Thursday, September 9, 2010

vintage treasure.

i might have mentioned this before...
i love old pictures.
especially ones of my parents.

in the middle of cleaning out a closet to make room for all the junk i dragged from chicago,
i found this incredible treasure: dad's old photo album.

i think my parents are just so adorable.
i also love mom's hair and her clothes.
and man, i really wish dad still had those vintage cameras.

talk about vintage inspiration,
right in my own closet!

[happy thursday, friend.]


  1. Sooo very adorable. You look like your mom - esp. in that first photo with the floral dress. I hope you are doing well! We miss you already!

  2. such lovely vintage photos~! your parents are too cute! it will be funny when we're older and our kids will look back at our digital pictures and think they are vintage~!!

  3. What beautiful photos!!!
    I love finding old photo albums!!
    P.S. The picture of your mom sitting on the couch looks exactly like a photos we have in our house!
    ((And when I saw exactly- i mean *exactly*!!!)) :)
    P.S.S. Fantastic cameras!!!
    vintage photos, cool cameras and trips down memory lane,

  4. love these pictures! your parents are too cute!

  5. Happy Friday ! What heavenly photographs you have - thank you so much for sharing them !

  6. Aww I love old photos of my parents & grandparents! These polaroids are so precious! Glad you found them & shared them!! =)

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  7. old photos are the best. love the little imperfections.


    xo Alison

  8. i love these. so beautiful! i have a few of my 'rents on my fridge!

  9. i love old pictures too... they always bring great memories back... have a great weekend!!!


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