Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a whole new world.

i'm back to a world of...
screaming soccer moms, bored refs,
orange slices, and energetic high school girls.

believe it or not, i haven't seen ashley play since she was about 6-years old.
[hey, before you jump to any conclusions, i was a good girl finishing up her college education,
then making a living with a career in Chicago. resume story.]

it's been a blast to see her and cheer her on.
i was so proud of my little sister.
[she's really not so little anymore. she's 15-years old and nearly taller than me.]
today was especially a good game, ending the night with a 3-1 score.

[isn't mom so pretty?! love this picture of her.]

anyone who knows me, knows that i'm the least, if not nada-athletic girl in the family (note the double-negative). the family can testify to this. ryan can testify to this. but do cut this girl some slack. gymnastics was my thing till i was 14 years old, so i had no time for all these normal sports all other girls my age were diving into. and besides, who got the creativity/artsy-fartsy skills? hmmm.

that's beside the point.

the point is that though i'm the least, if not nada-athletic girl in the fam, i'm a good cheerleader and most supportive sister out there. (ashley and kristine can i please see a show of hands?). so if my kids end up with ryan's super-hero athletic genes, then he and the kids can rest assured they'll have quite the soccer-basesball- or0whatever-mom they need.

anyways, off of that rabbit trail (i really shouldn't type these posts up so late at night), ashley was a super star, her team was uh-mazing tonight, and i think i'll make a good soccer-whatever-sport mom.

and when you read this, friend...
[happy thursday!]


  1. aw, love this post! i haven't seen her play a sport in such a long time! thanks for taking pics...(btw, our sister is now 15...not 14;))

  2. So sweet of you to see her play! I love soccer and part of the fun is how the whole family gets involved.

  3. you will make an uh-mazing soccer-whatever-sport mom!

  4. Awww. Cheerleading moms/aunts/cousins/etc. are an integral part of the sport. You're part of the team!

  5. kristine: you're right! sorry, she just had a bday and i forgot so i fixed it. thanks for the reminder, sis!

  6. Ash and I have / had the same soccer number! Yay Ash! :D

    I love soccer. I love the Gamboa girls...

    Great post!


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