Saturday, September 11, 2010

september 11: may we never forget.

it was a normal day.

i just drove back from my class at the community college when i walked into the kitchen and found my mom on the phone. dad was telling her to turn on the television. when she turned it on, none of us could believe our eyes. i remember wondering if we had turned to the right channel.

was this some action movie playing
in the middle of the morning news?

it was hard to believe all that was happening. the lives lost in the first building of the world trade center, and then to see the second one get hit and then crumble before our eyes were beyond heartbreaking. it was stomach-knotting and brain-numbing.

the weeks that followed hit closer to home for me as the child of a U.S. servicemen. dad couldn't come home till later in the evening from his job at the base because of the military tightening down on security. my best friend called me and said that her uncle was in the Pentagon when it hit. family friends were frantically calling their loved ones in NYC and Washington, D.C. making sure they had made it out alive. i remember watching the news and crying with my mom over the families that had lost their loved ones.

but when i think back to those dark days, i am also reminded of the unity of our country, of the American people. we learned to care for each other a little bit more. we learned to really love and care for our neighbor. we cried with those who mourned. we rejoiced with those that reconnected with loved ones. we talked more about God, about life and about death. churches were filled with people searching. we loved more. we prayed more. we were one country under God, once again unified.

may we never forget...

what America went through on September 11th.
when men and women sacrificed their lives for this country and the American people.
when we were abruptly reminded about what this country is about.

may we never forget that day.
may the American lives lost that day not be mocked by ignorance or even by tolerance.
my heart and prayers go out to families or loved ones affected by 9/11.
[God bless America.]


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