Wednesday, September 29, 2010

southern boy + navy brat's chicago engagement shoot: part one.

i got engaged to my best friend
on august 7, 2010.
gush! i still get giddy thinking about that day!

i have always dreamed that the man i marry would be my best friend
and someone who would draw me even closer to Christ.
i believe God knew that was a desire of my heart and met that desire with Ryan Butler.
i love this man so much and am so excited that we have our entire lives to spend together!

ryan and i met in chicago and made so many memories during the past 3 years that we lived there. prior to the proposal, i really hoped if he were to propose that he would do it in the city. ladies, men are smarter than we think. even though i never told him that, he knew that about me and couldn't imagine proposing to me anywhere else. and so it was of course, appropriate to take our engagement pictures in the city that we fell in love in and are in love with!

the engagement shoot was taken by none other than the splendid, fantastic, ultra-talented tim-tab. i believe that i have bragged about this particular friend before. he and i went to the same college and is one of my closer friends from there. it helped that ryan and i were friends with tim 'cause it was easy to get comfortable and just be ourselves with him. so please be aware of many, many goofy shots. if i'm not told what to do pose-wise, i end up making faces or dancing around.

and because there are so many sweet shots, i split up the pics by our two wardrobes. this set features us in our casual clothes - and the second part will show us off in our dressier attire.

tim, thanks again for such a fun shoot and for some sweeeeet results!

and without further ado...

Chicago, Illinois

Ryan & Ilene
(mr. and mrs. butler-to-be!)

...and that's all, folks!
at least when part two comes along, so be sure to check back soon for it.

i think some of my fave pics are the ones of us just being us.
whether we were being goofy or romantic, i think these pics do a great job of capturing us.
hope you enjoyed them!

[happy thursday!]

p.s. some of you asked where i got the mustache sticks.
i found them at this incredible etsy shop called whiskerworks! they have a fab collection!


  1. ILENE!!! i LOVEEEEEEE these!! the mustaches, the beach, the goofiness, the composition, the light!! *swoon* seriously *SWOON*!!!! :D can't wait for part deux!

  2. I'm trying to pick a favorite and I can't. Maybe it's ones with the mustaches... they have so much personality. You need a big one framed in your home.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  3. ilene!!! so much HOTNESS going on in this post! meant to be...those are my thoughts!

  4. gahhhhhh!!!!! i love, love, love em. you guys are so cute. i still get all happy when i think about you guys getting married!! cannot wait for you!!!! the pics ROCK friend!!! and they are so you guys! i think my favorite one is your hands on ryans belly with your gorgeous ring & green nails. i don't know why. it's just so perfectly you. right where you belong with your man!

  5. oh my goodness! how cute are you two??? i love every single one of them. thanks for sharing them with us! xoxo

  6. These pictures are so sweet and fun!:D

    I like how carefree you both looked.:D

    Thanks for sharing and have a happy Thursday too!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  7. Those pictures are adorable!! Huge congratulations on your engagement :) xx

  8. BEAUTIFUL photos!!! YAY for engagement!!! Man, your wedding photos are going to be KIller!!!

  9. these are so perfect and fun! I love the last photo :)

  10. OH MY GOODNESS! You two are tooooo stinkin' cute! I love your heels btw ;) In reading the first part about how you believe God brought you Ryan because of that desire in your heart... That reminded me of my all time favorite verse Psalm 37:4 "Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart."


  11. OHHH that is so sweet and each photo is so romantic...Congrats,sweetie
    You guys look so in love:)

  12. Gorgeous, sweet, funny photos - love them all!!! You guys make such an adorable couple :) I did the same - married my best friend - it's the best way to go! :)

  13. Oooh, congratulations on the engagement!! (sorry for being so late in saying this!)
    These photos are amazing. You two are ADORABLE!! :D

  14. omg, these pictures are too lovely, Ilene! So happy for you, girl! xxx

  15. Cuteness overload!!!!!!!!!
    I adore the one with your two feet, the shadow embrace, the one behind the lifeguard station, with your two initials and my favorite is the last one!!!!
    YOU TWO ARE SO FREAKIN' ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can't wait for part two!!!!!

  16. Girl, congratulations again. You two look so cute together! Love it!

  17. So cute! I love the mustaches and the picture frame. They are all fantastic.

  18. Thanks for stopping by my blog! And congratulations on the engagement...these pictures are gorgeous! Filled with so much love & happiness. You're going to love being's so much fun! :]

  19. love these photos! Filled with fun!

  20. that is sooo sweet. Proper Romeo and Juliet stuff - with a happy ending ! Write your own choreography....

  21. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ilene these are so awesome! I love every single one.

  22. Girl!!!!! These turned out soooooo good!!!! I love that you will always have these to remember where you fell in love and our beautiful Chicago. I have so many favorites!!! Can't wait for part 2!! :)

  23. ROOMS I LOVVVE THEM!!!!! soooo cute!!!!!

  24. i am overwhelmed with love just by seeing these... you guys are adorable!!! the robot.. nice. :D

    these are all wonderfully shot coz you both are so goodlooking.

  25. awww! these are so sweet! so many congratulations. you are so pretty, lady! xxo

  26. the smile on your face in all those photos just radiates the happiness that i am sure you are feeling! you two are adorable together and i think these photos so perfectly illustrate that! i don't know how you would ever pick just a couple, they are all so great! thanks for sharing!

  27. what fab pictures! I love the mustaches! What a great photographer and what a cute couple you are!

    I wanna take my engagement shots over again now!

  29. The BICYCLE photo is the coolest!
    Never seen that one before.
    You guys are [and i'm probably the thousandth person to state this obvious fact] ADORABLE. And the photos are perfect.

  30. oh my gosh Illene these turned out AMAZING!!! So beautiful, real, and creative!!!

    What an exciting time in your life! Being married to your best friend never gets old! It makes life so full!

  31. OH. My. Gooodness. I looooove them. Wish we could do all this together...seriously, I love your pics, woohoo!!!!

    we're getting married, we're getting married!!

    So is PHIL!!! ahh!

    Love you tons.

    i havent been on this blogging thing for a while, and im sooooo SUPRISED!!! awww the Lord is so amazing by giving you such an amazing man. may you guys treasure the Lord in all things!
    i will be back with some posts, works just so busy! hows the wedding planning?

  33. These are amazing!! You all look totally fabulous and the details are so fun! Just love them!

  34. ur gorgeous and I love the engagement photos!!!! <3

  35. ilene!! i love these! you guys look like such a FUN couple!

  36. SUCH beautiful pictures! I can't wait to see more. Congrats pretty girl <3

  37. These are precious! I LOVE Chi-town, too! :)

  38. Lady, these are beautiful! YOU are beautiful!

    Love seeing pictures of two people so obviously in love. Makes my heart happy. :]

  39. Beautiful engagement photos! They really show much in love your two are and how much fun you have as well.


    Rambles with Reese


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