Tuesday, September 14, 2010

current obsessions wednesday: birthday list!!!

finally. ilene did it.
created a brand new list of current obsessions for wednesday.
not that it's hard for me to come up with things i'm obsessed with
because there is so much eye-candy around, whether in blog-world or just around.

so this week's current obsession is...
[ilene's birthday list!]

mom always asks me weeks in advance for christmas and birthday lists
so i thought i'd be good and get one together now (you reading, mom? hehe.)

i'm a couple of weeks in advance. b-day isn't until october 1st.
so it's all good.
[but did you write that down? yeah, grab a pen and paper.
birthday is october 1st.
okay, you got it? good!]

[fuji instax mini 7]
this has forever been on my list of things.

[a wide lens for my camera]

[accessories galore, including these sweet tights from modcloth]
i love accessories because you can do so much to any outfit
with just an extra touch of this and that.

some fall dresses - maybe even ones you can transition for winter wear.
(especially now that i'm in the south i don't have to worry about tons or layers or tons of snow - woohoo!)
still loving this beauty from modcloth.

[first season of modern family]
to be released on DVD September 21st!

[for my sister and brother-in-law to come visit!]

[for ryan to celebrate with me and my family in SC]
he already said that he would - so i kinda already have this wish granted. yipee!

[side note: so this pic cracks me up. i was getting impatient to take the picture
so i just decided to make weird faces. i love ryan's face too. he's like, what the...?]

then there are other super random things that i am wishing upon my birthday candle, such as:

more art supplies for etsy and other artistic projects

sephora/ulta giftcard

3. plane ticket to Chicago (hehe! had to throw that one in there.)

film for fuji instax if i get one of those babies!

cupcake from MORE or Mollie's...or even a sugar cookie from sweet mandy b's

this list is very different from most of my other current obsession posts,
but i'm realizing that a lot of the things on my birthday list have to do with people.

if i'm with the people whom i love most on my birthday,
i'd take them all any day over any of these things.

though might be a close call against the cupcake and sugar cookie. hmmm.

oh and this actually will be my first birthday at home with family since i graduated high school!
crazy, right? i'm defintely looking forward to being home with family!
love it.

[happy wednesday, friend!]


  1. ohhh yay for 1st bdays, mine is november 1st~!! :D i totally need a new lens as well... there are sooo many i want yikes! loving all of the other picks too like the modcloth dress!

  2. hope you get the fuji instax mini! it would be the perfect way to capture your bday festivities at home with the family :) i caved in and bought one in july and absolutely love it :)

  3. Fuji mini is on my list too!!! sooo fun! Hope you get all you want and more!!

  4. great list there girly! i still need to catch up here on your blog but through your pics you look happy to be back home with the family and how loveLee to be able to spend a birthday with them after being gone for years. enjoy my friend!

  5. great list there girly! i still need to catch up here on your blog but through your pics you look happy to be back home with the family and how loveLee to be able to spend a birthday with them after being gone for years. enjoy my friend!

  6. oh this is great to have in hand. perfect!!!

  7. Yay for birthdays! Mine isn't until December 25th. I'm the kind of girl that you could walk into Target, buy anything, and I'd love it. Not too difficult to please. :)

  8. That is a great wish list....How exciting ....your birthday is just around the corner:)
    I love Modern Family...Balazs and I cant get enough of it...hahahah

    Ps: I am hosting a sweet jewelry GIVEAWAY today :) Hope you will join in!!!

  9. this is a great wishlist!!! everytime my parents ask what i want, i have no idea! loooooove the modcloth dress :)
    yay for celebrating with family and friends!!

  10. wow! amazing wish list! i hope you get every single one... everyone deserves to be spoiled on their b-day!

  11. I love your Birthday list!!!
    People always ask me: "What do you want for your birthday?" and I never know how to answer!!
    "A hug?" :)
    I love that modcloth dress and that amazing camera!!
    P.S. You made such beautiful headbands!!!
    P.S.S. I L-O-V-E that picture of you and Ryan!!!
    You two are so adorable!! And I love his huh? face!! :)
    cameras, pictures and headbands,

  12. Looks like a pretty fabulous list to me!

  13. Awesome birthday wish list! I hope you get all of them for sure! Seriously, get both the cupcake and the cookie and the cake and the everything else. It's your birthday, why not?

  14. as usual, i LOVE that picture of you & Ryan! He's looking at you like "this lady that i want to marry might be a little nutso" ;-)

  15. love your list, friend!! my favorite one was the plane ticket to chicago, hehe :) You come to chicago, and i'll take you to any cupcake place you want!! :)

    p.s. i want the golden rod, the sage green, and the red headband... oh and maybe the gray one too. h.e.l.p. :)

  16. I want one of those cameras too..maybe for Christmas!

  17. Great list- LOVE Modern Family (so hilarious) and cute tights!

  18. Birthday wishlists are the best. I love Modern Family. I'm excited that it comes out on Tuesday.

  19. This is such a great list. I hope you get everything you wish for on your birthday Ilene! Especially the camera and lens so that you have tons of photos to share in your blog!! :)

  20. hey, your bday is right around the corner! well noted! :) :) :)


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