Tuesday, October 19, 2010

candy, cobwebs. and crazy characters.

can you figure out who ryan and i 
were dressed up as in the first photo? 

some hints:
1) Ryan was dressed up as was someone who was a part of the most successful and revolutionary music legends in history
2) i was dressed up as someone who was an artist, a musician as well as a peace activist
3) these two were madly in love
4)  think 1970s
5) one of them had a birthday just last week on october 9th 

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

i personally didn't think my costume was too great - but when ryan and i stood side by side, it made the costume complete. i think ryan made the costume complete (as tom cruise said it, you complete me).  ryan's wig and those glasses! they are what cracked me up the entire night. you can't even recognize him!  (side note: that was not my real hair. my hair is not that crazy! it too was a wig - a long, wild, and crazy 70s, stringy wig. just had to note that. as you were...)

october 2009
chicago, il/beloved lincoln park apt/photos by tim

thinking back to that night my roommate, sarah, and i threw the halloween party, i remember how exhausted we were putting it together but how much fun it was during the party and laughing about things that happened that night later on. we had some crazy characters come dressed up that night, too. we had a bike rider (helmet and all), pippi longstocking, cowboy on a blow-up horse, star trekkie, a kissing booth, a s'more. of course, i'm sure you didn't miss that hideous monster mask. ew, ew. hate those things. and don't you adore sarah's party in a box costume? and she really was always a party - hilarious and ready for a good time! wish i had more pictures from that night. i didn't have a sweet camera then and i remember the night flew by and there was my camera sitting on the shelf, untouched. 

any costumes planned out already? 
or still on a mad hunt for one?
i love costumes and dressing up so i always love knowing what people will be wearing. people can get some darn creative this time of year! and oh of course, the second most amazing part of this year is all the candy! i'm hoping for a big stash of jolly ranchers, starbursts, snickers, and anything sour. yum!

and oh my goodness, you all are so amazing! you did it! as of october 18th, muchlove-illy received its 200th follower...which means there is a giveaway happening this week, so be sure to come back soon! i am so excited. i promised you a good one so rub those hands together, jump up and down and get giddy because i want you to know how much each of you mean to me. i am continually amazed at my family, my friends and the blogging community that follows and encourage me each day with comments. so i can't wait to further express my thankfulness! 

and one more thing, to kick off all the fun, TODAY ONLY, i'm offering 15% off of all orders (prior to shipping, refund via paypal) from my shop. hope to see a few of you there! 

much love, friend.
[happy tuesday!]


  1. is it YOKO ONO and JOHN LENNON? :DDD

    haha the kid's mask on the last shot is epic!
    i don't have a costume planned out yet. waaah

  2. you are SO CUTE! I love the halloween outfits!!! they don't celebrate halloween in switzerland - but they do have a festival for 2 weeks in february where everyone wears costumes...i think i'll be making use of my warm gorilla costume from that race a few weeks back =P
    ~ Village

  3. haha, that is so cool!! I wish we had halloween parties here.

  4. You two together look GREAT! LOVE IT! And I love Halloween but have no plans as of yet this year. Being back home with little friends def sucks :/ That last picture scares the crap out of me! That mask is eeeeek!

    Btw- I have always wanted to be the Chiquita Banana lady for Halloween...


  5. Yoko Ono and John Lennon! So cute! Great costumes. ;)


  6. I love your costumes!!!! That is so clever!

  7. your costumes are amazing!

  8. Those costumes are so cool and you both look fantastic! I love dressing up but I still dont know what I should wear this year...Congrats,sweetie on 200 followers:) Yay..that is huge
    Hugs and kisses

  9. CONGRATS on reaching past your 200! Wooooo hoooo! :)

    I have never been a fan of dressing up, but for some reason this year....my boyfriend and I are up for it. This is soooo crazy because John Lennon and Yoko Ono were who we're going to be this year! How exciting! Loved y'alls outfit! :)

  10. I totally guessed it! My husband loves the Beatles and has always wanted to dress up as John and Yoko. It's his dream but I refuse!!! Anyway, awesome photos- you pulled it off so well!

  11. Yay - I guessed it!!! You guys look great - cool idea for a costume! We're still trying to figure out costumes - we're going to a big bash so we want to have something good to wear!

  12. Awesome costume idea! Any idea what you'll be this year?? And congrats on reaching 200 followers! That's awesome!

  13. That was such a fun night rooms!!! I love and miss all our fun times! Sad there is no Halloween party this year!!!

  14. omg that kid costume is awesome!!!! and somewhat scary lol

  15. ahhh, that john and yoko costume is wonderful!

  16. I just knew that's who you were before I even read it! Love it! You're too cute :) xoxo

  17. LOVE it, so fun on dressing up!!!! 200 followers is rad!!!!!! :-) Keep up the good work!! xoxo
    Emily from EL Vintage


  18. love that costume! :) Very creative...

  19. your costumes are so fantastic! you guys did a great job!

  20. Killer costumes! I SO want to have a Halloween party!

  21. AMAZING COSTUMES!! hahaha I love it! You two totally pulled it off, how awesome. And congratulations on 200 followers! Amazing! I'm getting pretty close to 100. :) hehe I think I might do a giveaway with my 111th follower, and for my Etsy shop opening!


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