Wednesday, October 27, 2010

current obsessions wednesday: to show off those colorful tights (and other random things).

can't go wrong with a night of sewing 
and a red velvet cupcake.

last saturday, i tweeted: call me a grandma, but i'm looking forward to a quiet night of sewing and movies/tv. anyone else relate with that? i had a handful of orders to fill including a wholesale order with a deadline, so while lounging in PJs and chilling out with lil' pey-pey, i spent the evening catching up with season 7 of the office (where have i been? this season is ridiculously hilarious!) and cutting up colorful felt for my poppy garland headbands. and what made it better? mom and dad came home from a wedding shower and brought me back the most delish red velvet cupcake. and you know how that is one of my weaknesses! nothing better than that and a cup of hot coffee.

and can you believe it's wednesday already? 
it's time for another round of current obsessions! lately my eye has been looking out for...
skirts, dresses and shorts (oh, my!)
anything to pair with my new colorful tights.

via zara

it's still so warm here in South Carolina so the tights have not come out as often as i'd like them to; however, they made an appearance at church but that was because sunday morning was cooler than the afternoon. 

other things i've been obsessing include: 
taylor swift's speak now. airline websites. Mickey-dee's strawberry banana smoothies. the right pair of winter boots. red balloons. cake boss. christmas stockings. handmade journals. wedding dresses.

such a random list but come on, are you really surprised? i've especially been stalking airline websites because the travel bug bit me (thinking chicago or arizona...hmmm?) the mickey-dee smoothies are surprisingly good. taylor swift. the end. enough said. love that album. and of course, wedding dresses are a constat obsession. i want to of course find the right one. funny is that i think what i thought i wanted isn't what i want anymore - but i'm not going to clarify what i mean by that because ryan is a good fiance and actually reads my blog, so i want to keep the lips zipped on the wedding dress. 

what are you obsessing over this week, friend?

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much love, friend.
[happy wednesday!]


  1. i am soo happy to say that i am a proud owner of that anthro dress~!!! :D the bottom part bunches up sometimes, but i don't care, i love it HAHAHAHA!

  2. so many fun things going on in this post!
    i'm loving your obsession wednesdays, ilene!

  3. I love that striped dress so much!!! Your blog is growing so quickly!

  4. I really love the dresses you picked. My favourite is the first modcloth dress and the anthropologie dress. And coloured tights are perfect for winter.

  5. Yay for taking sponsors that is awesome. Yay for your giveaway just entered :) and lastly yay for all these adorable outfits. I pretty much love them all :)

  6. you picked out great selections for your tights, get them all!! :)

  7. I cant wait to wear my new tights this weekend for a dinner party! Those are such a sweet pieces...I am all about that stripy dress:) Have a lovely day,sweetie pie


    Ps: I am hosting a headband GIVEAWAY later today! Please, join in!

  8. you have great taste! been reading your blog for about 2 months and i wanted to let you know how much i love it :)
    i too, love my dog dearly and appreciate when you write/post about him!
    happy wednesday :)

  9. You are too cute! I am obsessing over my new TOMS, my new OPI Nail polish color, cupcakes (not out of the norm) lol. Target has some great colorful tights! I was lame and got a black pair (i needed it though). I need to go back so maybe I will be daring and get the purple ones! :P

  10. YUM on the cupcake! I've been craving red velvet lately...maybe I should do something about that. :)

    Yes, I totally understand the whole sewing night thing. I've been trying to catch up with some new {Petunia Blooms} stuff, including headbands & hair pins - finished up a batch of headbands last night!

    Happy Wednesday!

  11. you are so darned cute. i would also love some more dresses so i can wear more tights :) and red velvet cupcakes, mmmm. i'm thinking of making cupcakes this weekend cause my mom-in-law & brother-in-law (and his new baby) are coming to visit! :)

  12. love these outfits... esp the yellow one :)

  13. i too had a night of sewing..but it would have been much better with a cupcake!


  14. I LOVE all of your current obsessions! I love that striped dress from F21- seriously, what does that store NOT have?!? ;)
    And I agree with you: the strawberry banana smoothies from micky dee's are DELICIOUS!!!
    happy day,

  15. I live in Chicago right now (as you know) but I'm from Arizona! How odd that those are the two places you want to go!

    Also, have you ever checked out We Love Colors for tights? They have a HUGE selection and it's pretty affordable :).


  16. I love all those dresses, and the cupcake of course!


  17. I'm really loving Taylor's new album!! Love these outfits too! :)

  18. Yup, I say get them all. All gorgeous.

  19. Love the dresses! Unfortunately, even with tights, dress season is over in ND. :(

  20. so many lovely, lovely clothes. just... so much prettiness.

  21. I'm pretty sure a red velvet cupcake makes everything better!

  22. Hi there -
    I have awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award!
    Hop on over to my blog to get the details!! Have fun with it!!

  23. Ohhh girl I get called a grandma ALL the time!! I walk around knitting! I was knitting during a movie at the movie theatre the other day! hehehe. I am such an old lady trapped in a 20-something year old body! But that's totally fine with me! It sounds like you had a wonderful night hanging out, catching up and getting your craft on! I absolutely love that!! :) I want EVERYTHING that you posted, haha! I especially LOVE that yellow skirt! So pretty. I want to start buying more tights! All I have are black tights in different patterns, but you totally make me want to start buying coloured tights! I just don't know what colours to wear with my coloured dresses.. I have so many pink, blue and yellow dresses.. hum. I guess I could figure something out! :) I hope you have a great weekend with Ryan!


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