Wednesday, September 8, 2010

hello, south carolina & beautiful family.

hello, south carolina.
though my heart was left behind in chicago,
there are many things you have that is making the transition to my new home so much easier.

i'm loving the sunshine, the beaches,
and especially time with my family.

being able to experience life with my little sister, ashley.
it's crazy to think that she is now 15 years old and dealing with the difficulties of life,
such as working on getting a driver's permit and celebrity crushes like oh, justin bieber.
i left for college and chicago when she was 6 yrs old.
i'm thankful that we were able to stay close even with the distance between us.

loving the fact that i can go to the SONIC driveway
and order myself a strawberry limeade (extra strawberries, pls!)

small things in life but huge things to me.

the transition hasn't been too difficult. i think there is a part of me that feels like i'm still going back to all of this is a mini-vacation and that i really am going back to my job, the pace of chicago life and my old friends. like ryan reminded me before the move, he continues to remind me the same simple fact after the move: take it all one step at a time. enjoy the time that you have. i think what ryan said will be a life long reminder to live by.

savor today, friend.
[happy wednesday!]


  1. An excellent reminder to live by! I love that.

  2. i'm homesick now. i love the pic of pey and dad, and ash behind the wheel....kinda strange!:)

  3. Its all about small things in live...Family is so important:) Love this post:)
    Kisses and have a great Wednesday

    ps: I am hosting a really cute GIVEAWAY, so please join in:)

  4. LOL! That Justin Bieber wall is a riot!
    Beautiful photos! ((You are so talented Friend!!))
    P.S. Your ring is breath-taking in the Sonic cup photo!! :)
    Have an enchanting day!
    cups, driving and beach days,

  5. hahaha love the justin wall! my 3 year old niece LOVES him and can sing all the words to "baby" ahaha

  6. i've been learning the exact same thing lately. all the small & seemingly insignificant things actually turn out to be the biggest most important things. especially when it comes to family! glad to hear you're enjoying your time with your fam :)

  7. Love the Justin B. wall...too funny! I'm glad you are enjoying yourself and your family. Have a great day dear. xoxo,k

  8. those pics of ash = SCARY!!!! ;)
    Loved this post :)

  9. Going to the beach is the best! Especially with that ADORABLE dog! And your family. :)

    Wow, I'm so glad that you and your are going to be living in the same place again! That was a long time apart! You two are going to become sooooooo much closer.

  10. i love these pictures of you and your family! and that first umbrella pic is so sweet!!


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