Wednesday, October 13, 2010

current obsession wednesday: a little bit of everything (and oh, my s-bucks drink. finally.)

i finally got it.
my starbucks drink.

i have craved one since i left chicago. there aren't as many starbucks at every corner where i live now. but surprise, surprise (i even surprised myself), i didn't go for my pumpkin spice latte that i have been craving for weeks. instead i went with one of my regular autumn faves, caramel apple cidar. love it, esp. with the extra caramel. oh, baby, it was to die for. i enjoyed every drop of it.

enough about my cravings (i feel like i talk about my cravings and food all the time here). let's move onto current obsessions wednesday, folks! i go again with another super random current obsessions list. i don't have a particular obsession this week. rather i've had different spouts of autumn pieces that i've kept my fashion eye on the look-out for. every have weeks like that? i keep seeing lots and lots of pieces on blogs or in magazines that i keep oohing and aahing over. to name a few...

polka dots:

isn't rachel bilson's polka dot scarf
so adorable?
i'm not even a huge fan of baby pink but i love this!

via modcloth
me and my tights/leggings obsessions, so of course i'm digging these.

lace, lace, and more lace:


via modcloth
i love the autumn colors of these lacey pieces.
they both would look great with ankle boots OR knee high ones, i think.

boyfriend blazer:

via lauren conrad collection/kohl's
note that i did not say boyfriend blazers. note that it is singular - due to the fact i'm obsessed with this particularly this one. we don't have a kohl's close to my house but i plan to find one in the nearby city 'cause every since sandy highlighted this collection on her blog, i have wanted this exact blazer.


via steve madden/belk
i love the neutral-trend going on right now,
but i'd be perfectly content with a pair of black platforms too.

off-the-shoulder look:

via forever21

via forever21
i love how off-the-shoulder works with a pair of jeans or a mini-skirt.
dress-it up or down, it works! i love this look especially in black.

speak now single:

anyone else loving the new single from taylor swift?
yeah anytime i find a song i like, i tend to be that annoying roommate that plays it over and over and over again. yea, this song is doing just that very thing right now.

how about you, friend?
what is your current obsession this week?

and hey, it's wednesday! are you so glad? or are you feeling like this week is a drag? i remember when i worked full-time, i'd either love wednesday or hate it, depending on the pace of the week. i'm totally loving this week since it's been so wonderful to spend time with ryan's family. today, i head back home to SC. i'm sad to say "see you later" to ryan and his family for now, but i'm looking forward to being back with my family. wish i could have both in one place, but it ain't so right now. i have no complaints - the weekend has been great and now i look forward to spending more time with my family! love it.

[happy wednesday, friend!]


  1. hmmm, I think my current obsession this week is hot tea. I've had numerous amounts of hot tea just today! It's perfect for the fall weather. I had chocolate mint hot tea tonight. So delicious.


  2. my current obsession is haagen dasz icecream! huhu xD

  3. My current obsession is polka dots too!! I have alot of them! Cardigans too! I love Starbucks, ooo I should go get a frappicino later! Ooo!! =)

  4. LOVE those heels! I cant believe you dont have a Kohls near you!!! AND I havent hear Taylors new song... I MUST now! <333

  5. Yum! Caramel Apple Cider! And I love that f21 top!

    I am obsessing over umbrellas right now. Have safe travels!

  6. I love that polka dot scarf, I just purchased a boyfriend blazer from J. Crew, and I need a Starbucks coffee pronto! ;)

    Happy to be following your blog, although I thought I already was.

  7. I love the blazer!! I wish I could wear platforms. Unfortunately, when your fiancé is only 4 inches taller than you, you must sacrifice the platforms :(

  8. love the blazer and the tights!
    current obsessions? red and brown. I don't have much of either in my closet and that need to be fixed!!

  9. I LOVE those platform shoes and that boyfriend blazer!!
    My current obsession? dresses. I have been on the lookout for cute floral dresses!

  10. Hi there! Just found your blog and I'm loving it! By the way, I saw the LC blazer at Kohls and almost cried when I realized they didn't have my size. It is so, so cute! I am stalking my Kohls till they get it in :)

    I'm glad to have found a new friend!

  11. I feel like I could have written this post! Polka dots, lace and blazers oh my! I've been reading your blog since just before you left Chicago (where I live!), and I love it :)

  12. Who loves that scarf? ME!! :) And caramel apple cider and that blazer. Yup, we're friends. :) Love you!

  13. Goodness...I LOVE Starbucks! I worked there a few years ago for maybe a few months, but I miss all of the free drinks, sweets, and aroma of the store. I am diggin' all of your obsessions too and that boyfriend blazer is my fave! This week has been a bit of a drag, but oh well because time doesn't stop! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  14. You know I'm most obsessed with the dots and I looooooove that scarf!

  15. ah starbucks..when it's cold..i love the white chocolate mocha..yumm..too bad I cant have any this yr since im prego :(

  16. LOVE! I agree, not a huge fan of baby pink, but ooh la la! Love it! Just wiggled on over from Wild and Precious, happy to be your newest follower!

  17. I swear, I'm addicted to starbucks!! It's my weekend splurge :)
    The polka dots are just too cute!!

  18. neutrals and polka dots are calling me...

  19. you must try the pumpkin spice latte girl, it is sooo delicious!! and i will try the caramel apple one next time!! :D

    omg we are such twins!! i saw a girl with a polka dot scarf the other day and since then i've wanted one sooo bad!! just gotta find it!!!

    and thanks for the LC blazer shoutout to my blog! you're the bestest!! xo

  20. i LOVE my bf blazer, you have to go get one asap! it's so versatile, i feel like i wear it all the time, oops

  21. My current obsession is Starbucks new Carmel Sea Salt Mocha, it is seriously amazing + those polkadot tights are pretty rad!

  22. i love that you are a repeat queen too!! you are so stinking adorable. totally ordering from your shop today, ps. lol

    love love love-
    shawni marie

  23. my current obsessions are raspberry dark chocolate and Speak Now!!

  24. Looove this list!! So cute. :) And the apple cider part of that drink sounds delicious, but I'm not a fan of caramel! Hahaha I know what is with me not liking things that EVERYONE seems to love??? I hope you have a woooooooonderful weekend!!


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