Monday, September 20, 2010

so there are good places to eat outside of chicago.

i love food.
i really, really do. i mean, really do.
so that was one of the huge parts of chicago that i knew i would miss the most.
the quick access to so many varieties of food, so many restaurants
all right there in walking distance.

and maybe la hacienda might be familiar to those who around here
but it definitely made my weekend to find a good, mexican restaurant in this small southern town.
plus there were many options on the menu - and especially my fave in any mexican (or Chili's) restaurant
are bottomless chips and salsa!

i love being back with my family.
(kristine, ryan and ryan - all of you hurry back here soon!)

i thoroughly enjoyed my plate of brown rice, hard taco, and enchilada.
it doesn't look like much but it was so filling - along with all the chips and salsa that i ate!

in other news...
this weekend i was busy pumping out some new designs for muchlove-illy etsy shop.
here are some of the newer designs i'm especially excited about:

[in a dreamy mist.]

[blueberry red velvet cake poppy garland headband.]

and did you see my new shop banner? pretty giddy about it too.
with it being autumn and a brand new season (no pun intended), i just needed a few changes around here.

as for life overall, it's been good.

i really can't complain. God is faithful and oh so good. i admit that i can definitely sense the transition-mode right now. i'm pretty much unpacked and settled here at home - but there is a part of me still yearning for more. don't get me wrong, i'm considering this season a blessing - being with family, spending time at home, planning the most amazing day of my life (and i quote, daddy, i met a nice man and we're getting maaaarrried. end quote. father of the bride. love it.), full-time with my shop and blog, and...just breathing for a change - yet there is a go-go side of my personality that i think will always be a part of me, no matter the season of life.

but like i said, overall life is good.
no complaints, esp. when i hang out with these two crazy kids, i'm sure life will be just fine.

this boy thinks he's part human.
we can never leave him at home without him whining. and when we do take him out with us, he expects us to order him food at the drive thru. he's def. the little brother in the family.
always giving us those sad, puppy dog eyes when he wants something.

and oh yes, and miss ash(to be mrs. justin bieber).
you've been introduced to her before.
i think you already know this girl has spunk and personality like no other.
if you didn't know that, trust me, she does.
only sisters can make you laugh so hard your stomach hurts.
(kristine, hurry home. missing you.)

[happy tuesday, friend!]


  1. It is hard to get good mexican food, even here in L.A.!

    Those headbands are cute but your dog story is cuter.:D

    Happy Tuesday!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Amen sister! I love reading your positive posts :) Congrats!

    And yes, sisters are the best way to get a laughing stomach ache. I love all 3 of mine :)


  3. loooove that it's a dreamy mist headband!! mmmm neutrals.

    can't wait for my first meal in the states to be a big ol plate of mexican food. yummers.

    the new banner looks great!


  4. homesick again from all these pics! no, just kidding, but i do love pics of the family and good times:) and all of peyton's sweet rolls of fat!!! what a cutie!!!

  5. Totally adore this post...I love Mexican food too and this place looks great!
    I love your new shop banner and the cute new headbands:)
    Kisses and hugs and have a great day!

  6. My new fave dish from LaHa is their fajita quesadillas.....yum!

  7. Cute new headbands!!! I LOVE MEXICAN! Oh my goodness...I think I know what I am having for lunch today... Mmmmm!

  8. happy tuesday girl~!! i LOVE the new headbands and your pictures are soo great! :D

  9. You asked for Kristine to come back like, 6 times just now. Hahah. Love the update. love you!

  10. love your new banner! headed over to the shop to see your new things. =)

  11. great new banner! and the food looks very yummy :)

  12. ahh i read this at the wrong time..i'm STARVING and have nothing in my fridge. that mexi food looks so good!

    ilene you're keeping up with life and doing an amazing job! thank you for the inspiration :)

  13. oh, i bet you're missing all the restaurants and variety of food from the big city! that's what i miss most about san francisco/nor cal. glad you are home and love that new etsy banner!

  14. i have never been to chicago.. but my parents went this past summer and they are in LOVE. hopefully it will be my turn soon :)

  15. Love LaHa! Your new designs are wonderful!



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