Monday, September 13, 2010

dawgs, food, and headbands. happy monday.

hey, friend.
how was your weekend?

i probably had one of the laziest weekends i had in a long time. it was the kind of lazy when you just didn't feel doing anything at all - and you didn't. therefore, my room still looks like a tornado ripped through it - though most of everything is in organized piles...but it's so cluttered from being in the middle of unpacking. i haven't touched it since prior to st. simons - and then with ryan here all weekend and being super lazy, well...let's just say it's not the greatest combination for productivity.

even so, it was such a fun weekend! like i mentioned ryan was here, so it made life at home more complete.

on monster saturday, we got ready to watch the bug GA vs. SC game. oh, man. being at home made the rivalry a little more intense....

[SC gamecocks fans...boooooo]

[and then our awesome team rooting for the GA bulldawgs]

"i'm totally rooting for the dawgs. who wants to root for a bunch of chickens?"
[this is a real quote from peyton himself]

even though GA lost, peyton is stinking with the dawgs.
he really has no choice.

[mickey mouse pancakes. mom is the best!]

[filipino lumpia, similar to eggrolls. oh baby, so delish.]

we also ate a lot of food this weekend - whether mom was cooking up a storm [she is a typical filipina mom who cookes every single hour - it's not a lie. i promise] or we were making Sonic blast runs or Mickey-dee smoothie rungs. i love food, but i think i've made that super clear before.

ryan, mom and i also made it over to the fishing docks over at the base so ryan could try his hand at shrimping. we think we went too early in the evening, so ryan only caught 5 shrimps in a matte rof 1 1/2 hour. it was also cool to be over there too though 'cause lots of memories came back to me - of daddy takes us shrimping with him late at night with his friends. i remember having so much fun with kristine as we helped dad catch a ton of shrimp during their runs, which is when mass schools of shrimp come in and out with the tide. a large amount of shrimp can be caught when you time it right with the tide.

and i also found time to work on my shop inbetween all the football games, so it felt good to restock the shop up. it's been long overdue! i've defintely missed sewing and keeping things up to date with the shop. love it.

can you believe its monday? i have a long list of to-do's for this week but the big one i want to tackle tomorrow is to unpack as much of my crap as i can so that i can once again see my bedroom floor. hopefully, i can get it done. hope you have fun getting your own monday lists done - whether its something fun or something you dread, the comforting about mondays is the fact that we are all going through them. no one has to deal with crappy mondays alone.

[happy monday, friend.]


  1. glad you had a relaxing weekend! happy monday to YOU, friend!

  2. Sometimes lazy weekends are the best:)...I love that your mom made some cute pancakes...aww
    That new headband looks adorable:) Have a great Monday, my dear

  3. Ooh I want to be a Filipino mom!

  4. Looks like you had a fun ((and relaxing!!)) weekend!!!
    I love your pictures!!
    P.S. Your puppy is too cute!!!
    P.S.S. That sonic blast looks delicious!!!
    I too had a relaxing weekend!!
    ((Grocery shopping, cleaning up around the house and getting ready lists started for Christmas presents!! :]))
    Happy Monday Friend!
    mickey-dee's, headbands and fishing,

  5. Sorry for the football loss (go Gamecocks!) - but it looks like it was a good weekend anyway! :)


  6. don't ya LOVE college saturdays!?!? it's soo much fun! i'm soo jealous you have so much time to craft now!

  7. aw, fun weekend! watching football is totally productive :)

  8. aw, filipina moms who make lots of food are the best :)

  9. yay! i found another filipino blogger!! my mom is the exact same way. oh, and i LOVE sonic, but alas there is no sonic up here in canada, so we have to wait until we make a trip down south...

  10. those mickey mouse pancakes are too adorable :)
    and lumpia? yum! one of my fave filipino foods.
    glad to hear you had such a good wknd!

  11. First of all, I love the new header!

    And your dog is SO adorable. I love the family photo of the three of you. :)

    Looks like so much fun!

    And ugh, messy bedrooms... mine is in need of at least one full day of cleaning it. Maybe tomorrow? Ha, I doubt it...


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