Wednesday, September 1, 2010

happy september, friend!!

am i the only one wondering,
where did summer go?
it literally blew past me.
but it's been a fantastic summer.
i am so thankful for my summer in chicago.
and so thankful for a bf who reminded me of the importance of enjoying each moment.
he did an incredible job of motivating us to work hard with the packing and to start early so during our last week in chi-town, we were able to spend time with friends and savor last moments in chicago.

before church on sunday, ryan and i biked to elly's pancake house.
oh it was so delish. we split a yummy breakfast skillet with a side of pancakes and bacon.
can't go wrong there.
i'm also in love with the plates and the baskets on the walls as the diner's decor.

but even though i'm sad that summer is over, september introduces a brand new season for me.
things i'm looking forward to this month:

1. being in the South with my family and Ryan's

2. let the wedding planning begin!

3. finally able to post and release muchlove-illy fall collection,
as well as have more time to design and create for my shop full-time

4. to have the time to read books for fun and to write for fun
(and yes that means more blogging)

5. being able to have the time to be still (which will be hard since i'm such a go-go girl from Chicago) but sometimes i think everyone needs a break to breathe (this will be good for me)

these things are so simple, yet there were things i was not able to do in Chicago,
so i consider this new season a very special one for me.
what are you looking forward to?

happy september, friend!


  1. Hi, I love your blog, I'm one of your newest followers. You seem like a very creative person and as you begin planning your wedding, I wanted to share a link with you that someone sent to me as I planned my wedding last year. I found it inspiring-- hope you like it too! ~Beth

  2. Fall is my favorite season...but it's gonna be a sad one without you :(

    Come back soon to visit!!!

    I'm so excited to read about your adventures in the south. Enjoy it!

    Praying for ya!

  3. Happy September...Ohhh those pancakes are calling my name...I am such a pancake girl..hahha
    Really love your post...Good luck with it all and I cant wait to see your new fall collection:)

  4. Happy September!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. No you're not alone, it's like fall strikes fast! Lol lovin the flowers:-)

  6. yay! for fall!
    can't wait to see your wedding plans in motion! :) and your beautiful wearables are a work of art!!! very whimsical and very classy! ((just like you!))
    hope you are having a charming day today friend!
    happy september first!
    fall fashions, new places and smiles,

  7. happy september, ilene! i look forward to meeting new friends in school, figuring out what to do next, celebrating halloween (haha, i'm such a kid!), thanksgiving, and christmas! :D

    <3, Mimi

  8. I definately don't know where the summer has gone!
    What a fun time in chicago!
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. so excited about this new season for you!! i know you'll miss chicago a ton, but you have SO much to look forward to!!! :)

  10. Happy wedding planning!
    The new hair pins are so pretty!

  11. :) You have so many awesome things ahead of you!!


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