Tuesday, September 21, 2010

current obsession wednesday!! [as in really current.]

wow, it's the middle of the week...already,
can you believe it?!

then there are some of you out there thinking, "it's only the middle of the week!"
totally depends on what your week is like.

speaking of the week, how has yours been so far?
i started off my week with a bang - busy creating new designs for the shop, getting orders out, getting orders in, then even worked out and enjoyed ashley's soccer game (she even scored a goal - go, sis!). then on tuesday, the day was super laaaazy. just one of those days, i just wasn't as motivated. i got a few orders met, but then spent the afternoon blogging and hanging out with mom and ash. we watched letters to juliet while i sewed. i guess i wasn't super lazy but it felt like it when i looked at the clock at noon, then looked at it again and it was 3:00pm.

later that evening, i did end up having a super-sweet time with my childhood best friend, ashley. we had such a good time, i forgot to take pics! it was nice to go out to dinner with an old friend - and to actually go out to dinner! i felt like i hadn't done that since i left chicago! (not that your cooking isn't good, mom. you know i was just happy to enjoy the night out...right, mom? *wink*) we enjoyed our evening catching up and laughing and eating some delish southern bbq. loved it!

and now onto my current obsessions for the week.
i certainly have a quite a bit of them!

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i missed the premiere of Glee because my time with ashley was so good, so i plan to watch it today!
(ssssh! don't tell me anything for those of you more loyal gleek fans.)
whenever i watch Glee, i get pretty obsessed with the dancing and the music, especially the music.
i end up downloading all of my fave songs and listening to them over and over and over again.

love the middle!
this is one obsession that i share with my family.
i bought season 1 and i think we've watched an episode or two a night.
it's so hilarious. this family is so normal but also so dysfunctional.
makes for a good sitcom.
love it.

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anything ruffles right now - in any shape or form (lots of them, just a little, etc.) - is totally catching my fall-crush eye. though autumn is season is here and as much as i love the chilliness of cool, crisp fall days,
i'm actually enjoying the warmer weather that is still currently taking place.
i think chicago has scarred me for life to ever want any sort of temperature drop. the fact that i can still wear skirts and sandals during this time of year is making me very happy.

[via urban outfitters]

even so, my eye is still on the look-out for sweet autumn/winter boots once the temperature does drop. totally digging these 'paper-bag' boots from urban outfitters.
oh heels, i do love you so.

[my photo taken during my berry chill date this past summer with my dear friend, dannon.
miss you and our berry-chill/movie dates!]

this is one obsession (or craving) that will remain unfulfilled,
unless i get that plane ticket to chicago that was on my birthday list last week.
there are no berry-chill within the south carolina area.
sadness. sigh. sigh. big heave. sniff.

now you have to understand that i haven't lived at home for the past few years, so i have never really been able to hang out with the youngest member of the family before moving back. my camera continues to click away at all his adorable, silly moments. so yes, peyton even made it to my current obsession list. but come on?! can't you see why?!

and remember how i mentioned in yesterday's post that peyton thinks he's human? these pics are more proof of that statement. our dog, ahem little brother, doesn't have a little doggy bed like most other normal dogs that i know. he shares a bed with my little sister. he doesn't sleep until the blankets are tucked around him. he lays his head on the pillow like a human. (not by the pillow...he actually sleeps on it.) and he loves his little stuffed monkey.

gah, he's so cute! i can't get over it.

and you, friend?
any current obsessions rattling around in your mind on this fine wednesday? any tv shows i should be on the look out for?

one more thing...

oh and before i forget, be sure to run over to diana's inspiring blog, exPress-o, for a chance to win a muchlove-illy gift certificate! and be sure to check out diana's blog if you haven't already - you'll find lots of goodies and inspiration for any creative or fashion cravings you may have. enjoy!! good luck on whoever wins!!!

[happy wednesday
happy first day of autumn, friend!]


  1. wow, what a packed post~! no wonder you stayed up soo late hehehe! i totally have that urban dress in turquoise color, love it!! altho it's not really a dress on me, but more like a tunic (i gotta wear it with tights/jeans). i'm totally obsessed with ruffles these days too, actually i have been for months now haha! happy hump day friend! :) and thanks for sponsoring me!!!

  2. frick. that dress in the turquoise color is making me die over here. hopefully it will be on sale by the time i come home! :)

  3. i'm obsessed with most those same things...but especially the lil guy at the end. augh, i just wanna go home and snuggle with him!! each day you post with his pics, my wallpaper changes!!!

  4. LOVING your obsessions! Middle is great! I love Modern family. Glee was good last night but next week is going to be GREAT. Ruffles are so lovely... Have a wonderful Wednesday <333

  5. I missed the Glee premiere too:( Planning on watching it today.

    And those ruffles....sigh. amazing items!

  6. I love ruffles & boots! Great finds!

    PS. What a sweet doggie!

  7. Love that last obsession. And of course Glee!! I haven't watched it yet, but will tonight! :)

    and that first dress it so pretty!

  9. that yogurt looks delicious! i love fruit and yogurt, oh and hot fudge too :D


  10. ooohhh.. i missed glee to! did you know that charice was on?

    ps. LOVE the dress from UO... might have to pick that up!

  11. hehe I just want to cuddle with your dog! :) So cute.

    I can't believe it's already Wednesday either! I kept thinking today was Tuesday.

    I really want frozen yogurt! We don't really have any place around here like that. At least not any that I can think of, haha.

  12. My obsessions are not nearly as cute as yours! These photos are so great and I love all the clothes you chose. And I love that dog- so freakin cute!

  13. Peyton seems to have such a personality! I like his big eyes :)

  14. Dying over that adorable fur baby! And I really need to pick up some more belts!

  15. i've never heard of the show the middle. i'm curious now. note to self: must go watch....love, love all the pictures of peyton!

  16. hooray again. thanks for linking up :)

  17. I am adding quite a few of these myself to my obsessions.. Oh those dresses are amazing.. Especially love the red dress for fall.

    Have a wonderful week ahead xo


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