Tuesday, September 14, 2010

it's good to be home. now to tackle the mess...

hello, bedroom. we meet again.

sorry i've neglected you.
ryan and st. simons have been a bit of a distraction.
and even just being home with family doesn't really make me feel like unpacking at all.
but i think today is the day.
i'm getting a little sick of living out of suitcases and plastic bags.
(yes, ryan and i packed everything else in plastic bags to save space
and to be able to fit everything into the suburban.)

but b-room, you are making it difficult to unpack
because i'm one of those unpackers that gets easily distracted.

for example, finding old pictures, scrapbooks, old dolls and journals
can somewhat deter me from getting the job done.

oh, claudia. i remember when i wanted you SO bad for Christmas (babysitters club, anyone?)
and here you are still patiently waiting for me to return home.

as i unpack my clothes, i didn't realize how much crap i had. goodness!
i should unpack my clothes often to keep me from shopping more often than i should.

discovery of old scrapbooks, journals (i've kept one since the 2nd grade), and pictures.
the killers of my focus!

i guess while i was gone, mom decided to put up a shrine for me.
that graduation picture feels like yesterday.
it's been almost 5 years since i graduated college? weird.

(the black and white photo is not of me though - it's of my mom, but my dad thinks i look like mom in that pic. it was taken of her when she was in highschool.)

i think everyone has one of these.
i don't think this is the same one i had as a kid but dad put this up for him and ash,
and probably for kristine too when she lived at home.

mom put a table (which got piled with all my stuff i'm unpacking) in my room so that i can work on my muchlove-illy shop in there. whether or not i work in there, it's good to have a place to organize my supplies and to package my goodies.

as you can see here, the supplies are lining the hallway of our house.
it hasn't driven my mom nuts yet (she's so patient!) but it's starting to drive me nuts.
i can't find anything! i just work better with organization.

rhino made the trip back from chicago. love this little guy. ryan gave him to me because we LOVE him from bolt - esp. when he says "AWESOME!" he makes me smile, really does.
if you've followed this blog for awhile, i'm sure you've seen him pop up before in previous posts.

well, that's all for now, folks. i'm going to tackle this room.
(ps. don't you love the green walls?! might be tacky for some, but i love it. for those that know me, i love green. obsessed. my parents had it painted tomato green for me while i was away at college.
can't wait to decorate it. i need color in my life so its so perfect.)

oh, ONE MORE thing...don't forget to come back tomorrow.
current obsession wednesdays will be back!
woohoo. another sign that ilene is indeed getting her life back together.

[happy tuesday!]


  1. Ohhh I'm learning this fact too. I never realized how badly of a pack rat I was until I started packing to move! Take one thing at a time. Good luck!

  2. The green walls look very cool:)...Good luck with all the unpacking:)....I love the photos:)..Kisses,sweetie
    Happy Tuesday

  3. Good luck with all the unpacking and I am loving the unique shade of your walls!:D

    Happy Tuesday too!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. I'm definitely with you on this one - I LOATHE unpacking. But I did see The Babysitter's Club on tv a few weeks ago and made my boyfriend watch 10 minutes of it with me. It was great, so thanks for reminding me about that :) hahah

  5. I remember claudia! I believe she was the honorary member of our Krazy Kraft Klub! haha...good times!

  6. Great blog, I'm your newest follower

  7. im the worst at packing and unpacking. but i love how you can still rummage old memories from it!
    happy tuesday to you too :)

  8. i LOVE going through my old room at my parents house :) enjoy your unpacking!!

  9. I love Rhino! He totally makes the entire movie! I'm kind of obsessed with disney movies.
    Good luck with unpacking!

  10. i LOVED baby sitters club! i start one of my own! LOL

  11. My bedroom is green too! A different shade than yours, but fairly similar! :) And I loooooooved the Baby Sitter's Club, hahaha. Loved the books so much. Good luck with unpacking! I'm the worst. And when I clean my room I totally get distracted by EVERYTHING I find, haha.


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