Tuesday, September 28, 2010

craving something beyond my reach.

i had a craving.

this particular craving couldn't be met unless i bought a plane ticket to chicago. you see, i'm always craving food. i love food (probably even more than candy), but isn't it the worse, when you crave something you can't just grab from your fridge or walk down the street or jump in the car to enjoy a helping of it?

i felt that way last friday, craving me some sweet mandy b's or MORE or mollie's cupcakes. and yes all three lovely places are back in chi-town. sooooo, what did i do? i decided that i would make myself cupcakes. nothing fancy. just store bought stuff from good ole walmart super center. on sunday, i was particularly craving a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting, a delishly lucious MORE-inspire cupcake. so yup, to the best of my limited abilities and ingredients, i attempted to meet my cupcake craving.

operation craving: COMPLETE.
not MORE's gourmet cupcakes, but the craving was definitely met and i was satisfied.
the red velvet was so moist and perfect with the cream cheese frosting so creamy and rich.
mmm, delish.
i don't think i was ever more thankful for walmart, betty crocker and duncan hines.

and yup, i know it's wednesday. i haven't forgotten about "current obsession" wednesday.
i have a post up and running for later today. so don't you worry!

also guess, what i got in my inbox yesterday?!
mine and ryan's engagement photo shoot pics! there are over 600 of them so i am having so much fun looking at them over and over again. i'm also working on a blog post so that i can share some of our fun with you!
my incredible friend, tim, is super talented and can't wait to show off his work. i love how the pics really captured me and ryan - how we are just as ourselves (big goofballs!) in our favorite city in the world.

so for now, folks...
[happy wednesday!]


  1. oh noooooo. now i'm getting the craves! :D

  2. mmmmmm. They look so cute and yummy!

  3. oh wow, they look so good. I can't believe I've never had a red velvet cake before...

  4. I thought for sure the post was going to end with you buying a plane ticket to Chicago.
    A girl can dream I guess :(
    Love and miss ya!!!

  5. I have the most amazing Southern red velvet recipe. Cindy Smith would do anything for it. Holler if you want me to email it to you.

  6. Ooooo I'm so excited to see the engagement photos! You and Ryan will surely be adorable in them!! Please post lots! XOXO

  7. We don't really get red velvet cupcakes here but they look soo yummy!!

  8. Now I am craving some cupcakes...Yummy!!! Can I have one?...hahah
    Looks great!


    Ps: I am hosting a great GIVEAWAY today :) Hope you will join in :)!!!

  9. oh you know how i love my cupcakes!!

    cant wait to see your pictures!!

  10. and NOW i have a craving!!!

  11. hehe mmmm they look good! But, I am weird.. and do not like cream cheese. I know, I know... I usually don't buy red velvet cupcakes or cake or anything unless the icing is not cream cheese (and then it really isn't a red velvet cupcake!) and I don't like cheesecake either! I am like, the ONLY girl I know that does not like cheesecake! Hahaha.


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