Monday, September 20, 2010

[random] photoshoot. 'cause we're [random] like that.

ever do something[random] 'cause you were in the mood to?
i do. or did. when i'm in the mood to.

ash and i were in the mood to do a random photo shoot. i loved the skirt she wore to church, so as we headed home, i asked her if i could take pictures of her and her skirt. and so we did. then we took one more picture, then another...and then another. isn't ashley such a cutie?!

back off, boys. i'll fight them off! ashley can't date till she's 40 yrs.
(brandenberger, can you testify to this? wink, wink.)

isn't her skirt so fun?!
i love the floral patter and the movement of it.
her sandals are super adorable too. too bad we're not the same shoe size.

oh yeah, and peyton wanted to join in on the fun.
i think he felt left out so he made himself a part of the shoot.

and i think i've mentioned this before but ashley is actually the photographer in the family.
she has a great natural eye for pics. so i handed her the camera and she snapped away!

and here comes peyton, yet again...

and so he continues to pose away. crazy dog.
we love this lil' guy.

i promise, i'm not turning muchlove-illy into a fashion blog. i'll leave that to those who are really good at it (like keiko lynn or modcloth) , but i will say i might (said might) throw in more outfit-posts in the coming weeks. and here is my reason: just because i'm taking time off from work and spending time with family/friends and my etsy shop, i don't think that is an excuse for living in PJs.

but that's just me and my personaility. i feel more like i can function better through my day when i shower and fully get ready for the day. i really don't mind dressing up and wearing make-up everyday 'cause its one other way for me to creativityly express myself. and hey, again - that's me. everyone is different and certainly live in PJs or work in a full office-suit if its their hearts desire. do your own thing, friend!

hope you had a good weekend! do anything fun? for those of you into the football season, did your team win? sadly, my GA bulldawgs did not. it was a heartbreaking loss. even though i'm sick of hearing espn remind us all over and over again, i will agree with them: we need AJ GREEN back...and soon!

[happy monday, friend!]


  1. Nothing wrong with some outfit posts now and then! It's fun to see that little part into your life, not just what you see from behind the camera.

  2. Random photo shoots are fun!!! Both very cute outfits <333

  3. Beautiful ramdom photo shoot!!!
    I love both of your outfits!! Too cute!!
    P.S. Thanks for the teaser of your wedding photos!! :)
    they are adorably fun!!!
    Happy Monday friend!!
    skirts, mustaches and smiles,

  4. Adorable skirt... I've been looking for one just like it, but they are always so short on me!

    Sigh... my team (Notre Dame) lost too for the second week in a row. I'm staying away from ESPN. USC won (as I'm sure you know) but it was Furman... so, I don't count that.


  5. This post and photos totally made my Monday morning:)...I love those fun images and that skirt is really cute!
    Have a fun day,sweetie

  6. love the red shoes! uber cute :)

  7. awwwww you guys are too adorable~!! love her skirt and all the pics!! it must be great to be back with family again! luckily, michigan squeaked by w/ a win on saturday... yikes it was close!

  8. I love PJs. But I might get more work done if I were to wake up and dress up. :p Thanks for sharing you life with the rest of us. Its awe-some. :D

  9. Random but FUN...I dig it! Killer vest!

  10. i'm the same way...i need to shower and get ready if i'm going to be productive. love your random photo is a little more fun when you can let loose and be random!

  11. i, for one, welcome the outfit posts -- LOVE them. you and ash are super-stylin' and certainly super cute, i feel inspired to dress myself up, too.


  12. This is going to sound crazy but I miss pine needles!!! They are on the ground in your improv skirt photo shoot and it just makes me think of home. :) Speaking of homes; I'm glad that you are enjoying your time at yours!! It's so fun to be able to still get glimpses of how life is for you in the midst of the transition!


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