Friday, October 29, 2010

crossing fingers for falling temperatures,

can you believe it's nearly november?

oh, autumn. i can't believe it's nearly the end of october and it still feels like mid-summer here in south carolina. after living in chicago and dealing with its bitter cold winters, i never thought i'd actually want cold weather; however, now i'm craving the cooler days - those days when i could grab a scarf for more than a fashionable addition or to wear those knee high boots and run to starbucks with a friend. 

rumor has it the temperature is supposed to dip to a low of 50s this Sunday. i'll love that, especially since ryan and i are going to a harvest festival which will be an outdoor event. as much as ryan and i love dressing up (remember?), we're hanging out with my family for halloween weekend and spending the evening at the harvest festival. i haven't been to one since i was a little girl, so it's been awhile. i'm kinda looking forward to it since it'll be something different and because we'll be with my family. and i hear there is still a lot of candy, which is good since that's all i really care about anyways.  *wink*

so what else are you looking forward to this spooky weekend?

i'm looking forward to seeing ryan again. it feels like forever - so it'll be wonderful to have him here with my family. we're also planning on watching the GA vs FL game on saturday. (note that i did not say look forward to.) and i did get all my big wholesale orders out - whew! - so i don't have as much sewing to do this weekend, but i do plan on working on some more orders and also continue to work on the winter collection for the shop.

another sneak peak to the much love illy winter collection

and speaking of the winter collection, i have the winner of GIVEAWAY! the winner will receive the romance me with a glance evergreen poppy garland headband (a limited edition to the shop's winter collection!) along with a pair of lilac violet large rose earrings.drum roll, pls...

the winner is 

melanie, be sure to email me right away 
so that i can get this package of goodies to you right away!  

(note: the giveaway winner was selected through like i've alreayd mentioned, this was my first giveaway. the next time i host a giveawy i will include numbesrs by each person's name and figure out the random generator widget for the blog. wasn't able to get it on here for some reason, but thanks for your patience! )

thank you to all the joined my giveaway! 
i had so much fun hosting it and hope to be able to do this again soon. 

welp, i hope you, my friend, have an amazing weekend! 
hope everyone has so much fun (and stay safe)! 

much love.
[happy friday!]


  1. I'm also ready for cooler weather! It was downright hot here the past couple of days. I'm over that.

  2. Ugh! The weather here can't make up it's mind! One day rain the next a heatwave! Have a wonderful weekend!!
    Don't overwork yourself! ;)

  3. Congrats Melanie! And I am so excited you get to spend time with Ryan. Have an awesome weekend!

  4. I'm looking forward to lots of candy!! :)

  5. I am SOOOO loving that picture of the pumpkins and your new winter collection! Hoping GA beats FL. <333

  6. the poppy in your sneak peek photo is cute!
    great colour combo :)

  7. Ilene, I'm so excited for your winter collection! The colors are so rich, extra fancy! :)

  8. LOVING the sneak peek at your new items friend!! they are sooo pretty!!! :D have a great weekend and i'll talk to ya sooon!! :D

  9. CONGRATS to Melanie! :) I feel the same way about November...time is flying by soooo quick! The weather needs to catch up already...haha. LOVE LOVE LOVE the sneak peek of your winter collection. I can't wait to see more! Enjoy your weekend with your family and your sweetheart! :D

  10. can't wait to see your winter collection!

  11. YEAH!!! Omg I've been so lucky lately!! I love the head band & the lil earrings!! Yeah I'm excited! =)

    I'll email you right away! Thank you very very much!!

  12. I'm kinda sad that October is almost gone! I love me some October.

  13. that is so crazy it still feels like mid-summer there! it's been in the low 50s here.. it was soooo cold this morning! i was ok with the 60s but i am not ready for this!

  14. Have a wonderful weekend! It's getting cooler here too. It finally dropped down to the 50s today after it being in the mid 70s the past few.

    Congrats to Melanie! :)

  15. The sneak peek looks gorgeous! And congrats to the winner! :]

  16. Have so much fun at the Harvest Festival!

  17. Congrats Melanie!! Awesome!!!

    Have fun this weekend Illy!! Enjoy the weather!

  18. Your winter collection is looking AMAZING!!
    Love it.

  19. have a wonderful weekend!!


  20. i can't wait to see more of your winter collection - i LOVE what i see so far! :)

  21. Happy Friday girlie! I missed out on the giveaway :(
    I'm so glad to see your etsy shop doing so well. the winter collection looks gorge!

  22. Ha ha, we're in Athens this weekend! It's totally empty! Loving the weather, it's finally cooled off! XX!

  23. Love the image of the pumpkins! Your collection looks gorgeous.

    Happy spooky weekend xox

  24. Ah, this comment is late.. so, I hope you had a wonderful weekend! And I hope the weather cooled off a bit for you, so you can wear all of your lovely coloured tights and pretty dresses! :)

    Congratulations to the winner! Lucky girl! :)


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