Sunday, September 19, 2010

much love monday: traditional wooden dolls.

i love these three little dolls.

the two on the sides are from okinawa, japan (my family was stationed there when i was 11 years old, living there for almost 4 years), and the green one holding the paper heart is from china (ryan brought that back for me from one of his missions trip). i feel like their my little friends that have followed me everywhere since i got each of them. a couple of them came along with me to college, then all three to my first apartment and then to my second apartment and finally making the trek from Chicago to South Carolina.

everyone needs little friends like these lovely ladies.

p.s. sorry ive been MIA from much love monday.
it's good to be back and to enjoy all the other much love monday posts, too!
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  1. those are gorgeous, I love wooden dolls. They are too cute! x

  2. Delightful. They are so shiny and simple and stylish. x

  3. Adorable! I love these little dolls and your pics are fantastic.


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