2 necklaces = 2 winners .. LAST day to ENTER!!!

    ~Join Necklace Give-Away Here~

    *kiss kiss*
    Erika @ ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  22. I loved this post! My bf always jokes that I'm an "anomaly" because I'm super girly about some things and not at all other times. Like I love nail polish, I drive a little purple car, I'm constantly trying to convince him that's it's ok to decorate our apartment entirely in florals and stripes, etc.

    But I also love watching football, can out-eat just about anyone I know and hate hate hate high heels.

    Whatever though, it works for me! :)

  23. Hi! your blog is really cute, as are you!

  24. hehe I loved this post! Looks like you two had a great day together. :) I don't eat like a girly girl either! And I'm soooooo messy, hahaha oh man. I'm off to add one of your buttons to my blog!! :)


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