Monday, September 6, 2010

good-bye, chicago. hello, new adventure.

on the morning of tuesday, august 31st,
ryan and i said good-bye to chicago.

we practically sold all our furniture. to save money, we rented a suburban and packed what we had left in it. we used every nook and cranny of that vehicle. no joke. two of ryan's friends, paul and ryan (remember him?) helped us out a ton that morning (thank God for good friends - and we were thank God for his provision of the sububan. we were so nervous that our stuff wouldn't fit in the explorer we had reserved with budget-rental...then the morning that i picked up our vehicle, budget said they actually had a suburban in stock. woohoo! thankful for the small - or BIG - miracles).

we both were pretty exhausted at this point (can't you tell by my face?),
but we were more excited to have even gotten everything in that suburban and excited to head home.

and the road trip began...

good-bye, chicago.
but oh yes, good-bye chicago

hello, beautiful tennessee country.

driving through nashville.
hey, look. the batman building.

so close to atlanta, ryan's home!

though we closed a chapter of an incredible adventure in Chicago,
i'm excited about the next chapter ahead!


  1. what?! you went through nashville?? :(

  2. best of luck Ilene! here's to a great new chapter! xo

  3. Awww so sweet...Good luck! I bet it will be wonderful:)

  4. :) You're opening up an amazing new chapter of your life! I'm so glad I get to join you on this journey through your blog.


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