Wednesday, September 15, 2010

shop update: more fall collection pieces!!

i'm on a roll, friends.
finally have the time to create new designs and finally list them on etsy.
it's also been fun to design a new set for the photos.
what do you think?
be sure to check out the shop to see more photos and read up on descriptions.
i also have more and more designs in mind...just need to get these hands creating!
come back to the muchlove-illy shop again soon.

also i think i promised a giveaway awhile back.
so be sure to come back soon to the blog and look out for that post!

[goodnight, world!]
see you in the morning.


  1. I LOVE what you create! Everything! Isn't it fun when you're on a roll? I love it. ♥

  2. WHAT?! I just bought and posted a yellow ring earlier... but this one is waaaaaay better! Dang it. I'll be peeking at your shop more often now, BEFORE I go to the store. :)

  3. great items! i really like your descriptions, makes me want to buy everything :)

  4. Cute items!:D

    How cute are those buttons inside the jar?!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. LOVE your new items~!! you are doing soo great girl!!

  6. I love all the new cuties...Well done,sweetie
    Have a great day

  7. i do have to check out your fall collection in your shop and still need to buy something!!!!!

  8. my number one weakness == rose resin earrings. these are PRETTY!


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