Tuesday, October 5, 2010

current obsession wednesday: pop of color!!!

it's another wednesday, folks...
which not only means that the week needs to either pick up or slow down for you,
it also means it's time for another current obsession wednesday!

this week i've totally been obsessing over
anything color.
well, i'm always obsessing over color.
i always have a pop of it somewhere in my wardrobe.
i can't be all black or gray or brown. if i am, then there is a pop of red in the shoes or a pop of purple in the purse. if no where in my wardrobe, i proudly wear it in my eyeshadow.

here are a few of colorful online finds - or some that i already possess that i love to incorporate in my outfits for those extra pops of colors.

via forever21
anything from forever pretty much screams "pop of color."
i love their collection of affordable cardigans and accessories.

via forever21
this skirt is just so fun and whimsical.
i'd totally wear it to liven up any boring outfit or day!

via piperlime
still wishing and dreaming for a pair of these.
i love the options for color - and hunter made the mark of still being fashionable and colorful on even the most grayest and stormiest days of the year with these hunter boots!

via steppie
this etsy shop has been "hearted" by me for so long, i wonder why i haven't made a purchase. these rings recently popped up on the steppie's first page and i absolutely adore every single one. are they not adorable?!

via anthropologie
no additional words are necessary for this story. other than these three:
to. die. for.

via ileaiye
currently on the hunt for the perfect autumn beanie.
this one caught my eye - and this shop has a collection of beanie's in a variety of colors.
love it.

via modcloth
the colorful owl prints on this travel package makes me giddy. so cute and fun

via urban decay/sephora
my personal fave from this collection is peace, which is a very vibrant blue. it's super vibrant (no joke) - but it gave me that extra boost when i needed it for rainy or long days. it made boring office outfits more lively.

via modcloth
and yes i'm still on the hunt for the perfect pair of tights.
currently searching for purple, green and mustard yellow shades.

via prettythingsbymeg
and who doesn't love ruffles and this shade of yellow?!
i can see myself wearing this with a plain tee or tanktop to add that pop of color.

and another personal fave is to add a pair of colorful accessories like...yup, nerd glasses!
i have a brown pair - and i borrow my sister's black pair sometimes.
and i have been forever on a hunt for a pair of RED nerd glasses and i finally found myself a perfect pair for me. i LOVE them so much.
what do you think?

hope you have a color-filled day, friend.

[happy wednesday!]


  1. Perfect choices. I love Meg's stuff and I have those Hunter boots. Reading my mind!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. the boots, the rings, the ruffles, LOVE!! :D

  3. Great picks!:D

    I love red too and those are cute purple tights!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. I'm the same way. I love a pop of color in my outfits too. Do you have chictopia? If you don't you should totally sign up for it, it's where all the fashionistas are at.

  5. I am still hoping for the day I have the guts to pay $200 and buy my coveted Hunger boots. In either red or green. Sigh. I love them so much.

  6. oooh love your glasses, Im actually looking for a pair too!!!
    And yes for Hunter boots, they really save the day!! xo

  7. I'm glad you finally got your nerd glasses!

  8. You have the CUTEST finds here!!

  9. I love those glasses on you:)...I need to get my hands on that cardi:)

    ps: I am hosting a really sweet GIVEAWAY later on today, so please join in:) ...I bet you will love it!!!

  10. Yay for color!!!!
    I adore ALL of the lovely items your picked for your current obsession!
    I love F21 ((however, do you think that they are kind of raising their prices??)) and that beanie is too amazing!!! I LOVE the mustard yellow!!
    And that ruffle necklace ((in mustard yellow)) is enchanting!!! You have great style friend!!
    Happy Hump day!!

  11. You are too cute! I love adding some pops of color! And I am pretty sure I NEED that pretty pink skirt... just sayin'...

    I so wish I could wear beanies... I just look so funny in them! :X

  12. Just told J the other day that I want a pair of purple tights! Glad someone's with me! :)


  13. I'm sort of upset that I have not been following your blog sooner? I am glad to have found you though! :) Love the picks and I completely agree with F21's affordable items. The ruffle necklace is sweet!

    By the way! Since you love Anthro as much as I do..I just wanted to let you know about my current giveaway that I'm haiving. $50 giftcard to Anthropologie! It ends on the 11th and I wouldn't want you to miss out on it! :)


  14. i am swooning over that pink skirt from forever 21. must hit it up...

    just discovered your blog and am really enjoying it. your engagement pics are so creative and fun! congrats by the way.

    if you have a second, do swing over to my blog for a fun giveaway this week!

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  16. LOVE that gorgeous Anthro scarf!

  17. That lovely pink skirt is perfect!

    One of my favorite outfits to "dress up" with color is a casual black dress - I'll add a bright pink shirt underneath and wear a posy pin from The Pleated Poppy - love it!

  18. I love your picks! The Hunter boots are at the top of my list as well as red glasses. I'm trying to find the perfect pair, too. I'm glad you found yours!



  20. That photo of you is the CUTEST! I love it! You will have to check out my Etsy store next Monday for some autumn hats! I have some nice colourful ones I think you might like.. :) hehe. I loved all of the things you posted, so great! I need to start wearing more colours! I did this summer with my dresses, but my clothes for cooler days don't seem as colourful!


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