Tuesday, September 7, 2010

hello, georgia.

before heading straight home to south carolina, we of course made a pit-stop to ryan's hometown nestled in the counties of atlanta, ga. i always love visiting grayson because i genuinely love visiting his family and seeing where my southern boy grew up.

[i love seeing old pics of my ryan. i think that he is actually one of the few boys i know that got better looking as he aged - know what i mean? i'm in luck if that keeps going! ]

we were greeted by miss abby, the master of the house (or so she thinks).

we also enjoyed some of margaret's delish home-cooking.
i love italian. mmm.
ryan's mom is such a good cook!
everytime i visit and enjoy her cooking, it never disappoints.

we even had some time to make it to the waffle house.
(i know, i know. most girls would eat anywhere else but here. ryan's mom even calls it the "awful waffle." i'm one of the weird girls. i enjoy the waffle house. ryan always makes sure to take me to a 'clean' one when i go with him to one - but when we do find a decent one, i love the breakfast food there very much.)

sigh,it's good to be back in the South.
love it.


  1. love the high school picture. i always crack up when i see tylers. love those frosted tips. ha!

    oh the waffle house... definitely had those in arkansas in college. open 24 hours, too!

  2. Aw, hello Georgia! It's so funny that you love the Waffle House...
    I've never been but most girls...don't :)

  3. Eveything looks and sounds wonderful and the little dog loves having her photo taken...hahah:)

  4. Dear! I had no idea you were from South Carolina - me too! Glad you enjoyed your stop in Atlanta.

    PS - the pup is adorb.

  5. Awww!
    a) I love high school photos!! :)
    b) Miss Abby is adorable
    Hope you are having a beautiful day!!
    photos, waffle houses and cute puppies,

  6. all that food.... aaah, i'm hungry! ;P

    <3, Mimi

  7. Aw he's so cute! And cute dog! :) That food his mom made looks so good! I've never eaten at the Waffle House, haha! I don't think we have them in Canada. I have seen quite a few in the States though!


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