Tuesday, September 28, 2010

not only books, but i heart candy.

not only does this girl love books, but anyone that knows me knows that...
i love candy.
so of course, as we walked through downtown after the book-sale
and when we came across this the Lollipop Shop, i was beyond ecstatic.
browse through the pics and you can see why.

is it not such a colorful and happy store? i love the variety of candy, the decor of the shop and even the super friendly owners (nice people are always a plus, right?). i'm sure i'll be visiting it again soon. ashley and i walked out with some deliciously, sweet and sugary rock candy. sour apple for me, pls. or more like..the whole, entire candy store, pls.

what's your favorite candy?
sour patch kids. ring pops. white chocolate. reeses peanut butter puffs. sour string. sour watermelons. almond joy. jolly ranchers. peanut butter m&ms. war heads.

hope you are having a lovely tuesday morning, afternoon or whenever you read this post.

[happy tuesday, friend!]


  1. WOOOAAAHHHH look at those M&Ms, i had noe idea there where white and pink.haha

  2. yummers!! we had custom m&ms for our wedding. so fun.

    favorite candy hmmm ((Besides all of it?!))

    fun dip
    sour patch kids
    sour skittles

  3. ooooh, i love those photos!! looks like so much fun! i'm a candy girl too. sour skittles are my absolute favorite!! xoxo

  4. I love candy and this is such a cool store...My favourite must be....hmm...Peanut butter m&ms:)...I could eat them all the time...hahah
    Happy Tuesday,sweetie pie

  5. I am loving those m&m and the different colors!! what a fun store and so many cool photos! Now, what are cow tales, exactly??

  6. you are tooo adorable!!! this post is making me hungry!! i LOVE peanut m&ms, skittles, sour patch kids and swedish fish!

  7. how fun & delicious. gosh, last week my pastor used willy wonka as an example of generosity..he gave his whole store to a kid. haha, it was wonderfullll <3 hope all is well with your move!

  8. Mmmm cany. I love chocolate. Any kind!

  9. isn't it so fun to make your own m&m's color combos!! it's expensive but so fun. oh boy - fave candy?? not sure there's enough space here :) definitely at the top is reese's p butter cups - mmmm

  10. i love it all! i'm a huge candy fan :) i'm at work but i could go for some now...!
    i love that little ducky!!

  11. hehe my boyfriend would looooooooove that store! I'm not that big of a fan of candy (I'll eat a liiiiiiittle, but I'm fine without it! Haha.) but he loves it. I do like rock candy though!


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