Friday, September 17, 2010

which rock would you choose? and be honest.

[like my new sandals? i LOVE them. mom got them from me! i've been eyeing a pair like these from urban outfitters when i was back in chicago so i was excited when she found me this sweet pair.
good thing its warmer in the south for a little longer than back up north.
i can wear them an extra 2-3 months longer!]

we were waiting for to meet up for dad at a bi-lo parking lot (didn't realize there was still a bi-lo even around...haven't seen one since i was a kid). while waiting, mom, ash and i ran into a dollar store to grab some candy. they had some of my faves like the apple sour string candy you can get at the movie theatre and...drum roll, pls...ring pops! these rings pops were especially awesome for their combo flavors and combo colors.

literally it was eye and taste-bud candy for moi!

[let's just say that
i was thoroughly entertained.]

and now for the question of the day...
if a boy propose to you,
would you prefer the little rock or the big, tastier rock?
[refer to photo below.]
if ryan had presented both rings to me on august 7th,
i have to admit that it might have been a difficult decision for me.

i mean come on, look at them!?!

oh, well. you can tell which one i decided on.

and hey, can you believe it...?! it's friday and the weekend! i'm looking forward to a dunkin donuts run with the family (apparently, this is a new tradition that dad started with ashley on the fridays that he has off of work, he takes my sister - sometimes mom comes if she decides to get up early enough - and makes a morning run to dunkin donuts. coffee and donuts?! sounds like a great tradition to me.

and i hear there is a farmer's market 20 min. away from my house, so i'm thinking that if i can roll out of bed on time, my little rebel camera and i might just have to make a trip to it. i also need some fresh ingredients to make one of my favorite salsa recipes. if i get out of bed on time...

but hey, like i said, it's the weekend!

be sure to not live off of to-do lists. give yourself a break from that. (i made a remdinder of this to myself at sulu - check that out if you have time this weekend.) i sure need to. i'm still learning to break off of the need to always get stuff done, every single, spare second of the day. i thrived off of that mentality when i was in the fast-paced life in chicago. the transition is a different story, so i'll save that for a future post.

this is enough blabbing for a friday post, so until next monday...
[happy friday, folks!]


  1. mmm love ring pops! they're a must for any wedding shower i throw! :)

  2. those sandals are baller the way.

  3. I've been looking everywhere for a pair of sandals like that! where did your mom find them? can i hire her to shop for me? haha ;)

  4. this post is too cute!
    i might have a hard time choosing too! :)
    happy weekend to you, ilene!

  5. yummy~! i'm not sure the last time i had a ring pop, maybe 10 years ago!?!? i think so!!! and i love kim's idea for having those at bridal showers!! have a great weeken friend!

  6. Both are great sweeter then the other...hahah:) Such a cute photos and I love your sandals!!
    Happy Friday,sweetie

  7. oooh, how cute!! i haven't had one of those for soooo long!! xoxo

  8. Love your new blog-look, Ilene!

  9. OOOh, it wouldve been a difficult one....but im a sucker for emerald cut engagement rings :-)
    You have one of the most beautiful engagement rings Ive ever seen! Oh, and I do love the shoes too!!!

  10. I love all of the ring pop shots! Happy weekend!

  11. hehe Mmm! I love both of your rings! :) One will last longer though, heh.


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